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did you manage to reproduce the cosmo memory cutscenes audio track is not working(the regular audio plays instead)?
if you did, will it be fixed in 1.05?

first of all thank you for this amazing package of a mod, at the moment i think i've got only one issue is that the cosmo memory cutscenes audio track doesn't seems to work(the 2 others works perfectly) best way to notice it: at the start of the game when the mako reactor explode it plays the regular sound not the cosmo memory more bombastic sound. anyway its a minor issue i just hope its not just on my end.

btw is it possible in future update to add the echo s mod to this package?

thank you very much!

do i need to uninstall 5.65 before installing that? or can i install this on top of your old mod?

Having a slight problem, anybody else notice that turning on animations actually turns them off on some fields? So with animations set to Full, Recommended, or Light I get animations on every field (that I've played on so far) except after defeating Motorball at the end of the Midgar section. With animations on there are no flashing lights on that field, with animations set to no change the flashing lights appear, but then I have no animations on every other field. I've tried with 60fps on, 30fps on, and OG fps. Loving the mod so far, was just disappointed with that scene, haven't played
too much past that point to see if it happens in other places yet. 2 other things I've noticed is a texture over Cloud when entering Hojo's specimen tank, and the door stays shut on the vehicle that takes you to the golden saucer. Thank you for what you do Satsuki!

Has this been fixed?

5.61 update available
-Updated FFNx (lots of optimisation for 60 fps, HDR FMV corrected).
-Updated Cosmo Memory (added worldmap footsteps).
-Updated 60 fps fields animation for modern 3D model.
-Added some flevel script correction for 60 fps mode.
-Corrected the alway run option for the french exe.

Best ff7 mod for me the fact its so streamlined and easy to install make it a must for all users of ff7 steam version.

Thank you so much for your amazing work

Because the lighting engine built into FFNx is far superior.
You mean the dynamic lighting?
But they cause some bugs sometime

-Removed Psx battle shadow.

aww i liked this why remove it?

5.30 is released (please install this version !, it's 1998 exe based to avoid steam/save bugs)

It's not an update you can do, it's a full release.
The main change is that version use 1998 .exe to launch the game instead of the steam's ones.
So no more save delete bug is possible (finally).
The game will also launch faster as it don't need to launch steam first.
The very first time you launch the game it can take some time to launch because it'll need to copy some file.

does that mean the controller configuration i did in steam wont affect it at all?

bummer :(

doesn't matter this install is using the default ps1 controls by default!
thx for this amazing mod you just made ff7 timeless!

again i will ask will you add support for controller remapping? im using the xbox controller

yes about the watermark on the top left side i would like to be able to disable it.

will you add controller support(im using an xbox controller) in future updates?

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