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It's a compatibility problem between the mods. A fix is now been worked on, should release soon. Stay tuned.

  thanks for your hard work.
I used your mod since you started a lot of years ago on Rinoa forum and with the old way to mod I mixed yours with others but now I'm old and I prefer to use 7th heaven. Many of the mods I used are now in the
"[Tsunamods] Enhanced Stock UI" but with 7th Heaven seems impossible to mix with your mod, can you know a way? Maybe have I to use the exe and not the iro? Or can you think to make a version with options to choose to mix better with other mods?


It is possible, but right now as Caledor said it is a little more trickier than it should. As a critical update in 7th Heaven is needed in order for the process to become way easier we're waiting on that. In the meantime I'm trying to streamline the "tricky" process.

It's Caledor Italian translation mod.

Caledor's Italian Translation mod natively supports its own interface mod, you can find it in his thread under "High Res Italian Textures' IRO" (

Of course you can use Caledor's translation with Enhanced Stock UI: you just have to install it but keep "High Res Italian Textures' IRO" deactivated because it would create a conflict.

Settings -> General Settings... -> Paths (on top) -> FF7 Exe: -> Insert your new FF7 path here.

It's good that the actual project is kept under wrap and it has been sent only to selected people: usually when groups release their projects to the public they get C&Ds when things start to look really great.

That said, they clearly have to work quite a lot on it: it's very janky and SS' model suffers from the usually UE ultrashine. Still, good idea. Let's just hope it doesn't follow the original Metal Gear remake way.

7th Heaven / Re: 7th Heaven doesn't work with LiBRE
« on: 2020-08-10 00:23:40 »
It should still work by modifying the .exe 7th Heaven is using. It's located inside \Resources\FF7_1.02_Eng_Patch\
You should backup it before trying anything tough, just in case.

Hey guys, I have question to ask: Is it possible to install 7th heaven, mod as u please, start a save game, open that save game with steam, apply the booster staff to a character, save it and then load it again with 7th heaven and continue playing with the new boosts/cheats? Basically the question is if I can modify a 7th heaven save with the boosters from steam and re-use it with 7th heaven (disclaimer: not using any difficulty mods like NT). I would appreciate it if anyone could help me with this!

That's a little OT, but wouldn't it be far simplier to just modify the save with the Black Chocobo save editor and skip using it with steam altogether?

Actually you CAN keep it on, but you have to set battles to 15 FPS in the mod options.

FF9 Graphical Releases / Re: New Original PS1 Font
« on: 2020-06-25 00:29:38 »

what is the difference between this mode and that of this page which is the best because I do not see what brings your

They are literally the same. One of the authors cited on the website is here, talking to everyone.

7th Heaven / Re: Some dialog boxes just don't appear
« on: 2020-05-27 00:23:34 »
I've searched for this and couldn't find this exact issue. Sorry if it was asked elsewhere.

Some dialog boxes just do not show up or in some cases will flash briefly and then disappear before being readable. During some of the dialog with Bugenhagen it would just popup for a half a second and disappear. Now I'm in the Temple of the Ancients and the small flashback scene where the rolling rock things are and Aerith looks in the pool and we see what happened to Tseng. None of those dialog boxes are showing up at all. I had to go to YouTube and find a video to get the dialog.

Is this a known issue with any mod? Here's the list of mods I'm using:

Code: [Select]
7th Heaven Version:

