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I'm sorry to say I cleared out all my emails relating to the project so I don't have his updated email adress.  If this resumes, I will not be part of it.

I believe he still checks the one he registered with seldomly as well as PM's.

Dziugo did not want me to release the program to anyone until it was fully bugtested.  He has shown interest in pursuing its development when I spoke to him about it last time however.

If a release is to be done, he's the one you'd need to ask.

FF7Voice / Game script Release
« on: 2012-03-15 20:57:41 »

I will in all likelyhood never get back to the FF7Voice project so I figured I'd release the files I worked on for the whole community to use.

Everything is pretty self-explanatory but it's not a complete dump as only the text we wanted to voice was kept.  As a result, alot of the useless NPC text was removed.

Still, this might be a useful guide and it follows a pretty much chronological order so it might be helpful for some projects.  Every line has been placed in its proper field file and is labelled with its dialog ID.

I will be deleting this file from my computer shortly however so when the link goes dead, it'll be the end of it so I'd reccomend you get it now.

I'll let the people managing the wiki decide if they feel this could be a useful addition or not.

PS : Use this as you see fitbut please credit all who were invovled in creating this script : Ficedula, for writting the proof of cpncept dumping program
Dziugo, for writting the actual software that would have voiced the game and that was used for battle text
Tsetra/Psychlonic, for the script for very early parts of the game
Revenile, for the script of 1 or 2 chapters
Prince Lex, for dumping about half the game
Squall78 as this would not have been possible without the program Loveless
DLPB for providing world map text (unsure if it is included in the final version)
Myself for dumping the 2nd half of the game and scripting and editing pretty much the whole of it.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Obligatory Christmas Thread
« on: 2011-12-28 20:45:05 »
Its not late for me. I am stuck in Vegas for the CES 2012 setup and my family cancelled Christmas because my dad got sick. Well today I get to Skype back home and Christmas is back on tonight! My family even sent me a few presents to open with them and some home made Christmas goodies. So Merry Christmas to you, and to everyone else! Also have a great new year.

Setting up (and working) trade shows is the bane of my existence.

Have a Merry Christhmas everyone.

Apart from Hanukah (and obviously the christhian christmas), are there any other religious holidays going on right now ?

FF7Voice / Re: barret and biggs. just trying.
« on: 2011-11-18 23:38:16 »
I appreciate your enthusiasm but the project is currently suspended until further notice.

FF7Voice / Re: Still in need of a Barret?
« on: 2011-11-04 01:03:03 »
Project no longer active for now.


FF7Voice / Re: Back on Hiatus
« on: 2011-10-31 22:08:55 »
It was indeed decided this attempt was as futile as the first one.

I won't initiate another resurection of this project.  If Mesden gets around to it and is succesful, then I'll be happy to reprise my current implcation.  If someone else wants to tackle this, feel free.  Be advised the game is 750 pages of single spaced formatted text.  All of which needs to be voiced by about 40 voice actors who all are not paid.  A monumental task to say the least.

Much of the game has NOT been recorded (not even 10% in fact) and is incomplete with characters missing so can't be released in 9its current state, not even as a demo.

Dziugo is the one who wrote the implementation and it is closed source but perhaps he would be willing to share it with someone else attemtping this project.  It's his call and I will not share the program's files with anybody without his express permission.

If someone wishes to tackle this again, I'm willing to send the script and assist in any way I can but for now, I consider this project dead.

FF7Voice / Re: Still in need of a Barret?
« on: 2011-10-21 13:48:58 »
Sent you a PM.

I'll definitely play around with the idea for filler lines and NPC's.


Wasn't the world map text you had sent me about a year ago also present in the executable (ie: buggy breaking down text, etc) ?

If they are, will they make it in this document ?

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voice Audition Thread - Recasting Biggs
« on: 2011-09-29 00:26:08 »
Awesome.  Biggs is cast.  The whole cast is ready to go.

Director should have received Barret's lines already.  So revisions on those, biggs lines, sound editing and the first video should go up.

This took much longer than expected but I'm happy we're finally getting there!

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voice Audition Thread - Recasting Biggs
« on: 2011-09-23 21:48:37 »
It's called underage person from a non-english speaking country who is also extremely bad with english

And that's called being rude for no good reason.  Don't pull this off again in this subforum.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2011-09-23 02:13:19 »
There's a very noticeable difference. Just look at XIII.

That's actually really dependent on the game (and the game engine I would assume).

I also wouldn't say there's a major difference even in ff xiii as each generation gets closer and closer to having "real-time" cgi custcenes.  Square do polish their cgi to a crazy extent however so they usually would be the game company with the biggest differences.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2011-09-23 00:31:21 »
Technology is now at the point where cgi shouldn't be needed as much.  The difference between cgi scenes and in-game scenes are sometimes so minimal I barely see the difference.  Quite a change from the ff7 days!

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voice Audition Thread - Recasting Biggs
« on: 2011-09-22 12:56:15 »
i don't think the project will be finished because of lack of wanted voice actors to cooperate, maybe i'm wrong?

