Author Topic: [Solved] +Best "matching" choices for bootleg?  (Read 5834 times)


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[Solved] +Best "matching" choices for bootleg?
« on: 2015-05-14 01:54:43 »
Hello to everyone and I hope everyone is well. I have been wanting to play FF7 and after a failed PSN attempt to play the game I thought of trying Bootleg again. With the bootleg frontend I tried twice to install the game but the presents I used made the main characters look all cool looking or mixed on the second time and the rest of the characters in the world were plain and simple. I did enjoy the character quality but after fighting some people in game it felt so weird that everything else looked so plain and my characters felt like aliens.

I am about to use the default present and only change the Player character models to be all of them PRP in the field and choose the battle ones to at least match in quality.

Can anyone suggest what would be the best options to choose? In the base models I would choose the PRP but it says chibi so I am guessing it will make all field characters small.

There are so many options to choose from but at least I do not want the game to look inconsistent.

I posted this without looking at any new threads first. My mistake, I am sorry. Seems like there is an easy way of modding FFVII now called 7th Heaven. I am sorry again for the redundant post.
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