# Bonez' Modern Spell Names
ID: 8c1020f8-562c-4a1e-87ab-dd328c0aa567
Version: 1.1
Is Active: True
"Spell Names"  (Spell Names)   = "ON"    (1)       
# Borderless FF7
ID: 7350eb7e-6b4f-4a9c-8a70-28d6304f8ce7
Version: 1.00
Is Active: True
# SpeedHack
ID: ba83c07f-f3da-45f9-8509-57dcb3fd537b
Version: 2.00
Is Active: True
# Animations - Qhimm Catalog
ID: ad98f03e-143d-41b0-8937-96fec7c821ea
Version: 3.0
Is Active: True
"Battle"  (Animations - Battle)   = "1 - 60 FPS"                  (1)       
"Field"   (Animations - Field)    = "1 - Bloodshot + Kaldarasha"  (1)       
"World"   (Animations - World)    = "1 - Bloodshot + Kaldarasha"  (1)       
# Battle Models - Qhimm Catalog
ID: e4786c44-997e-4a29-b522-a4922aa4d457
Version: 3.0
Is Active: True
"=======Main======="  (Battle Models)                 = ""                        (0)       
"Aerith"              (Main Characters - Aerith)      = "1 - Kaldarasha"          (1)       
"Barret"              (Main Characters - Barret)      = "2 - Kaldarasha"          (2)       
"Cait Sith"           (Main Characters - Cait Sith)   = "1 - Kaldarasha"          (1)       
"Cid"                 (Main Characters - Cid)         = "2 - Kaldarasha"          (2)       
"Cloud"               (Main Characters - Cloud)       = "2 - Kaldarasha"          (2)       
"Red XIII"            (Main Characters - Red XIII)    = "3 - Kaldarasha"          (3)       
"Sephiroth"           (Main Characters - Sephiroth)   = "3 - Kaldarasha"          (3)       
"Tifa"                (Main Characters - Tifa)        = "3 - Kaldarasha"          (3)       
"Vincent"             (Main Characters - Vincent)     = "2 - Kaldarasha"          (2)       
"Yuffie"              (Main Characters - Yuffie)      = "1 - Kaldarasha"          (1)       
"Aero Combatant"      (Enemies - Aero Combatant)      = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Air Buster"          (Enemies - Air Buster)          = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Chocobo"             (Enemies - Chocobo)             = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Diamond Weapon"      (Enemies - Diamond)             = "1 - Grimmy"              (1)       
"Elena"               (Enemies - Elena)               = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Frogs"               (Enemies - Frogs)               = "2 - Style 2"             (2)       
"Grunt"               (Enemies - Grunt)               = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Guard Hound"         (Enemies - Guard Hound)         = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Guard Scorpion"      (Enemies - Guard Scorpion)      = "1 - Team Avalanche"      (1)       
"Hundred Gunner"      (Enemies - Hundred Gunner)      = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Jenova"              (Enemies - Jenova)              = "1 - WolfMan"             (1)       
"Joker"               (Enemies - Joker)               = "1 - Grimmy"              (1)       
"Life Form"           (Enemies - Life Form)           = "1 - cmh175"              (1)       
"Mighty Grunt"        (Enemies - Mighty Grunt)        = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Motorball"           (Enemies - Motorball)           = "1 - Bloodshot"           (1)       
"Reno"                (Enemies - Reno)                = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Ruby Weapon"         (Enemies - Ruby)                = "1 - JLOUTLAW"            (1)       
"Rude"                (Enemies - Rude)                = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Shinra Soldiers"     (Enemies - Shinra Soldiers)     = "1 - Kaldarasha"          (1)       
"Sweeper"             (Enemies - Sweeper)             = "1 - ninostyle"           (1)       
"Aerith"              (Weapons - Aerith)              = "3 - Mike + slayersnext"  (3)       
"Cait Sith"           (Weapons - Cait Sith)           = "1 - omega res novae"     (1)       
"Cloud"               (Weapons - Cloud)               = "2 - Millenia + Mike"     (2)       
"Red XIII"            (Weapons - Red XIII)            = "1 - philman"             (1)       
"Sephiroth"           (Weapons - Sephiroth)           = "1 - Mike"                (1)       
"Yuffie"              (Weapons - Yuffie)              = "1 - Mike"                (1)       
# Dynamic_Weapons
ID: c16313e0-c78e-4693-8971-013005a840f1
Version: 1.702
Is Active: True
"Sword Model"      (Sword)     = "Original"  (0)       
"Dynamic Weapons"  (Dynamic)   = "Yes"       (1)       
"HQ weapons"       (HQW)       = "Yes"       (1)       
# FF7 SYW V4 Custom pack (png version)
ID: 05c15830-4510-4bff-aa68-e4101e3496d8
Version: 4.17
Is Active: True
"Field Textures"  (satkfields)   = "FF7 SYW HD Graphics (dds version)"  (1)       
# Remako HD Graphics Mod v1.0 - Battle Textures (battle)
ID: e2e02285-f684-427d-9aee-b22341d99af8