Yes, you are.  It's always longer to start the casting process if you're holding to your standards, which we are.  Most big roles have been cast.

Still need a biggs? I might accept the part. How good of a mic should i get? (don't have one) and what recording software?

Sure.  I'll have the director post his comments on the mic here.  I use audacity for recording software.  Open-Source.  Free.  High quality and easy to use the noise cleanup feature.

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-09-16 20:10:07 »
FF 13 is bad, because there are numerous facts about its design that are bad.  These aren't opinions.  Eventually you get to a point where you either accept that so many problems with a game is a bad thing overall, or you say "I loved it, so did many people, therefore it wasn't bad"  which is a fallacy.

As SL and I have stated, as a jrpg, it is indeed a bad game.  As a game, it is not.  The story kept me wanting to know more and drew me in without being too simple (ie: save the world from the villain for the sake of it).  The graphical presentation was top notch.  The sound presentation was top notch.  The battle system (gameplay) was very well thought out and fun, (who here will really stay it's not a huge step up from ff xii's system ?).  The only stumbling block for me is replayability as there's no incentive to go back and "do it differently" or find easters eggs or anything like that.

I've just listed the 5 core elements most game review sites use to rate a game.  If I were to review it based on those metrics, it does very well in all of them except the last.  Not a 95%+ game but definitely a 85%+ game.  That means a good game.  Maybe not the game you expected as a jrpg as it is a poor jrpg but it's a good game nonetheless.  I don't think FF's will ever again be jrpg's.  Maybe FF15 for one last nostalgic call to the old fanbase à la ff9 but that's it.  Square has said numerous time they want to appeal to the western market more.  Apart from their existing fanbase (which is still sizeable, I admit), I don't see most of my friends ever playing FF's as they were.  Mass Effect, Deux Ex, GTA, Halo, Forza, etc, yes but not a jrpg.  They might play what FF is slowly becoming.  Or they might not and Square will only shoot themselves in the foot by alienating their core fanbase and not gaining a new one.  But I find that unlikely.  Only time will tell.

As for the rest of this thread, I'm out as I believe I stated what I wanted to say and I have nothing else constructive to add.

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-09-15 02:24:26 »
And therein lies the problem.  You see no problem with a jrpg and FF becoming something totally different, and I do because that is why I love FF in the first place and why I buy FF games.

If mario Bros main game became a jrpg, I am assuming most of its fanbase would not be happy.

Less is not better.  You had an option of playing gold saucer games, now we have no choices.  It doesn't matter if you see that as good, it is a flaw, and that is no opinion.

Unfortunately, that trend isn't about to reverse itself judging by overall trend in the games industry.  It's the same for the SNES purist who disliked the psx games and it'll get worse as each generations brings further and further changes so you'll be further and further alienated by future games.

As for myself, I like variety and I like changes.  Not all of them work out (gambits in ffxii is a good example of an horrible system) but I like trying out new things more than I "fear" the changes for a lack of a better word.  I also don't like forced gimmicky mini games or fetch quest in towns so not having them IS an improvement for me as most games do force them upon you at some point in the game even though the bulk of minigames are optional.  In FF7, there was the bike, snowboard, chocobo and sub minigames which you did HAVE to play to progress the story.  I wouldn't miss them one bit if they were gone and these were probably among the less annoying minigames on psx JRPG's.

However, I do realize I may be in the minority in the "old" ff fanbase and there's definitely nothing wrong with liking "tradtional" jrpgs as they're often great games and I'll still play them in the future if I feel the story will be good but I have a preference for the "refreshed" versions of those games, whatever genre you want to call them and I'll always stick up against anybody saying I'm wrong to do so.

FF7 feels dated now, and not just because of its graphics.  I still love it as you can see by my ranking on previous pages but there are now better RPG's than FF out there.

As for your comment about Mario Bros becoming a RPG, it actually happened and was a great game.  I suggest you look up Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario if you've never played them.  You'll be happy you did.

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-09-14 22:02:33 »
It is simple really.  Dialogue and story of FF13 are simple but convulted.  Illogical and also needed manuals for exposition.  That isn't a good thing it tells you it is bad.

NPC, towns, minigames, sidequests and exploration are crititical to jrpg, and they removed the vast bulk.  That isn't a good thing.

Whilst you are free to like that personally, that can never be a good thing in a genre which is based around it.  People buy jrpg generally because they expect jrpg.  They do not expect a game which has had its heart and soul ripped out to appeal to FPS generation.

I think the difference between both opinions here is that some judge FFXIII solely as a jrpg while others judge it as a game.  I don't think FFXIII is a jrpg in the strictest sense of the genre.  It's more of an hybrid between action-rpgs and an interactive novel than anything else to me. 

Does that make it bad ?  Not to me because I never cared for towns or most minigames and I find old type jrpg's to feel stale nowadays.  I never spent time in gold saucer to "play" unless I had s specific goal in mind (gold chocobo, omnislash, etc).  Square themselves have stated that DQ will always stay their "classic" franchise with very little changes between titltes except presentation while FF is their testbed for new gameplay elements.  I've always played jrpgs for their story and battle systems so in that sense the evolution of the FF series is no problem to me as I enjoyed both of those elements in FF XIII.  I do have a problem with FF's stories not being epic or good but I found FF XIII to be a vast improvement story-wise compared to FFXII and FFX but still not on the same level as FF IV, VI, VII or IX.  That's totally subjective however.

