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FF8 mods aren't working

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I'm new to modding and I am having a bit of a problem. It looked like a very similar problem that was being helped here so I figured posting in here was better than making a new thread (though I could always be wrong lol)

I'm using TonberryEnhanced2.04, Project Eden, HorizonPack-v.2.1, SeeD_Reborn(v3.2), Apocalypse v1.0, FF8_CB_Xbox360, Rebirth Flame v1.1 (Beta), Tripod v1.1, and LunarCry_v1.2.

I've deleted the Hash1map, and have followed the install instructions as best I could. Now the game starts and everything seems to work right, until I try to leave to go to the Fire Cavern. The moment I step out of Balamb I hit an error that says "an unknown exception has occurred".

Any idea what may be causing this? Also could you point me in the direction of some pictures of the Tonberry file that has all the mods already downloaded and working, that way I could cross check and make sure I'm not just being an idiot and placing some files where they don't belong?

Well, if you aren't interested in the remaster that's coming out in a few short days here, the only mod I fully endorse for the old steam version as a must have is Roses and Wine, in order to use the original PS1 soundtrack.


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