Version: 1.0
Is Active: False
"Textures"  (remako_battle)   = "Remako Mod"  (1)       
# ChaOS
ID: b4b1e779-f9e5-4550-8f28-9c912bf8a93c
Version: 1.702
Is Active: True
"BETA:Resized Models"          (RSP)          = "OFF"                                       (0)       
"Young Cloud battle model"     (YCloud)       = "normal"                                    (0)       
"Cloud with or without sword"  (CloudSword)   = "Prepare for fights..."                     (2)       
"Model for Barrett"            (Barrett)      = "New HD-Model"                              (1)       
"Model for Bugenhagen"         (Bugen)        = "Sitting on ball"                           (1)       
"Battle Shadow"                (Kage)         = "No Shadows"                                (1)       
"Reunion model patch"          (Ruy)          = False                                       (0)       
"A Bike Needs Rock'n'Roll!"    (Rock)         = "Give me that Badass sound by Dualdragon!"  (1)       
# Field Models - Qhimm Catalog
ID: 25cf73b9-873e-47a7-92c4-7a581d4707c9
Version: 3.0
Is Active: True
"===Resize Project==="   (Field Models)                       = ""                          (0)       
"Resize Project"         (Resize Project)                     = False                       (0)       
"===Dynamic Weapons==="  (Dynamic Weapons)                    = ""                          (0)       
"Cloud"                  (Dynamic Weapons - Cloud)            = "4 - Kaldarasha"            (4)       
"Buster Sword"           (Dynamic Weapons - Buster Sword)     = "3 - Millenia - Left Hand"  (3)       
"Mythril Saber"          (Dynamic Weapons - Mythril Saber)    = "1 - Millenia"              (1)       
"Hardedge"               (Dynamic Weapons - Hardedge)         = "1 - Millenia - Left Hand"  (1)       
"Butterfly Edge"         (Dynamic Weapons - Butterfly Edge)   = "1 - Millenia - Left Hand"  (1)       
"Enhance Sword"          (Dynamic Weapons - Enhance Sword)    = "1 - Millenia"              (1)       
"Organics"               (Dynamic Weapons - Organics)         = "1 - Millenia - Left Hand"  (1)       
"Crystal Sword"          (Dynamic Weapons - Crystal Sword)    = "1 - Millenia"              (1)       
"Force Stealer"          (Dynamic Weapons - Force Stealer)    = "1 - Millenia"              (1)       
"Rune Blade"             (Dynamic Weapons - Rune Blade)       = "1 - Millenia"              (1)       
"Murasame"               (Dynamic Weapons - Murasame)         = "1 - Millenia - Left Hand"  (1)       
"Nailbat"                (Dynamic Weapons - Nailbat)          = "1 - Millenia"              (1)       
"Yoshiyuki"              (Dynamic Weapons - Yoshiyuki)        = "1 - Millenia - Left Hand"  (1)       
"Apocalypse"             (Dynamic Weapons - Apocalypse)       = "1 - Millenia"              (1)       
"Heaven's Cloud"         (Dynamic Weapons - Heaven's Cloud)   = "1 - Millenia"              (1)       
"Ragnarok"               (Dynamic Weapons - Ragnarok)         = "1 - Millenia"              (1)       
"Ultima Weapon"          (Dynamic Weapons - Ultima Weapon)    = "2 - Millenia"              (2)       
"Huge Materia"           (Objects - Huge Materia)             = "1 - Grimmy"                (1)       
"Materia"                (Objects - Materia)                  = "2 - Team Avalanche"        (2)       
"Potions"                (Objects - Potions)                  = "1 - Costa07"               (1)       
"Save Point"             (Objects - Save Point)               = "2 - Team Avalanche"        (2)       
"Aerith"                 (Main - Aerith)                      = "2 - Kaldarasha"            (2)       
"Barret"                 (Main - Barret)                      = "6 - Kaldarasha"            (6)       
"Cait Sith"              (Main - Cait Sith)                   = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
"Cid"                    (Main - Cid)                         = "2 - Kaldarasha"            (2)       
"Cloud"                  (Main - Cloud)                       = "0 - No Change"             (0)       
"Red XIII"               (Main - Red XIII)                    = "3 - Kaldarasha"            (3)       
"Sephiroth"              (Main - Sephiroth)                   = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
"Tifa"                   (Main - Tifa)                        = "4 - Kaldarasha"            (4)       
"Vincent"                (Main - Vincent)                     = "2 - Kaldarasha"            (2)       
"Yuffie"                 (Main - Yuffie)                      = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
"Biggs"                  (Support - Biggs)                    = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
"Bugenhagen"             (Support - Bugenhagen)               = "2 - Kaldarasha - Sitting"  (2)       
