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FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11C)
« on: 2023-02-24 07:05:55 »
Not good, its giving me Syntax error on the line I used "(gfStolen != 204)". Maybe it wont work on NORG?
yes Ifrit cannot procceed this code for some reason. When I used this code for the same porpuse, I edited it manually in hex editor.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11C)
« on: 2023-02-23 06:13:45 »
I got a question!: I'm trying to mod NORG's boss fight, putting him to summon Leviathan on his second phase when some variables are met. But I wanted to make him unable to summon Leviathan if it get stolen using Draw.
For that, I saw on Fujin AI the code "gfStolen != 204", but I didnt understand what the 204 means and how to make it recognize that Leviathan got stolen.
Another question: is there a code to make a GF appear/disappear from the Draw options? I had the idea to make it possible to Draw only after the boss summons it first (and give the GF automatically at the end of battle by default, which I made it work).
Someone can help me with this?

As Far as I know changing the draw options throughout the fight for the same enemy is not possible.
GF Stolen !=204 checks if the gf was stolen or not, if you put it under counter via the Ifrit tool and set a variable for it then it can work.
As an alternative, you may set the Leviathan summon just before? the pod breaks.

Support / FF8 Character Portraits Fuji Raijin
« on: 2022-10-05 15:49:56 »
Hey guys,

I would like to ask for support, if someone is able to help me enchance the picture - specially Fujin Raijin Portraits to a high quality?
I was working on a mod for long ago, however I did never finish it fully and did not work on it at all due to lack of freetime since 2018/9 - storywise - but I would like to release the completed parts as a mini gameplay mod making these characters playable.

The only thing I miss is the portraits and synch the completed field script parts.
Find the link below regarding the portraits I would like to insert.

In addition few videos of the mod, I did not release anything recently.

Hope someone can help me out, Would be really cool!  :)

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] New Threat Mod (v0.3)
« on: 2020-01-09 16:40:34 »
It can be done on a weapon per weapon basis? That's great news.

Atleast by my assumption, since the related section contained in the weapons and not in the chartacter modell file, however need to test it.

Releases / Re: [FF8PC - Steam] New Threat Mod (v0.3)
« on: 2020-01-09 12:37:57 »

b) Altering the animation data so that trigger is no longer used and Squall's physicals are the same as the others. This would hopefully get rid of the 255% accuracy thing but it would also mean getting rid of a fairly unique battle mechanic (Renzokuken should be unaffected).

Actually What can be done is to Change his attack scripts by weapon
1) Make his attack at start to be a regular one
2) Make his regular attack non missable
3) Implent triggering for His ultimate weapon.

This Way his weapons Will be more unique and gives more reasons to upgrade.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2020-01-08 16:06:18 »
Thats amazing, thank you very much Sebanisu.
I owe you one!   :D

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2020-01-04 07:06:58 »
I might be able to when I get time. To generate one.
Sounds supa-cool. Thank you in advance :)

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2020-01-02 19:03:43 »
Hey, thanks for the reply,
but what i meant is like a single file let's say "database where the abilities are listed / enemy  :-\ , is there anyone who made a list like this and willing to share?  :-) would be awesome
c0m061 - move 1 - custom - 332
c0m061 - move 1 - magic- 6
etc. etc


a little update to the post.

Code: [Select]
- used in attacking sequences, second 2 byte stands for the effect ID uppon hitting an enemy - (regular and critical attacks got different ID)
Code: [Select]
- used for sound effect, (B5 is the directory) it calls modell specific sound effects, like attacking (if you apply this code to a modell which has no specific sound effects you wont hear anything
Code: [Select]
- used for sound effect, (B8 is the global directory) can call every sound effect (train sounds, elevators, etc), i tested few sound effect it matches with the list i've found in the AUDIO tool post - made by Yagami - not full tho

Ending of the sequences:
Majority of the sequences end with the following:
1) A3 XX E6 FF
2) A2
3) A7 XX

1 - 2 ) "XX" stand for animation nr. from section 3 - the code - A3 XX E6 FF actually sets up the new base sequence, if the game runs the sequence which ends with "A3 XX E6 FF" then run an attacking animation sequence which ends with A2 - the A2 will trigger the last A3 XX E6 FF sequence which ran before attacking, that's how the low lvl / death / full hp animation loops are changed

3) A7 "XX" - ending actually calls another animation sequence from the section - XX stand for the animation sequence -  (start from 01)

+1 Squall / Seifer's gunblade triggering actually scripted in their attacking sequence, will try to dig into it later.  :-D

With little playin, I've managed to modify Seifer's attacking animation played to rely on his HP.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2019-12-30 07:05:34 »

I am wondering if are there any list available that contains what abilities are used by each monster / difficulty?

