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Problem with upscaled textures of the menu.lgp

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Hey guys,

I'm currently working on resizing @ 200% the *.tex files from the "menu_fr.lgp" (french version of the game). After a lot of trouble, I've managed to get all the palettes right. I'm using Biturn for the *.tex to *.bmp conversion and Img2tex for the *.bmp to *.tex. My first goal was upscaling the "usfont" files and I was very pleased with the results so I move on with the "btl_win" files and this is where the drama began. Problem is that all the textures located outside the battle window box such as "target" "death", "mp" (recovering), sleeping status and the damage and recovery numbers are keeping their original size and location from the *.tex file.

The reason why I've been working on this small mod is because I wanted to keep the original aspect of the game such as the custom font and because it'll be extremely easy to make it work. Every upscaled textures of the menu_fr.lgp is working just fine but for some reason it doesn't apply with textures located outside the battle window box only.

Thank you for any time/advice you could put in to a reply.

Hello 5way, I don't really know how to fix your problem, but you can try using this as an external textures in your mod path. So instead of converting in to .tex files using Image2Tex, this time try saving the image to png format (make sure you delete the black part, or make sure to turn on fancy transparency in aali opengl config) and then add _00 to the end of the name of the png and put it in the mods\(your mod path)\menu folder. Hope that fixes it. 

Thanks for your response FF7Remastered but I want this little patch to be able to work for the re-release edition too and the easiest way to install (by only replacing the menu_fr.lgp file). I already spent a lot of time understanding the *.tex file's header, everything's working just fine except for all the outside battle window textures...

It's curious that all the rest of the textures works perfectly so I'm clueless how to fix it.

Here's another example: the countdown numbers are supposed to be the same ones as the HP and MP numbers (numbers are upscaled and works great in the battle window but not outside of it, they're keeping their original size and position of the original *.tex file).

I don't think it can be done without using external textures. It is the way the game works, if you upscaled those textures and compiled them into the .lgp then the game will only zoom in to the texture original area. So if you upscaled something from 128x128 to 512x512 then only the 128x128 area will be used.
You can always download the kranmer patch that converted the 2012 version to the original PC version, then use mod path, and everything should be perfect

It's weird because it works like a charm for the other textures and I didn't have to change anything...
Maybe it has something to do with the window.bin file ?


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