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Hey bonez. No, thats no coincidence, because jtd is a friend from germany and I was trying to help him find some older mods :)

7th Heaven / Re: 7th Heaven german exe
« on: 2023-09-04 13:59:46 »
Our team is working on a complete translation of the pc english version to have the feeling of the psx german version for pc. we are at 80%-90% through already.

If you want to help, please join the discord channel qhimm. There you can find the german-retranslation ( My friend, jtd is collection everything from the group.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2023-07-25 19:35:03 »
Hey Aavock! Is there a chance that you make a version for the German version? Thank you!!

Releases / Re: FF7 create new fields
« on: 2022-12-31 12:30:13 »
wow, will this be released?

Troubleshooting / Re: FF VII EXE GER
« on: 2022-12-30 22:08:33 »
Thank you nuada.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF VII EXE
« on: 2022-12-30 14:40:15 »
Hi, I have a 99% translated EXE. But to change "Buy Sell Exit" do not work. Not sure why I haven't found a way.

@Nuada could you please reupload this file too?

Troubleshooting / Re: FF VII EXE GER
« on: 2022-12-30 13:40:20 »
Hey nuada. Our Team has already made it possible to go even further.

In our hext there is no Acc. to Zub. error. Further we managed to write the full "Nein" while quitting the game and we made it possible to see the complete word "Schlüsselobjekte". Further the complete menu looks now like the psx version and you see "Limit-Ebene", "Anordnen" and of course "Substanz" instead of "Materia". And there is way more.

Please take a look at the qhimm discord server. We would really appreciate if you could help us with the ultimate german translation! On discord you can talk to my friend @jtd, he is trying to get everything together:

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Soundtrack Options
« on: 2022-12-29 22:43:43 »
I could share the SXG2Ogg audio mod of ElNino so we preserve it for the Future since his release was in 2013.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-Steam] SXG2Ogg audio mod
« on: 2022-12-29 22:39:26 »
Is somebody interested in this mod? I still have the archive.

My friend is in contact with LeonhartGR who downloaded your version but he can not find the file. Any idea what the filename of the archive was when you created it? Maybe we can restore your files like this.

Will we ever see a release of the fixed cid and the translation?

Troubleshooting / Re: FF VII EXE
« on: 2022-12-28 11:59:06 »
Please reupload your files

WIP / Re: New mods model FF7 GBIKE designed by Mr. Nomura
« on: 2022-12-27 23:09:48 »
I love your work. One tiny suggestion: i would make the models not to shiny like car painting. You should stick to the Vanilla Art, everything else will never harmonize with backgrounds etc. But the models itself are stunning!!!❤️

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] German FFVII Reworked (BETA 0.4)
« on: 2022-12-27 09:55:12 »
@Luceid hast du oder jemand anderes noch die Daten von @Kompass63 und @CirasdeNarm?

You can try uploading on

LeonhartGR do you still have the files?

That is what I was thinking. FFNx is not the same since has not the quality of the OST. Maybe somebody else has your work on his computer and can upload it when you allow?

Sorry don't understand? I don't use discord?! But thank you for the answer.

Could somebody please reupload?

Hey UpRisen! Thank you for your mod. May I ask you which battle hud is this?

Hello all,

My name is Uprisen and I am the Project Manager for Project Echo-S and the founder of AVALANCHE ARISEN.
AVALANCHE ARISEN is a sister group to Project Echo-S and our primary goal is to remake, remodel, and retexture all the visual aspects of Final Fantasy VII. This includes battle scenes, field scenes, character/enemy/npc models, world map, and spell/summon animations. As of this moment I have a first release of the Battle Texture IRO. It contains every battle scene in the game retextured to the best available quality I could produce. I will continue to update these scenes as I have recently learned how to adjust the models for the scenes which will fix some of the clipping and spacing issues that are currently in this mod.

I started this project 6 months ago with zero prior experience and this iro is the result of over 200 hours of work.

To install extract the IRO from the 7z file and place it in your ff7/mods/7th heaven folder then launch 7h and it will appear in your library.

1k resolution images (460mb instead of 2.3gb)
To intall simply unzip and place the "battle" folder in your FF7/mods/textures folder

STEAM version

My YT video tutorial for installing 7h

New ULTRALITE pack now available on nexus. 256x256 max textures to match vanilla. Just a simple waifu downscale and pack is untested and will not be updated unless I also make a major texture change to the full pack.

Releases / Re: German FFVII Reworked BETA
« on: 2022-12-10 20:20:16 »

super, habs direkt mal ausprobiert und es funktioniert! Und das sogar ohne merkwürdiges Aussehen.

