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[REL/WIP/FF7] Fort Condor ReTexturing/ReModeling

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Methinks I should dig out my updated fort condor. While not worth of a TA release it, I did not realize there was so much love for the minigames.

I am still hoping someone will update the chocobo races...  it looks crap as it is.

Ahh but that is alot of 3d stuff, not my specialty. I prefer to redo 2d textures.

Yeah I meant the 2D stuff :P  like the map, the chocobo faces...   wish I could do it but alas, I can't.  Not to any real decent degree.  The "Manual" and "Automatic" were done a long time ago by TA.  Or was it actually finished?

I haven't checked TA release in ages.

I have no idea. I thought u were the one that did them long ago.


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