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Troubleshooting / New Thread Mod Questions
« on: 2017-12-30 01:38:47 »
First, i want to thank Sega Chief and all who worked on the New Thread Mod.
I really enjoy it, love the balance and the end game. Great Work.

But i have some questions about :

- Where i can find "Ziegfried" iam at Cd 3 and searched in all forest encounters but no luck

- Which stat is needed for succesfull manipulation, or how can i increase the sucess rate ?

- The Crater Dragon has a rare Steel Item "Dragon Armlet" i have fought him + 30 times but i cant steel the Dragon Armlet from him. Is it so rare ?

- i got 2x Apocalypse for Cloud at the Ancient Forest is this right ?

- at the Ancient Forest, at NT 1.4 i went in the Cave at the end, and there was a man with no function
after the update to NT 1.5 the man dissapeared ?

I played the whole game with the NT Mod 1,4 Version +100hours ingame, now i updated the Nt from the Iro out qhimm to 1.5.

- cait siths weapon "Battle Trumped" changed from 3x Ap gain in 1,4 to 0x Ap gain in 1,5 ? << 1.4 Release  << 1.5 Release

- Vitality dont change my max Hp, if i use the  new lvl up system and get + 15 vit source and use it the max vitality from my char dont change, also when i equip items with the + Vit stat. It dont change my max hp why ?

Hope someone can help me.

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