"Jessie"                 (Support - Jessie)                   = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
"Wedge"                  (Support - Wedge)                    = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
"Air Buster"             (Enemy - Air Buster)                 = "1 - ninostyle"             (1)       
"Elena"                  (Enemy - Elena)                      = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
"Reno"                   (Enemy - Reno)                       = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
"Rude"                   (Enemy - Rude)                       = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
"Shinra Soldiers"        (Enemy - Shinra Soldiers)            = "1 - ninostyle"             (1)       
"Non-Player Characters"  (NPC)                                = "1 - Kaldarasha"            (1)       
# FF7 SYW V4 Custom pack (png version)
ID: acf4733c-f3ec-4776-9430-0787e8d22823
Version: 4.17
Is Active: True
"Field Textures"  (satkfields)   = "FF7 SYW HD Graphics (dds version)"  (1)       
# Remako HD Graphics Mod v1.0 - Pre-Rendered Backgrounds (field + char + minigames)
ID: e0a8c863-db09-47a0-9ea1-5408208e0080
Version: 1.0
Is Active: False
"Textures"  (remako_field)   = "Remako Mod"  (1)       
# Gameplay - Qhimm Catalog
ID: ace21ed7-9e32-4782-b397-1ce937bf3507
Version: 3.0
Is Active: True
"======Difficulty======"  (Gameplay)               = ""               (0)       
"Difficulty"              (Difficulty)             = "0 - No Change"  (0)       
"Always Run"              (Always Run)             = True             (1)       
"Clock Fix"               (Clock Fix)              = True             (1)       
"Disable Mouse"           (Disable Mouse)          = True             (1)       
"Hand Indicator"          (Hand Indicator)         = "1 - Removed"    (1)       
"Increase Sense Limit"    (Increase Sense Limit)   = True             (1)       
"Invincible"              (Invincible)             = False            (0)       
"Lock Inventory"          (Lock Inventory)         = False            (0)       
"Lucky Cait Sith"         (Lucky Cait Sith)        = False            (0)       
"Lucky Tifa"              (Lucky Tifa)             = False            (0)       
"No Random Battles"       (No Random Battles)      = False            (0)       
"Save/PHS Anywhere"       (Save/PHS Anywhere)      = False            (0)       
"Skip Cutscenes"          (Skip Cutscenes)         = True             (1)       
"Sync Barret Opening"     (Sync Barret Opening)    = True             (1)       
# Media   Music and Sound 2.1
ID: 2bdd4a94-4b06-46ca-af0a-37b9dfef25aa
Version: 1.0
Is Active: True
"Music"  (music)   = "Anxious Heart - Original Soundtrack"  (1)       
"Sound"  (sound)   = "No Change"                            (0)       
# FF7 SYW V4 Custom pack (png version)
ID: 29dc5d4e-c0a9-4998-8ccb-279b405b56b4
Version: 4.17
Is Active: True
"Field Textures"  (satkfields)   = "FF7 SYW HD Graphics (dds version)"  (1)       
# Minigames - Qhimm Catalog
ID: fae201ee-9fa5-4163-ab56-2b478111449d
Version: 3.0
Is Active: True
"====Chocobo Race===="    (Chocobo Race)                 = ""                                     (0)       
"Base Models"             (Chocobo Race - Base Models)   = "1 - Kaldarasha"                       (1)       
"Cid"                     (Chocobo Race - Cid)           = "1 - Kaldarasha"                       (1)       
"Cloud"                   (Chocobo Race - Cloud)         = "1 - Kaldarasha"                       (1)       
"Tifa"                    (Chocobo Race - Tifa)          = "1 - Kaldarasha"                       (1)       
"Textures"                (Chocobo Race - Textures)      = "0 - No Change"                        (0)       
"=======Coaster======="   (Coaster)                      = ""                                     (0)       
"Textures"                (Coaster - Textures)           = "0 - No Change"                        (0)       
"======Fort Condor====="  (Fort Condor)                  = ""                                     (0)       
"Models"                  (Fort Condor - Models)         = "1 - Strayoff"                         (1)       
"Textures"                (Fort Condor - Textures)       = "0 - No Change"                        (0)       
"===Motorbike Chase===="  (Motorbike Chase)              = ""                                     (0)       
"Models"                  (Motorbike Chase - Models)     = "2 - Kaldarasha - Original"            (2)       
"Music"                   (Motorbike Chase - Music)      = "1 - Dual Dragons - Crazy Motorcycle"  (1)       
"Textures"                (Motorbike Chase - Textures)   = "0 - No Change"                        (0)       
"=====Snowboard======"    (Snowboard)                    = ""                                     (0)       
