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FF8 mods aren't working

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Sounds like we're almost there then. :) The point of Eden is to upscale and help get rid of the pixelation. You can always put the file in the disabled folder and restart the game to see if there are any differences just to make sure. Hm... With the "SeeDReborn_hm" you downloaded, it should work.

Thank you for all your help so far, I just tried that and yes eden does work, i noticed a huge difference :D. So that's 2 mods,the latest version of the objmap.csv,is that from august 18th 2014?

Since hash2map and collisions latest versions are from 2015 i thought objmap would be updated too.

No problem. And that's good news. There is something called an objmap.csv? Which mod is that one from?

I meant to say objfile sorry  :|. Is there a latest version of objfile.csv?

Ah... But which mod did this objmap file come from? Because most mods just use hashmap files now. Unless you're planning on using the Lunar Cry mod to upscale enemies.


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