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First of all, thanks a million for everything you're doing and it's amazing to see that there are still dedicated people doing a better job than SE for FFVIII!

I have an issue with this mod: it plays every track two times with an offset of one or two tenths of a second between the two, for almost every music. I've tried to test different FFNx settings regarding the audio, but no luck so far.
Here are my current settings (only mentioning potentially relevant settings):
Code: [Select]
use_external_music = true
external_music_resume = true
external_music_sync = false
external_music_path = "psf"
external_music_ext = "minipsf"
he_bios_path = "psf/hebios.bin"

Here is a short sound capture I took of the issue (I'm in Timber):
Do you have any idea what might be the cause?

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