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Does anybody knows how to edit the Jump Rope minigame, so it automatically jumps 1000 times with one press or jump automatically?

More practical than using GameShark and this useless key item hurts my OCD. :-P

Hey, so I tried deselecting the "update level" flag and indeed the characters do join at lvl. 1. Specifically, I tested it with Freya at the Conf. Room in Lindblum castle and Quina. The other chars were at level 50 (I downloaded the save from GameFAQs). Instead of joining at level 33, they join at lvl 1. I haven't tested it anywhere else.

However, this would be a problem for Eiko, I assume. For Blank/Amarant, it's probably okay, because Blank is in the party for a very, very short time. But when Marcus join at CD2, I take it Eiko level will be that of Marcus?

I ask because when you get Amarant, for example, you have that flag active for all chars

Code: [Select]
        if ( ( ( VAR_GenUInt16_19 >> 0 ) & 1 ) == 0 ) {
            SetCharacterData( 0, 1, 255, 9, 0 )
            set VAR_GenUInt16_19 |= 1
        if ( ( ( VAR_GenUInt16_19 >> 2 ) & 1 ) == 0 ) {
            SetCharacterData( 2, 1, 255, 6, 2 )
            set VAR_GenUInt16_19 |= 4
        if ( ( ( VAR_GenUInt16_19 >> 1 ) & 1 ) == 0 ) {
            SetCharacterData( 1, 1, 255, 5, 1 )
            set VAR_GenUInt16_19 |= 2
        if ( ( ( VAR_GenUInt16_19 >> 6 ) & 1 ) == 0 ) {
            SetCharacterData( 6, 1, 255, 6, 6 )
            set VAR_GenUInt16_19 |= 64
        if ( ( ( VAR_GenUInt16_19 >> 7 ) & 1 ) == 0 ) {
            SetCharacterData( 7, 1, 7, 5, 7 )
            set VAR_GenUInt16_19 |= 128
            SetRow( 7, 1 )

Why all chars have the "update level" flag checked? Their level doesn't change, only Amarant  :-o

I was thinking of playing ff9 again but I lost my last mod. It had very few changes, but most importantly the script mods for the chars joining at lvl1. I noticed the script editor has been updated, some variables have different names now.

I was checking out the Lindblum Conference Room (it's the only lvl 1 script I dont have, the older ones from vivigix I have saved), and I noticed this SetCharacterData function, and now there's this Update Level flag. Does it have anything to do with that?

I thought so. I guess as long as you substitute a single targeting spell for a single targeting and a multi for a multi, it ought to work.

Another thing, when adding scripts to heal an enemy (to simulate more than 65k HP), isn't it better to set it to heal x amount y times when it is below 20,000 instead of 10,000? That way, the lowest it can get is 10,001, not triggering <10,000 conditions.

A quick question, when editing enemy attacks, are the attacks identified by IDs or variables in the script? For example, an enemy that casts Thundaga, does the script explicitly refer to that spell, or to the ID (or slot) "occupied" by the list of attacks in each enemy entry?

Say, if you replaced such a spell with any other, would the enemy refuse to cast that spell?

I was thinking of a function that "introduces" the character to the party, like the first time you meet them.

Say, you talk to an existing NPC, he gives you a list of the chars in your party, pay 100k and the character is reset. I thought it would be simple.

But thanks. Btw, I meant PS version, Pc version is ew. :o

I was thinking of trying something: addind an NPC to, say, Daguerreo's Library that can reset your characters stats, maybe charging a price. It sounds doable, but I'm unsure what to do. Could text limits be an issue? Because some dialog would be necessary...

Or maybe use an existing NPC.

I'm aware of that "hack" to make the enemy have more than 65k HP, it's just that it would be a more "elegant" solution.

1- By the way, seeing how people are interested in changing parties and stuff (Beatrix) I was wondering if it is actually possible to have more than 8 characters at any time. Probably not, but if it were, it would be fun to also have Blank, Marcus and Cinna (there's a portrait of him in the game, but he has no victory pose and I think the game crashes because of it).

2- Speaking of characters, is it possible to enable Zidane to be switched in the party change screen? It would be stupid to have his model walking everywhere but not have him in battle, but I suppose some patience editing scripts could fix that too.

3- When I last tried changing the number of opponents in a group, it didn't work so well.  :-P I believe this feature still doesn't work, any idea how to fix it?

4- Do you think it would be eventually possible to edit and reuse spell animations without having them screw everything up? Hooray for casting Ultima.  ;D

5- Now this one is just about those useless things for compulsive FFIX fans. In the Lindblum castle, in that room you go through to get to the bedroom w/ the moogle, there is a stair where you meet the sailor Erin. I forgot what is the name of the room in the Fields list, I'm on my linux partition right now, but there is an animation of the stair moving, which is never triggered in the game. Is there a switch to get it moving?

Wow, amazing work with those MIPS codes, it must be possible to do some crazy stuff with it. As an idea for spell effects, is it possible to turn off EXP/Gil gain (like the Break spell) with the Death spell or make an enemy nontargetable while Petrified?

Also, do you think it would be possible to figure out the codes on the game mechanics, to permanently remove the damage limit or use a bigger integer for HP values? What purpose could there be to using just 16 bits for that?

By the way, it's cool that you can add spells now, but then you must manually edit each enemy script. It would be nice to have some samples of scripts for casting a spell randomly or under certain conditions. But that would take a lot of space along with the other scripts, and this thread is getting crazy big. We need somewhere to collect and organize those scripts.

Nice! Thanks.

Unfortunately, the text space on those extra key items is minimal. I guess you could replace other key items only used in Disc 1 and 2. Any save files would still be compatible, there would be no difference. It's just flags telling you either got something or not, right?

