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A big hello to all forum members. After two years i am back and working again for the Bootleg project.
At the moment i am updating The Big List of Mods.

I discovered some files which we (Vgr, EQ2Alyza, UGerstl) can't find anymore.

If you have these files please write the corresponding link in this thread.

Thanks in advance.

Searching for:

Menu and Magic Graphic Enhancements

FILE                                  AUTHOR          DESCRIPTION                                INFO

HQ-AvatarsV2.rar                                    Romeo14         AC Style Avatars                              FILE

(The list will be extended...)

FAQs and Tutorials / [WIP] TBLoM (2014) - Template for Vgr
« on: 2014-09-27 15:35:33 »

Completely Unrelated / Is MediaFire the next ?
« on: 2012-02-21 13:10:56 »
Is MediaFire the next file hoster which is closed or limited ?


Are we completely prepared ?

What do you think about this cheap toy ?

My first thought was: Christmas is near, where is my wish list ?
I hope Santa will not disappoint me like last year.
You want to know what i get ?
Underwear with my name in big letters on the backside... :-\

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