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voice Audition Thread - Recasting Biggs
« on: 2011-09-08 12:27:57 »
We found a VA to play Barret.

Hopefully we can show a completed video of the bombing mission and following scenes soon!

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-09-07 03:57:41 »
XIII - I never played it  because I wasn't foolish enough to buy it after reading tons of reviews,watching many walk-through pieces on Youtube and seeing others on it (I got fooled by X-2 and XII but not a 3rd time).  What is clear is this game at least has a story but it is contrived nonsense that even requires a manual for exposition.  It has had the heart and soul of RPG ripped out of it to pander to the FPS generation.  The gameplay is basic and mostly uninvolving.  The balance is all wrong as graphics are now all the design team care about.  We got this because people accepted XII.

I'm surprised you haven't played it.  I'd recommend you at least rent it to try it and forge your own first hand playing opinion of it.  It is, by and large, a huge improvement over X-2 and XII and is a good game.  Definitely not PSX-era FF-good but a good game nonethless if you accept it for what it is (an interactive novel with battles).  Whether it fits into the standard RPG mold or not doesn't detract me from having a good time with it and that's all that matters to me. 

Wouldn't play it a second time though as the replay value is somewhat lacking in my eyes.  That's one of its flaws to me.  But then again most games these days have very low replay value to me, RPG or otherwise.

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-09-07 03:48:17 »
dziugo isn't very active so he might not check his PM's very often.

I do have his e-mail he gave me to contact him for the ff7voice project if you need it and he hasn't gotten back to you in a timely fashion (but I won't post it publicly for obvious reasons).

We are awaiting for some auditions from some VA who have already played the part in other projects but the part hasn't yet been cast so we definitely would encourage you to audition.

First suitable audition gets the part so send something in ASAP if interested.

Unfortunately, our Barret has opted out just as he was finising recording his lines.  I assume the standard of quality and the needed revisions was too hard for him to stomach.

So we, again, need a new Barret.  As well as a Biggs.

If nobody steps up, the director could voice Biggs although its not our preferred choice but Barret is too far for his voicetype.

We have the recordings for every other scene 1 VA and the quality is stellar.  A great improvement over the first take of this project so I'm confident that once we've found reliable VA'S for the major roles, this project will move ahead full speed.

If you have a bassy voice, please send us a demo (Barret lines are in the VAA link up top) and we'll go from there!

Barret has a huge role in the first parts of the game but is a bit less intensive as it goes on so someone committed is required.


General Discussion / Re: FFXIII?
« on: 2011-08-16 19:19:00 »
FF1 : Ok game.  Never cared to finish it (NES version) as it gets really repetitive.
FF2 : Never played.
FF3 : Never played.
FF4 : One of my favorites of the series although it didn't age well.
FF5 : The best "battle" system of the SNES era.  Fun gameplay, lacking story.
FF6 : Really like this game but for some reason I always quit halfway through near the end of WoB.  I end up finishing it a few months later.  Great characters, great story, great gameplay.  Can't say why I never finish it in one go.
FF7 : My favorite of the series.  Also my first RPG ever 14 years ago.
FF8 : Good game but somewhat m'eh.  Drawing is a pain.  Never really played cards or "morphed" magic so that might explain why I find it tedious.  My thoughts on this game are fairly similar to the spoony bard's humourous take of it.
FF9 : Good game but somewhat m'eh.  Like it a bit better than XIII but couldn't emotionally connect to it.
FF10 : Good game but somewhat m'eh.  Like it a bit better than IX but couldn't emotionally connect to it.
FF10-2 : Horrible game.  Good battle system but everything else sucked donkey balls.  Hands down the worst FF I've played.
FF11 : I hate MMORPG so no thanks.
FF12 : This game was such a disapointment.  Best FF ever story-wise ... until we get to the tomb of the Dynast king and the game goes to shit.  After that, it's a horrible story and the gameplay is horrible so I'm amazed I even finished it.  The only FF after FF4 onward I didn't play a second time apart from XIII which is more recent.  Vaan and Penello could have been absent from the game without a single issue.
FF13 : Liked it better than I, XIII, IX, X an XII.  Liked it less than IV, VI and VII.  Probably in the same ballpark as V.  I should state that I don't mind linearality and mini-games and that towns were always a waste of time to me as well so I don't care they're gone (except when actual story happens there : ie : midgar, narshe, etc)..  Some sidequests would have been fun (no, I don't consider hunting to be sidequests).  So actual character development with backstory sidequests (think yuffie sidequest in ff7) would have been great.  But I liked the battle system (still required strategy while being a bit less tedious and more fast paced than past titles) and the story was good enough for me to want to finish the game.  Not sold on XIII-2 though.  I'll wait for reviews.

FF's should return to a world map though.  I miss the sense of scope it brought to the World.  FF12 was especially bad for this I find.

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