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Menu Language Issues Thread - 2 possible solutions to the menus in French


So, there is a really annoying problem going on in my game: all the texts in the game are in english, but some parts of the menu (like the name of the items, attack, spells) and the enemy's skills are in french. It's like, 97-99% of the game are in English, but some parts of the menu, the items and the enemy spells are in french. I am not the first person to relate this occurence, many others did, but no one from 7th Heaven Team ever came to approach this issue. It doesn't matter whether your FFVII is from Steam or SE directly, there are users who related this occurence from both platforms.

Some reports that seem really similar (or the same) to what I am experiencing:

1º) - these guys bought directly from Square Enix Shop and used 7th Heaven on it, but the menus, battle related items, spells, attack boxes, are in french, according to them.
2º) - this guy didn't give a lot of details, but it's clearly for me that he experienced the exact problem I am experiencing right now.
--- Quote ---7th Heaven help - why are some things in thr game in foreign language?
I got ff7 steam version and used 7th Heaven to download some of the mods in the browser for it. I started up the game and in the menus - theres a couple words in what seems to be French? And Clouds name is something not quite English either. Whats going on here? How do I fix it?
--- End quote ---
- This was from a guy in reddit, not gonna post the link here because I don't know if it's allowed.
4º*) *This from another guy in this forum, and probably the only one to have found a solution to this problem (at least for himself). He pointed out that the kernel or something was in french. I tried the way he did, and it didn't work for me, at least with the old Game Converter (you should give it a try, if you have this problem, since it worked for someone)

5º) Many other reports in steam community groups, reddit and alike. It's close to midnight where I live so I'm not going to gather all of the sources here, since they are scattered everywhere.

A bit of advice for the people that are facing this kind of issue, though: I spent an entire afternoon looking for a solution to this problem, I tried to replace all the files on the languages to the one to lang-en, I have uninstalled and installed it probably 10 times in some other attempts, I have tried many many things, and really, it's all clear to me that 7th Heaven changes something of the language of the game (as long as you install it, the menus turn to french no matter how, even if the original is in English, and working all right, they become french). Really, I think that the only ones that can solve this once and for all are 7th Heaven/team. Don't bother trying to do it yourself like I did, and like the 4th guy did* (well, at least he seemed to have found a solution to his problem, that's pretty cool). But you want to play FFVII all modded, with textures, remako and stuff alike right? You are FF lover, you don't give up that easy, right?

SO YEAH, the best advice is: download a FRENCH-ENGLISH dictionary on your phone and search all the words you find in the menu, attack boxes, items, and etc. Learn some french bro, that's not really big deal since it's only the menus, but the devs are not going to solve this problem soon. The first report was 1 year ago and they didn't approach the problem even to this day. Don't waste your time and learn french as soon as this happens to you, since 7th Heaven won't address it.

By the way: it's 10 min to midnight and I finally found a solution after trying all the mods available. Download the [Tsunamods] Modern Spell Names and the [Tsunamods] Enhanced Stock UI. I don't think the last one is needed to be honest, but download these two just to make sure. All the items and spells that were in french got updated immediately into English once active. I disabled both of them, and it turned back into french.

French Example 1 - the two mods disabled
French Example 2 - the two mods disabled

Turn into English immediately - when the two mods are on
English 2 - example 2

Well, I hope this can help you somehow (or at least be enlightening) if you find yourself in this situation! Have fun! I am gonna sleep


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