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2019-12-26 15:05:16 »
Sent you a PM

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2019-12-26 07:14:22 »
Sorry for the stupid question:
So after you edit the AI in IFRIT, you open the hex editor with the monster file, and "find" the line 10, and "find" the number divisible by 4 to put 00?

Hi Divatox,

I don't really understand what you mean by line 10,  but find a detailed explanation below:
This is how the start of the dat file (header) looks like:

Name                          Hex
Number of Sections   0b000000
Section 1 - Offset      34000000
Section 2 - Offset      a4000000
Section 3 - Offset      cc070000
Section 4 - Offset      3c240000
Section 5 - Offset      80250000
Section 6 - Offset      90260000
Section 7 - Offset      98270000
Section 8 - Offset      14290000 - Contains AI
Section 9 - Offset      482a0000 - If you change the AI, theese offsets are adjusted by Ifrit automatically
Section 10 - Offset    842a0000 - If you change the AI, this offsets are adjusted by Ifrit automatically
Section 11 - Offset    644f0000 - If you change the AI, this offsets are adjusted by Ifrit automatically
End of File - Offset    90910000

Ifrit editor adjust theese offsets because you might extended the AI or make it more simple, but the point is you changed the size of the data which is fine. The important thing is you have to check the offsets to section 10.

Section 10 - Offset    842a0000

The byte i pointed out should be 0/4/8/C

If it's not then what you should do is jump to section 10 offset, in this case x2A84.
Add some "padding" bytes. For example it it would be x2A83 - you insert 1 byte to make the section start az x2A84 (so it's  then go back to the start of the file and add this 1 byte to the section 10 offset, and the offsets after section 10.

Section 10 - Offset    842a0000
Section 11 - Offset    644f0000
End of File - Offset    90910000

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2019-12-24 08:08:04 »

First i would like grab the opportunity and thank you for making such a cool tool.  :D

I would like to share a short info on the texture corruption:
few weeks ago i received a small know-how from @SegaChief how to fix manually (editing the AI bytes) the texture corruption problem that occurs randomly after using the AI editor (in enemy groups),
however after a little bit testing, it turns out the AI editor / compiler works perfectly, (if we don't take into account the unknown variables) the problem lies in section 10.
It contains some unexplored data (AKAO) and also can be empty for some monster files. The important thing is that the offset to this section in the file header must be divisible by 4 (/ zero), or it occurs texture bugs (even if the section empty it's offset should be divisible by 4 or should be zero - (e.g - x90F0 - > or 4/8/C)

Deleting the section in some cases makes the character textures color to some weird green, in some cases nothing happens.
Adding some padding values before section 10 (extra 00 bytes) can fix this quite easily to comply with this offset "requirement".

KR  :-)

Sounds good, how does it look like in the OpenVIII?

You could edit the first topic to change the title from section 6 to section 5 :P

Changed it, i didn't have that option when i was a newbie. :)

I know the sequences are linked to enemy abilities right per ifrit. But, how are the player's actions linked to the sequences? I poked about the battle commands in the kernel. But nothing was sticking out.

I am not an expert so i might express myself wrong but i think it's "monitored" by the memory. Code - E6 FF (Hex - with an animation reference before it) always used after a "status" animation of a character at the end of the sequence- e.g. his basic animation turns into low hp animation when his hp is low. If you put this codeto an enemy dat file the game just loops the corresponding animation and the ATB stops - FOREVER  :-\

I wonder if there are more custom sequences somewhere else. Considering for curtain bosses squall does custom attacks for them And the characters each only have 30 sequences. Maybe the custom animations are in another section of the boss's dat file.
I'll add that to the list. I'm gonna try to make a Queue of Actions. To do whatever is in the sequence in the correct order.Probably referring to section 9. From what i've read on AKAO tells what sound and how they want it played. Though the only documation I saw was from ff7 Unsure how similar ff8 is.