Ich danke dir :)

Could you please Upload your working char.lgp?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] German FFVII Reworked (BETA 0.4)
« on: 2022-12-10 20:17:09 »
Hi @all!

Kaldarasha, is the beta0.4 really your latest Version?
Where is your 7th heaven iro to test? :))

Kompass63, please reupload your translated ff7.exe? I would really like to test it out!
Cirasdenarm, where can I download your mod?

If others have the files, I would be very thankful for an upload!

Thank you

Support / Re: FFVII music file names
« on: 2022-12-09 17:17:03 »
Since the first list contains a lot of mistakes, i wanted to upload my handwritten translation list. Maybe somebody has a use for it ;)

001 Opening - Bombing Mission = oa
002 Bombing Mission = ob
003 Pursue the Man in a Black Cloak! = dun2
004 Other Side of the Mountain = guitar2
005 Fanfare (Junon Parade) = fanfare
055 Gold Saucer = gold1
006 Mako Reactor = makoro
007 Those Who Fight = bat
008 Fiddle de Chocobo = fiddle
009 Anxious Heart = kurai
010 Those Who Keep Fighting = chu
011 Cait Sith's Theme = ketc
012 Aerith's Theme = earis
013 Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII = ta
014 Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (Alternate) = tb
016 Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony = parade
018 Who Are You = yume
019 While Travelling = mati
020 Standing on Two Legs is Difficult! = sido
021 If You Opened Up Your Heart = siera
022 Waltz de Chocobo = walz
023 Don of the Slums = corneo
024 Blood Trail = horror
025 Canyon of the Falling Stars = canyon
026 Red XIII's Theme = red
027 The Great Warrior = seto
028 Lurking in the Darkness = ayasi
029 Shin-Ra Company = sinra
030 Infiltrating the Shin-Ra Building = sinraslo
031 Under the Rotten Pizza = dokubo
032 Farm Boy = bokujo
033 That Day Five Years Ago = tm
034 Tifa's Theme = tifa
035 Coast of the Sun = costa
036 The Oppressed = rocket
037 Flowers Blooming in the Church = earislo
038 Crazy Motorcycle = chase
039 Land of Exile in the Sand = rukei
040 The Planet's Chosen One = cephiros
041 Barrett's Theme = barret
042 Coal Mining Town = corel
043 Flow of Life = boo
044 Electric de Chocobo = elec
045 Turks' Theme = rhythm
046 Fanfare = fan2
047 Highwind of the Skies = hiku
048 The Mako Cannon Fires = cannon
049 Words Drowned Out by Fireworks = date
050 The Planet's Chosen One (Looped) = cintro
051 Cinco de Chocobo = cinco
052 J-e-n-o-v-a = chu2
053 Descendant of Ninjas = yufi
054 Hurry! = aseri
056 Frontier Village = mura1
057 Good Night, Until Tomorrow = yado
058 Continue (Game Over) = over2
059 Jackpot! = crwin
060 Tango of Tears = crlost
061 The Favourite Chocobo = odds
062 Debut = geki
063 From the Depths of Despair = junon
064 Treasured Memories = tender
065 Wind = wind [Sound Effects]
066 Beginning of the Nightmare = vincent
067 Honeybee Manor = bee
068 Temple in the Forest = jukai
069 Mark of a Traitor = sadbar
070 Hurry Up! = aseri2
071 Great Crater of the North = kita
072 Cid's Theme = sid2
073 A Dream of Space = sadsid
074 Hear the Voice of the Planet = iseki
075 Who... Am I = hen
076 Wutai = utai
077 Buried in Snow = snow
078 Stolen Materia = yufi2
079 The Reunion = mekyu
080 Fort Condor = condor
081 One-Winged Angel = lb2
082 Shin-Ra's Full-Scale Offensive = gun
083 Weapon Raid = weapon
084 Jenova Complete = pj
085 A Secret Sleeping in the Deep = sea
086 Judgement Day = ld
087 Birth of a God = lb1
088 sensui = sensui [Sound Effects]
089 The Countdown Begins = ro
090 Steal the Tiny Bronco! = jyro
091 The Planet's Chosen One (No Intro) = nointro
092 The Mako Cannon Fires = riku
093 Shin-Ra Explodes = si
094 Highwind of the Skies (alternate) = mogu
095 Prelude = pre
098 Staff Roll = roll

My list misses:

fin [Outro Video]
comical [Unused Track]
heart [Sound Effects]
sato [Sound Effects]

You are truly amazing!

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