One addition to the script, that nice sound when you get treasure, "Sound2( 53248, 108, 0, -128, 125 )", I put it right before " AddItem( 326, 1 " in the script, works fine. I assume the 108 is the ID of that sound, the other numbers are identical in chests script for example. Any idea what they are?

A simple tool for playing music/sfx inside HW would be cool to help identify those sounds. I wonder if there are any unused tracks or sfx in the game data.

In the game, there are 4 mini figures, 3 of which you can pick up (Cid, Burmecia and Brahne). I always thought it was stupid that you couldn't pick up the last one, it just sits there in the Tantalus hideout. In the key items tab, there seems to be enough blank spots to fill one with the mini Prima Vista Theater Ship, but I had no luck trying to make a script to pick up the ship and give some random key item just to test it.

Do you think it's possible? Also, is there a text limit in the game? Would it be impossible to create an NPC, for example?

Tirlititi thank you for reply.
Final Fantasy IX realised on Android today.
Congratulations folk.

Tirlititi,  do you think it is possible to make Hades Workshop comparable with Android version of FFIX?

Thanks for the scripts. I believe the first time you meet Freya at the bar in Lindblum, when you get to the name screen, there isn't a script for setting her level right?

By the way, this new version is coming to PC eventually, but the REAL FF IX is on PS1  8-)

Yeah,  there is possibility. You should Edit Field scripts where characters fist time join your party.
Also I took Eiko at lv1 when Markus was lv 22

Scroll up all messages and you will find what Scripts you should edit to obtain Eiko and Amarant at minimal levels.

I see now, thanks.

If you have the Freya and Quina scripts please post them too. Also, what exactly is the Quina glitch? Does it affect anything else? Please inform us if you can figure out a fix.

I can't make much sense out of those scripts, so thanks again.  :-D

Yes, that can be done right in the item section of Hades Workshop. Each weapon or armor has a Stat Set that can be modified to your liking.

Yes, but I don't mean the stat boost when equipped, I mean the bonus pool that adds extra stats when you level up depending on what equipment you're using.

I was wondering a few things:

1 - Is it possible to fix the Marcus/Eiko glitch?

2 - The first time you meet a new char, his level will be higher than 1 unless you're on level 1. This makes it impossible to max mag stones for that char if you level up. Is there a way to disable this check and simply have the character begin at level 1?

3 - Is it possible to disable equipment stat boosts so the stat growth is fixed to its minimum value?

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: [FF9-PSX] Fixed Stats Mod
« on: 2016-02-02 18:41:43 »
Cool. Personally, I would like fixed MINIMUM stats, that is the natural growth only, without bonuses. Game is too easy even then, but it would be a little better.

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: [FF9] Alternate Fantasy (v3.2)
« on: 2015-11-10 01:57:46 »
That's good to know, some 2 years will do wonders for helping forgetting a few things about the game and refreshing my memory. There's some things I'd like to suggest:

- First, I'm personally very bothered by the way the stat bonus system in this game works. I think it would be best if there were fixed stat growth. I'm paranoid about leveling up until much later in the game.
- Faster frog spawning.
- Having to ignore the items on the fourth slot really hurts my OCD, it would be better if there were none in that slot until you get Thief Cuffs, OR...
- Enable it earlier, on Disc 2, along with Rat's Tail. I honestly doesn't see this affecting the game balance at all.
- I checked out your Beatrix vs Beatrix vs Beatrix video on the other thread, it's pretty cool, I wonder if you have any ideas for it, would be cool.

I can already do some of that with some cheating or some basic editing here and there, but anyway.

I'll eagerly await for more.  8)

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: [FF9] Alternate Fantasy (v3.2)
« on: 2015-11-06 15:59:15 »
I would like to ask you some things. But first of all just wanted to let you know, I own both the original release of the game and the Square-Enix re-release. I correctly dumped my copies and they're perfect according to the latest Redump data.

The .ppf file works just fine on version 1.0, but on 1.1 it gives a binblock error, so I'm unsure what could happen. In the latest release they fixed the gold chocobo bug though, and I don't know what else. Just a heads up.


- Is this the final version?
- Have you changed item locations, chests and what is in the steal/drop slots?

Hey thanks, I spent some 2 days trying to figure it out and I finally got something.

On the first field of the list there is this part of the code "Function Code8_Loop"

Code: [Select]
                0x27( 127 )
                SET VAR_B9_220 = 600
                SET VAR_B9_222 = 1700
                SET VAR_B5_226 = VAR_C5_7175
                SET VAR_B9_224 = 236
                TEXT_VARIABLE( 0, 236 )
                RUN_SCRIPT_SYNC( 2, 250, 12 )
                if ( 1 ) {
                    SET VAR_C5_7175 = VAR_B5_226

I figured 236 was the code for Potion. I substituted it for "12" on "SET VAR_B9_224" and I got a Sargatanas, as expected.
But what does "TEXT_VARIABLE( 0, 236 )" means? Does it have anything to do with that potion? If not, then is this all there is to it, just substitute that number as in this case and it's okay?

I plan on changing a few chests, but just a few of them.

Hey Tirlititi, thanks for this program. FF9 is one of my favorite games but sadly, there are many things I would like to change. So far I have made a simple .ppf with just 255 accuracy for stat mags and changed steal slots from some bosses like Hilgigars.

It already made the game a whole lot better!!

I look forward to stuff like editing treasures, hot and cold list, and most importantly more items and harder enemies. And that's what I would like to ask.

- Is it possible to have enemies with more than 65000 or so HP? More than 254 items? Removing the damage limit cap? I'm sure it involves some pretty complex stuff but just wanted to know.

But again thank you very much, this is some extremely quality stuff.

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