"Textures"                (Snowboard - Textures)         = "0 - No Change"                        (0)       
"====Wonder Square===="   (Wonder Square)                = ""                                     (0)       
"Tweaks"                  (Wonder Square - Tweaks)       = False                                  (0)       
# Spell Textures - Qhimm Catalog
ID: 702dcfdb-70c1-48c4-95e7-a13413855e25
Version: 3.1
Is Active: False
"Main"         (Main)          = "2 - [4x Upscale] kela51 + satsuki"  (2)       
"Coin Skill"   (Coin Skill)    = "23 - Transparent Metallic Yellow"   (23)     
"Limit Break"  (Limit Break)   = "1 - Jinkazama2k7"                   (1)       
# Enhanced Stock UI-rel2
ID: 2b49d831-6556-41df-9ddb-d1a6e937f548
Version: 2.27
Is Active: True
"======Main Options======"           (Main)                  = ""                                  (0)       
"Enhanced Stock"                     (enhanced)              = "Enhanced Stock - On"               (1)       
"All Status Visible"                 (status)                = True                                (1)       
"======Menu Options======"           (Menu Options)          = ""                                  (0)       
"Items + Materia Icons"              (items_materia)         = "Colored Items + Standard Materia"  (3)       
"UI Bar Thickness"                   (bars)                  = "Thinnest Bars"                     (2)       
"Font Brightness"                    (fonts)                 = "Bright Fonts"                      (2)       
"Field Dialog Style"                 (fds)                   = "ESUI"                              (1)       
"EXP Bar Toggle"                     (nt)                    = "Exp Bars Enabled"                  (0)       
"======Battle Menu Options======"    (Battle Menu Options)   = ""                                  (0)       
"Battle View"                        (battleview)            = "Recommended View, Optimized UI"    (1)       
"Minimalistic No Battle Boxes View"  (nbb)                   = False                               (0)       
"Help Box Transparency"              (hbb)                   = "No Box, Text Only"                 (1)       
"======Controller Options======"     (Controller Options)    = ""                                  (0)       
"Controller Icons"                   (controller)            = "Xbox Icons"                        (1)       
"Icon Order"                         (controllerorder)       = "1 - A:B/X:O - Cancel:OK - Std"     (1)       
# FF7 SYW V4 Custom pack (png version)
ID: 753391d9-e332-4989-a6ce-7cbb7940ed8f
Version: 4.17
Is Active: True
"Field Textures"  (satkfields)   = "FF7 SYW HD Graphics (dds version)"  (1)       
# Remako HD Graphics Mod v1.0 - Menu Avatars (menu)
ID: 95e8f88a-7a75-4ee3-810e-e0c7c4f8de70
Version: 1.0
Is Active: False
"Textures"  (remako_menu)   = "Remako Mod"  (1)       
# The Reunion - Beacause and Menu Overhaul
ID: 3ee8d570-ac8b-471e-ad3f-53de21248652
Version: 1.0
Is Active: False
"Beacause"          (beacause)   = True       (1)       
"Menu Overhaul"     (menu)       = True       (1)       
"Break 9999 Limit"  (break)      = False      (0)       
"Hand Indicator"    (hand)       = "Default"  (0)       
"No Battle Boxes"   (nbb)        = False      (0)       
"No Command Box"    (ncb)        = False      (0)       
# World Models - Qhimm Catalog
ID: 3365b425-2391-4cc2-ba02-fef3437eba71
Version: 3.0
Is Active: True
"=======Main======="  (World Models)              = ""                (0)       
"Cid"                 (Main Characters - Cid)     = "2 - Kaldarasha"  (2)       
"Cloud"               (Main Characters - Cloud)   = "5 - Kaldarasha"  (5)       
"Tifa"                (Main Characters - Tifa)    = "4 - Kaldarasha"  (4)       
"Diamond"             (Enemies - Diamond)         = "2 - PRP"         (2)       
"Emerald"             (Enemies - Emerald)         = "1 - PRP"         (1)       
"Ruby"                (Enemies - Ruby)            = "1 - PRP"         (1)       
"Ultima"              (Enemies - Ultima)          = "1 - PRP"         (1)       
"Buggy"               (Vehicles - Buggy)          = "3 - ninostyle"   (3)       
"Chocobo"             (Vehicles - Chocobo)        = "2 - ninostyle"   (2)       
"Highwind"            (Vehicles - Highwind)       = "2 - ninostyle"   (2)       
"Submarine"           (Vehicles - Submarine)      = "3 - ninostyle"   (3)       
"Tiny Bronco"         (Vehicles - Tiny Bronco)    = "1 - ninostyle"   (1)       
# FF7 SYW V4 Custom pack (png version)
ID: daccd13d-cf96-4539-858f-21707d59bfb8
Version: 4.17
Is Active: True
"Field Textures"  (satkfields)   = "FF7 SYW HD Graphics (dds version)"  (1)       
# Remako HD Graphics Mod v1.0 - World Textures (world)
ID: 46768f2c-55ff-48a0-8949-3f98cb4f7d19
Version: 1.0
Is Active: False
"Textures"  (remako_world)   = "Remako Mod"  (1)       

