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General Discussion / Looking for some files
« on: 2014-09-28 13:39:04 »
Hi, everyone. While roaming the forums I came across a bunch of dead links.
Eventually, I found working links for most of them, but these 3 files are still out of reach for me. Could you upload these, please?

Code: [Select]
LGP Frontend v1.2.rar

Cactuar 0.5a

Also, if there are new versions or other programs with better functionality, please tell me so

First of all, being a member of another gaming community, I understand how frustrating it is when newbies come around asking stupid questions, so I solemnly apologize if any of my questions sound stupid! Also I have never played FFVII before (When I first got it back in 2000, it totally scared me away, the models had no hands, there were different models on field and in battle...), so please make your comments as spoilerless as possible.

I have the Steam Release v1.0.9 (the one with "reworked" music). So, I'm a bit confused as of what should I install.
First of all I decided to download only those files that I need, since 16 GB is something I can't afford, considering I placed the bootleg itself on my USB Flash.

1) What FMV and Soundtrack enhancements do I need?

2) What Should I never install (e.g. Any CD Loader, or something else that could be incompatible with Re-release data files)

3) I'm going to use FF7 Game Converter v0.11 by Kompass63, will I need to install the "Keyboard Patch" if I don't want to play with the numpad?

4) Do I need "New SoundFX"?

5) In order to save space I deleted all the movies and music in Final_Fantasy_VII_Remix_v2-5-1_Installer.exe (end size: 472 MB). Will the bootleg recognize/use it correctly?

6) Bootleg let's me replace the models (Finally!). But the model I like is available only as a field model (or vice versa). Can I have the same model both in game and in battle?

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