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[REL/WIP/FF7] Fort Condor ReTexturing/ReModeling

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--- Quote from: satsuki on 2015-10-03 21:16:09 ---Any valid link ?

--- End quote ---
You can just download it through 7Th Heaven. :)

I got it bug have some texture bug:

the text screens (the colored line)

the speed meter:

any idea ?

The highres textures are divided in 4 sheets while the low res textures use one sheet. It is probably an upscaling bug what you have there.

the game use the high rez texture and i have no clipping when i use the png files in gimp.

By the way if i use no condor mod and use the official condor.lgp file i have the bug, so could it be aali driver related ?

Hi, I am one of FF7 fan looking for MODS to play the game fantastically.
So I found a modified condor.lgp file, the MOD showing monsters very neatly, but I still felt that fighters are coarserough comparing to monsters.

Condor mini-game image played;

If you guys know the MOD with good-shaped fighters, the game will give more fun to FF7 players like me.
Would you tell me the link ?


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