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[FF8PC-2000/Steam]Shuffle or Boogie Pack
« on: 2015-05-25 21:32:49 »
Shuffle or Boogie
RaW Add-On Pack

To add to the great work of the Roses & Wine mod - I've mixed/edited and looped most of the soundtrack using remasters and covers from off the internet (YouTube).
This includes different versions of some of the tracks used in the RaW mod.
Also, some tracks have more than one version.
Consider this, as you will, an add-on pack of sorts.
All is optional.

Pack Includes:


1. You need to install the Roses & Wine mod. Which is here.
2. If you're bothered, back up original tracks in "...Final Fantasy VIII\Data\OGG" by renaming to "filenameBAK.ogg" or however you like doing it.
3. Extract files to ...Final Fantasy VIII\Data\OGG
4. Play
5. Enjoy

I would really appreciate feedback on this. I wasn't able to test everywhere in the game.
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