Unfortunately i have to deny that point. For example if you replace two dat files - c0m61 with c0m xxx the sound effect what they trigger uppon attacking are not changed (Ifrit uses Geezard sound effect if you put him in the Geezard slot in battle fs). That leads to a point that i assume there are "Global" sound effects which can be called by every enemy / modell from the dat files, like limit break aura sound effect, death sound effect for enemies and modell related sound files. (which are actually based on what slot they are in the battle . fs). But that raises up a question that what are AKAOs for in the dat file?

For Squall custom sequences do you mean the renzokuken limit breaks?
If you mean that, most of the Limit break animations can be found the found in the Exe and also the sequences related to the Limit breaks too. I've dig up Seifer's limit break from the Exe and the Limit break animations divided into 3 sections (Header can be found at xA2B518 - 2012 FF8 re-relase)
 - Character animations
 - Sequences
 - Weapon animations

However the sequences are quite simple for Seifer :

Code: [Select]
06 00 0e 00 12 00 15 00 19 00 1d 00 20 00 00
a9 e6 ff 01 e6 ff 02 a9 e6 ff 03 a9 e6  ff 04 e6 ff ac

xx E6 FF - Animation from the animation section followed by  E6 FF for each section? need to test this out   :-\ :-\

Also - i found that in the Character dat files the last section (11) contains an extra animation, which is actually the animaton what is played uppon their appearance at the beggining of the battle.

I've found that the code used for animation repeating:
Code: [Select]
C1 1E E5 7F 28 C3 7F C5 FF E5 7F E7 F9

Where the second byte (1E) stands for how many times the corresponding animation being replayed and the (28) stands for the animation number from section 3 in Hex. The 8 byte used after the animation stops the sequence code until the animation repeated for the given times.

For sounds effect:
Code: [Select]
B5 00 00
always 3 byte where the second byte stands for the linked sound (number)? for the enemy files (for example if you replace 2 dat files their attacking sound effects remain the same)

Maki has the animations reading in openviii. Though right now we can just pick an animation and loop it. Would be neat to have the sequences parced. I think I'm starting to understand your post. I'll play around some more tomorrow. :)
That's awesome. I will update the post with my new findings in the weekend.  :-)

Thanks Sega :), I will check it out. Had some problems with AI modifications. Seifer and his gunblade is quite vulnerable to AI editing via Ifrit  >:(

That Ifrit summon animation was super cool, having him jump up first went really well with the appearance part of the summon animation. I was wanting to have GFs use their own ability (or sometimes a different GF's ability) in my mod, but calling the animation with a standard spell-casting animation tends to have bad side-effects, particularly with the camera.

If I were to try and replicate what you'd done, would the steps be something like this?

1) Make a copy of the data that handles Ifrit's jump attack and put it into one of Ifrit's empty animation slots.
2) Add the limit break effect to it (does this have to be hooked to a specific frame of the animation or does it just play by itself when the animation starts?)
3) I'm guessing Jump doesn't call a magic animation as-is so that would need to be added somewhere midway + a flag to disappear?
4) After summon animation has played, Ifrit needs to be flagged to reappear (maybe using a copy of a character's #20 animation script for reappearing).

The info you've posted might be handy for fixing up some unused but busted animations on certain enemies as well. X-ATM had a double-leg attack that looks like it was intended to hit the two characters on the flanks but it has no sound and can hang.

Hi Sega,

Yes something like that but for Ifrit attack -
Ifrit Special attack contains 7 (seperate) animations sequenced, also sequence data triggers the sound effects too and the punch graphical effect when it hits + writes out the dmg figures, so copying and putting a disappear at the end wont help, in addition whenever you replace an ability magic ID with a summoning magic ID the battle camera do not get set back into the original place, thats why you need a separate animation sequence for disappearing and reappearing aligned to two different abilities to get the proper result.