I've seen this happening when using Field Models on Kaldarasha setting (as you are doing). I don't know why, but that seems to be the cause (you can try deactivating Field Models and see if anything changes). That mod is still a work in progress and it is known for causing some problems. The authors know this and are already working in order to release a better version.

7th Heaven / Re: [FF7 PC] Mod Manager - 7th Heaven 2.0
« on: 2020-05-26 09:39:52 »
I dont think this has been brought up. so when i use my steam version of the game and the 2.0 launcher i keep getting this error

### Launching Final Fantasy VII ###
Checking FF7 is not running ...
Checking FF7 .exe exists at G:\steamgames\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe ...
Verifying installed game is compatible ...
Verifying game is not installed in a System/Protected folder ...
Verifying game is full/max install ...
Creating missing required directories ...
Verifying additional files for 'battle' & 'kernel' folders exist ...
...    battle\camdat0.bin file not found
...    cannot copy source file because it is missing at G:\steamgames\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\data\lang-en\battle\camdat0.bin
Failed to verify/copy missing additional files. Aborting...
Failed to launch FF7. View the above log for details.

If anyone could help that would be great

Are you using the english version of the game or a localized one?

Yep, it was my fault, sorry for that.

What happens is that the first stable on the right copies the sex of the last seen chocobo (either catched or from another stable) due to a leftover in the code from a past failed experiment of mine.

I have restored the original portion of the code and updated my pack, thank you both sguancho and Khrone for the extremely detailed reports, they've been very useful!

Thanks to you Caledor!

Update for version 1.02 (based on v1.12) now available in the main post.

Thanks for replay,

I would like to report another problem, I caught a wonderful female Chocobo, but it is reported as male in the stable.

