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I was planning on trying this mod out and I was going to just stream it to my Nintendo Switch using Steam. However, I know that FFIX is pretty close to the PC Port. Is it possible to be able to port this mod into the Nintendo Switch version?

Graphical / Re: Final Fantasy VI Sprite Mod
« on: 2017-10-25 21:39:48 »
I guess I see what looks strange. The shoulders are too low which results in having the arms also too low. From the frontal it's actually correct but the perspective is more from above which makes the neck mostly invisible. Here is an example of what I have in mind:


Thanks for the example. I am in the process of taking fan feedback right now and making changes. But here is a small update to some character's hands and arms.

And I think as I get further along with the sprites, I will be able to go back and fix the sprites to make sure perspective and concept is consistent.

Graphical / Re: Final Fantasy VI Sprite Mod
« on: 2017-10-24 20:10:14 »
The arms on all sets seem a bit unnatural. The Steam sprites look like they all have 10 kg weights strapped to their hands, but your redesign makes them hold their arms out a little too far.
Hmmm. Good point. I guess I will give it another look very soon. Do you have any examples or advice as to how you may imagine the hands to look like? I would not say that I am the best at spriting but I do want to make improvements wherever I can.

Graphical / Final Fantasy VI Sprite Mod
« on: 2017-10-24 17:12:20 »
Hi everyone, lately I have been working on a project involving creating new sprites for Final Fantasy VI's Steam version and I would like to share my progress.

The thought behind these sprites is to make a fusion of the Kazuko Shibuya chibi sprites and Amano's concept art. I believe that creating a different style will only add to the Steam version. Although the Steam version may not be the best form of FFVI to some people, I do think that moving forward with a project like this will allow more people to invest into fixing several of the issues that people have with the game. I would only hope that with this project, that the Steam version may eventually be the definite experience for a more remastered look for FFVI.

After some thought and consideration from fans of the game, some have stated that it would just be better to use the original sprites. Some like the chibi look of the Steam version, some hate it. Some like Amano's concept art, some hate it. With that being said, it is hard to gauge the interest in what direction I should be aiming for. So, I went forward with what I thought would work best or would be easy to animate. Or what I would personally play. I never played the original SNES version (I will) so I do not have much attachment for the old sprites but I DO understand why people like them and what kind of atmosphere they add to the game.

Without further ado, here is a work in progress of the project. Original Steam sprites at the top. The direction I want to go to at the bottom. And in the middle is variations. Characters are basically organized by character height (some exceptions). Concept designs of what I would like to move forward with:

Celes and Gogo will also be going through a visual update soon, they are both still in deep WIP.

PS. Let me know what you all think. Give me some ideas. Things to think about, possibly change, or improve upon. Currently these are standing sprites, my next goal is finalizing their concepts and working on battle sprites. After battle sprites will be back sprites. THEN left and right directions. This decision was based on my preference in what I would actually like to sprite.To be honest, I do see this project being completed, but I do think the final phases toward completion may be in two years or less.

Great to know! So does that mean that R07 will lean more toward including the Beacause mod? Ad from what I can tell, soldier quest? If it was more toward a finalized translation, would that mean that you would opt out of having things like a R07b or c?

Yeah, it is possible. If you would like to know more about how to do it then feel free to PM me as I can tell you how I did everything. I learned how to modify files all in a day or so, so I would say that you do not have to be a master at model editing to get the results that you want.

For battle models, I noticed that too. So I just went to the graphical mod forum and saw models I wanted to switch in so I just did that. But with R06, you can assume that a good chunk of models will get an overhaul. But if you want a more configure based aspect to modding your files then take a look at using 7th Heaven which is an executable file that allows you to configure what models you might want to add.

I am excited too! I didn't realize the update was coming so soon, so I am actually putting playing the game on pause right now since I want my first time really playing Final Fantasy to be perfect.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ChaOS -Character Overhaul Seven
« on: 2017-09-28 07:28:20 »
Hi Kaldarasha, love the work! I can't wait to see all these updates come together for Reunion R06! I personally couldn't wait so I thought I would try out the single file versions that were provided. One slight problem I got after replacing the character models in my battle folder was that during battle, Aerith's eyes are blacked out. Could I get some clarification as to what happened or how I can fix this?

Hi, I saw that you made an assembly file that will work with Frag's HD Backgrounds. I noticed Alternate Fantasy is now on update 4.3 but the post you made about a workable assembly file was for 4.2's update. Would the assembly file still work with 4.3 to make both mods work?

Thanks! I appreciate the info and have done a lot of research to how to do all that. I can say that I was successful in locating Kaldarasha's new models and importing them into my game.

DLPB, you seem pretty active in a majority of recent forums regarding FFVII's modding, so I can assume you are pretty knowledgeable about modding FFVII. So, I am curious of the R06 update since it seems that it is quickening toward release. If I start my playthrough now, would an update to the Reunion mod affect my save? I am personally looking forward to playing for the first time but if somehow prayers were answered and R06 was released before I finished the game, would I be able to continue my playthrough with the new translation or would I be starting from scratch?

I do apologize if it has been answered before but I really wanted to know if it was possible to have the model overhaul apply to everything else EXCEPT the lego like models that you run around with. This is the first time I am using Steam and playing Final Fantasy VII, and I truly want a great experience with playing the game for the first time. I do like the change to the models while running around but I just find the lego like models to be more charming to me. If anyone can direct me toward how I can do this or even see this as an option in future builds then I would really appreciate it.

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