1) for summoning attack -  a proper animation sequence with disappearance (no battle camera movement since the magic ID handles it)
2) reapperance with an ability which contains battle camera movement (battle camera movement Y/N can be set by doomtrain easily for an enemy ability)

So the AI should be written to trigger theese two abilities after each other.
About the sequences:
Here is a link about my notes i made while i was writing it:

I used only the first 3 animation of Ifrit's punch attack, and removed the rest so it wont trigger the damage / attack sound effect. Here is how it looks like from another angle.

Add the limit break effect to it (does this have to be hooked to a specific frame of the animation or does it just play by itself when the animation starts?)

Nope, you dont have to specify a frame of an animation, but it think it should be set before an animation.

Also if it's not not clear how to make it, i uploaded my Ifrit file for you if you want to dig into it.
(stats are messed up and the ability triggers as a counter attack in the AI)   

X-ATM had a double-leg attack that looks like it was intended to hit the two characters on the flanks but it has no sound and can hang.

Yea i think it's his 26th animation from section 3 if it helps. I wanted to check it out too, trying to make a small gameplay mod.

KR  :)

I just realized that i've actually misstyped. It's section 5 in the monster dat files.   :-\

Hello guys,  :)

I’ve been editing the dat files in the past weeks and i’ve found some interesting data in the „sequence” section (section 6 reffering to Wiki for monster enemies). I haven’t seen any detailed documentation on the wiki neither on the forums so i would like to share with you, it might be useful for future gameplay mods.

I’ll put it forward that i dont have programming exp, so i might express myself improperly at some points.

Both enemies and playable character have this type of section. (For characters it can be found in the weapon dat file in section 4, except for Edea since she doesnt have a weapon it can be found in her character file i think section 8, but unsure, and for Zell / Kiros in section 2- because their weapons dont have independent bones / animation)

So all moves (for characters – Commands) have their own animation sequence, which is playin multiple animations in a specific order + in addition it can:
     •   Display enemy related Text data while performing a move – developers used this to combine the texts with camera movements (in the AI you can CALL texts too but it’s without camera
          movements)  (character camera movements can be found in secion 6, following the same struct as a battle stage cameras)
     •   Play Aura effect (green light)  or if properly modified – Limit break auras yellow / blue, GF summon effect
     •   Make the modell disappear Reappear
     •   Loop an animation during a magic effect / Define it to repeat e.g. 3x (in Hex) times
     •   Move the modell while animating
     •   Trigger the damage and write out the figures
     •   Make an attack effect (given by a specific ID in hex) appear while triggering the damage (e.g. Seifer blue sword slash)
     •   Exit the modell from the fight – e.g. GF fights, where the enemy doesn’t have a death animation but the fight ends

I have to make a distinction here between enemies and characters, the section has the same function but a different purpose.
The structure of the section are the same in both cases

Offset      Length (byte)           Description
0              2                           Number of sequence
2              nr of seq *2           Relative offset to the start of the sequence

The sequences itself vary alot, but there are similarities.


If we take an enemy in Ifrit editor for example the third colum shows the related animation sequence number, for magic, it uses the 11th animation sequence. (Fujin c0m 119.dat).  (By the way, the similarity between all DAT files, that every character’s 11th animation sequence is used for magic attacks).

Lets take an example.

The thing is the structure vary, for the characters dat file magic usage is different, because they jump out with an additional animation and while the animation ID is launched they have an additional animation for looping. (It is also handled here)
Let’s take another example Disc 2 Seifer – the sequence Nr where Seifer teases Squall (Text 1 – I will show who’s the better man blablabla, Text – 2  Show me what you got blablabla)

video link if it's dont clear what part i am talking about:

(I am not sure tho, if anyone have got some useful information about this section, that would help alot to understand the whole.)

There should be a byte either in loading / displaying which determines that for how many frames are the text displayed. Need to check it out.
So as you can see the structure vary, if an enemy quits the fight, then instead of A2 the enemy uses
A3 XX E6 FF (XX optional – animation number) + (A3 / A9 – A3 for disappear quit and A9 for the simple quit but i am unsure on that one).


For characters, each character has 1E – Total 30 number of sequences which is triggered by commands or triggered by memory depends what happen on the battle stage (HP, Runaway, Death). The number of sequences that can be found here is fixed for all characters, but some may be unused. For example some characters winning animation are contained in the r0win.dat. in 3 sections
 1.   Character animation
 2.   Weapon animation
 3.   Sequence – Plays the animation and exits
Or another example there is an additional limit break start sequence for zell finisher – blue light.
I’ve made a list of the sequences based on the data i found in Zell’s file. The list may not be 100% correct.