Load the first slot

After have capture a second wonderful female Chocobo, now bot stables mark as female ....

I confirmed it doesn't happen when the mod is deactivated.
...and well, this is a strange one.

Whatever the chocobo is initially said to be, it actually is, but when you get a new chocobo the older one gets "regendered", usually (but not always) the same as the old one.
BUT it is still what it originally was.

1. Get a Choco -> It's a Female -> I name it "ChocoA" -> Go check, it gave me "female". All right.
2. Get another Choco -> It's a Male -> I name it "ChocoB" -> Go check, it says "male"... all right? Nope, now ChocoA is said to be a male too!
3. Try to breed them.
4. It actually works and the female acts as the female, even if it is branded as "male".
5. Sometimes trying to breed them corrects the labels. Sometimes it doesn't.

That's... strange. I'll try changing some things and see, but this one could take a while.

In the meantime: the breeding game itself seems to work, even if the Chocobos gets mis-labeled, so I suggest you to give each Chocobo a pretty recognizable name, so you can remember which one is a male and which one is a female (Ugo and Pina - ChocoM and ChocoF - Cocco and Cocca, etc.) and keep playing.

EDIT: Seems to be a problem coming from the original ReTranslation. I'll try ask Caledor about it.

7th Heaven / Re: Field Models error
« on: 2020-05-20 18:38:17 »
Which setting in the GUI is that? Or do I need to modify the .cfg directly?

Settings -> Game Driver... -> Advanced

Well, I managed to replicate the problem.

When I first tried using a fully modded version of the game and had no problems before, I was using Ninostyle models as Field Models.

You are (or were, as I see you've deactivated the mod) using Kaldarasha's.

So I've tried swapping the mod settings to Kaldarasha's models and that was it, the dialogue doesn't show anymore in that particular scene.
Swapping again to Ninostyle models solved the problem.

That said, even if you deactivate the retranslation the dialogue doesn't show anyway, so the problem is linked to the Field Models mod only, so I can't do anything about it. As I said the authors of the mod are perfectly aware it has a lot of strange problems, and are working to fix it.

thanks for the reply,
after your wrote I think I have isolated the problem:

if I activate the "Field Model Qhimm Catalog" mod the dialogs are not displayed,
but deactivating that mod, caledor and sednescity translation both works.

That's strange, even with that mod activated I have no problems, but again, that particular mod is quite the troublemaker (there's a new version coming out soon because of that) and can be set in a million ways. Would you mind sharing your profile details? You can copy it from 7th Heaven, going to Settings -> Profiles... -> Eye Icon


At the temple of the ancients, after passing the stones, Aerith separates from the group and goes in front of water. From here starts a scene that is completely absent from dialogues

the scene is this one

starting at 0:48

savegame before enter into temple of the ancients

Maybe I'm not understanding the problem here.

I've run your savegame, using the save in the first slot, with a fully modded game, and no lines or scene was missing at all.

Then I've started the game again using only the translation as active mod and keeping the game side by side with the video and, again, the two looked identical (aside the language, of course). Everything that appeared on the video was in the game.

I'm going to downlaod and try the new version now.

I'm playing step by step and noticed a problem also in kalm town when the flashback of Cloud is about to start.

The screen just stays black. Switching  the sadnes version is ok.

At which point exactly? I tried loading a save made just before entering Kalm, entering the village and going straight to the inn to trigger the flashback, and it started with no issue whatsoever (i would argue that even the other user, sguancho, must've been able to pass that part safely as he progressed up until Mt.Nibel).