1 - Basic Standing Animation loop
2 - Exhausted - low hp animation loop
3 – Death loop
4 - Damage Taken into a low hp phase
5 - Damage Taken Normal
6 - Damage Taken Crit
7 - Nothing happens
8 - Apperance (like at the start of the battle)
9 - Staying in "rdy to attack standing"
10 - Draw command fail animation
11 - Magic animation
12 - Basic Standing Animation
13 - Attack - normal
14 - Guardian Force Summoning (Disappear)
15 - Item Use
16 - Runaway 1
17 - Runaway 2 - Escaped disappear
18 - Victory Animation
19 - Changing into "rdy to attack standing"
20 - Guardian Force Summoning (Re-appear)
21 - Limit break 1 (Normal)
22 - Draw/Defend Phase again?
23 - Changing into Defend/Draw Phase
24 - Kamikaze Command - Running to the enemy
25 - Attack - Darkside
26 - Runaway 2? (same as 1) - maybe used at Edea Disc 1 fight? (Rinoa / Irvine appearance)
27 - Defend/Draw stock
28 - Limit break 2 (Special, e.g. Squall/Zell Blue aura)
29 - Defend command standing again
30 - Draw Stock Magic

As you can see GF summons play sequence NR 14 and after the animation ends the system automatically triggers the sequence NR 20 for re-appearing.

I tried to search back how the character limit breaks look like and add multi counting. I found Seifer animations in the exe at offset xA2B518. (Contains the character animations, weapon animations & the sequences, however the animation sequences look weird, by the code it plays the animations 1 by 1 then exits, even if there are animation looping during his limit break etc.etc. ) It should be somewhere else in the exe where the ID handles magic effects.

Anyone got additional information about this?  :?

Controlling enemy freeze:

My main goal was to make some enemies controllable, it seemed to be quite easy with cheat engine, but enemy codes didn’t really make them useful since the game crashes while triggering different commands because of the following:
•   enemies have less sequences than characters and follow a different order
•   the only similarity is that the animation sequence used for magic is same for all dat files
•   thats why the game do not break on magic command while using an enemy in your party
•   if you trigger an empty animation sequence the game freezes
•   maybe some memory editing can fix this issue?

I've been modifying .dat file sequences lately with spells, and you can achieve pretty cool stuffs:  :mrgreen:



I was trying to replace Seifer's No mercy Limit break with his disc 3 ability Bloodfest, after replacing the animation ID with the awesome Doomtrain tool, and adding the missing animations, (since the Bloodfest ability animation ID doesn't contain the character & weapon animations) it seemed to be working except one thing. The green sword glowing ( similar to Kiros and Squalls) effect didn't appear on his gunblade.
After testing few battles it seems it's scripted to appear always on the 2nd enemy on the battle field, and since there are many battles with only 1 enemy, it sometime causes the game to crash.

1) I checked the mag250 file which is related to the ability but didn't find anything about the sword glowing (Tim textures mostly)
2) I found the section related to the ability in the exe at offset (Steam version)
     x105D2B0 - x105D4DC - contains camera data  :-\
     x105D4DC - x105D6B0 - sound effects  :-\
     x105D6B0 -  texture palettes? nothing about the green light for sure  :-\

Can someone please help me out with this problem, would really appreciate it.  :-D  :-D  :-D

Here are links to a video and screenshots representing the problem  ???  (at 0:21 u can see the glowing under the bird)

Hey,  :)

I am the author of the videos you mentioned in the post (which includes Fujin Raijin). I think i still have most of the files , but  i made that vid in 2012 and its the  nonsteam version of ff8, just uploaded the leftovers 2 years ago. Havent tested it on steam yet.
However the models not ready, there are some missing animations as you could see in the video (e.g. dead animation).
About the method in short- basically the enemy files and playable character files are almost the same, enemies have some extra sectiions (AI). It can be modified to match with e.g. squall file structure and just replace it and do the renames . Worst part u need to edit the animations and sequences otherwise it wont work as intended. :'(

Let me know if you have any other questions  ;)
Best Regards

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