I confirm that the error to Cosmo has been fixed with 1.01c, unfortunately Nibel is still present, app.log:

[00013851] ERROR: failed to find file ESEA.HRC; tried direct/char/ESEA.HRC, direct/char//ESEA.HRC, char/ESEA.HRC (LGP) (path: )
[00013851] ERROR: offset error: ESEA.HRC
[00013851] ERROR: could not open file ESEA.HRC
[00013851] TRACE: *** Exception 0xc0000005, address 0x6316ee ***
[00013851] TRACE: in G:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe
[00013851] TRACE:    at , address 0x0
[00013851] TRACE: in G:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe
[00013851] TRACE:    at , address 0x0
[00013851] TRACE: in G:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe
[00013851] TRACE:    at , address 0x0
[00013851] TRACE: in G:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe
[00013851] TRACE:    at , address 0x0
[00013851] TRACE: in G:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe
[00013851] TRACE:    at , address 0x0
[00013851] TRACE: in G:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe
[00013851] TRACE:    at , address 0x0
[00013851] TRACE: in G:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe
[00013851] TRACE:    at , address 0x0
[00013851] TRACE: in G:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe
[00013851] TRACE:    at , address 0x0
[00013851] TRACE: in G:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII\FF7.exe
[00013851] TRACE:    at , address 0x0
[00013851] TRACE: in C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNEL32.DLL
[00013851] TRACE:    at BaseThreadInitThunk, address 0x74aa6340
[00013851] TRACE: in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
[00013851] TRACE:    at RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath, address 0x77217b40
[00013851] TRACE: in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
[00013851] TRACE:    at RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath, address 0x77217b40
[00013851] ERROR: Unhandled Exception.


Version 1.01c released two times in a row, as the first one was an incomplete version I mistakenly uploaded (which doesn't contain the Nibel fix). If you've downloaded the file in the time interval between the two uploads you are maybe using the broken one. With the newest version (which should be 415.592.240 byte in filesize, if you look at the properties) I'm not able to replicate the error anymore. If you're positive you're using the latest version and still have the problem could you please provide the nearest savefile?

Should be fixed now, both Cosmo Canyon and Nibel Reactor.
Please download version 1.01c.

Any further report is appreciated.

@Jo982: Did you have further problems? Your error should be fixed now.

Hi, I'll try to replicate and look at it.

Thanks for this!

I'm gonna try finally the HD Final fantasy VII Original with italian language :))

I noticed a small glitch.
It is the same of this page.
I fixed the order and then disabled all other mods but the glitch happens only with this mod and only with caledor translation.

I did something wrong?

Thank you ;)

EDIT: Yep, the problem was probably some loose files inside the mod. Should be fixed now. Please download version 1.01b from main post (it also includes the latest changes to the original retranslation).

Original Post:
Spoiler: show

Nope, the problem is on me as I can replicate that.
I'll look into it for the next update (I was working on it as the original retranslation just got an update).
It's strange because the glitch happens to use a texture that shouldn't be present inside the mod at all, so there must be some loose files around.

I'll suggest you to use a field model mod in the meantime (there's the "ninostyle chibi field models" if you want to mantain the original sd aesthethic).

EDIT: It seems to be a problem only for version 1.01, i'll re-upload version 1.0 while I work on 1.01b.

7th Heaven / Re: [FF7 PC] Mod Manager - 7th Heaven 2.0
« on: 2020-05-14 17:28:52 »
Okay, new questions for the mods in this thread.

I just installed 2.0 yesterday and have noticed a distinct difference between 1.56 and current version. In the odd version, it was possible to navigate the UI of 7th Heaven with a steam controller, with the trackpads as mouse and left right triggers as left and right buttons. This is important for anyone who wants to play big picture mode with an overlay using steam link.

In 2.0, once you launch 7thHeaven in big picture mode, the steam controller support is lost until you start the game, and then the steam controller works fine with the steam original controls option selected from the Game Launcher menu. In the launcher itself, you can only control the application using a mouse and keyboard.

Anyone else encounter/get around this? I have tried running as admin and using steam link and straight on desktop. Steam Controllers work for every other application running besides 7th Heaven 2.0 launcher.

I know it is an odd use case, but this approach allows someone to launch and play the game on a steam link using only a controller, absent a mouse and keyboard just like the good ol' days of using a console.

I've tried this. As you said if you launch the game through Big Picture mode the SC doesn't work inside the 7TH UI, but works perfectly in-game.

I've found that if you're fast enough you can still launch the game as it take one second for the SC to pass from Keyboard+Mouse to actual controller, but I couldn't see any way to do it properly.

One way to circumvent this would be to one-click-launch FF7 through 7thH, but I don't know if that is possible.

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