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WIP / [FF7PC] Meteor - Character Overhaul Project
« on: 2022-01-23 23:46:33 »
Meteor is a next gen PBR Character Overhaul Project. I’m going to go through the game and detail and paint the games original models, and Kaldarasha’s Chaos models following the same workflow I use for work with the Unreal Engine. I’m going to leave some technical aspects of the original models, like 2D eyes so they’re able to blink properly, but otherwise they’ll have next gen PBR detail and be designed to match the field environments of Project Edge. I’ll do the NPCs, enemies, and bosses as well as the main characters. I'll share info as I go along detailing each step for those who are interested in how game characters are made.

Meteor will also have optional features for randomized enemies and additional NPC's to add more variety to the game. I'll texture alternate versions of enemies that'll be randomized, and add new NPC models using Makou Reactor so you won't see models reused so much, particularly on the same field. I also add new field animations for certain parts of the game, so the characters movements won't seem so generic during climatic scenes. These will be optional though, and I'll add compatibility patches for popular mods like Echo-S. 
Meteor will also have direct support for another mod I'll start working on soon, Reanimation. I'll be updating each model with a more detailed skeleton, which will allow me to redo each animation in the game with a lot more detail, and bring life to things like hands and fingers which have been static.

WIP shots below are similar to what you can expect from completed models. I’ll replace them though with the first updated character. 

General Discussion / Who's excited to mod FFXV?
« on: 2018-02-18 15:02:33 »
Who else is excited to checkout the modding tools for FFXV? I think it's great that SE has been moving their games onto PC more and more, and is even releasing modding tools for FFXV. The possibilities are pretty huge with official tools. Maybe not quite to the point of Fallout and Skyrim, but that may just depend on us. More importantly, I'm just anxious to play with the modding tools so I can learn more about the Luminous Engine. They dropped it for Kingdom Hearts for UE4, which they began with immediately for FF7R, but hopefully that's just so the engine team can better refine their tools for future projects. Maybe the modding tools with the updated PC version of 15 were seen as an exercise to overcome the shortcomings of the engine during development.

This mod is meant to add Japanese support for those interested in playing outside of Japan. The International version of the game is only available in Japan and is quite difficult to get without a JP address and credit card. It also isn't moddable outside of lgp changes since using the conversion tools on Qhimm only lets you play in the four supported languages. As of now you're better off just playing the version available on the PSN as it's also easier to get.

What I'm trying to do is make the files from the International game compatible with the original 98 game and those converted using conversion tools. That way it's possible to play in Japanese but with still fully modded games. When it's completed I'll make a 7thHeaven mod so this can be easily toggled on and off (direct files will be available as well).

To do list:

Retranslate Menus/ Import JP Menus - 98% done

Add support for Menu Overhaul

Test JP Kernel vs English/Reunion Kernel for major differences and support - 50% done

Test JP flevel for issues and possible animation errors (like Vincent's ballet animation during Aeris' death scene) - 35% done

Consider possible option to toggle on and off Kanji (translating all text into Kana)

Upscale JP FMV's

Add Japanese character support with either a patch or hex file


I hadn't really planned on posting something like this, but there hasn't been much documentation released to help with new mod releases, particularly Aali's latest driver. I've been asked about installation issues a bit recently so I eventually put this together as a pdf and would just send them the link. Since this is a temporary method until the next bootleg is released it didn't seem worth posting, but that may not be for awhile so I suppose it'll help reduce the number of troubleshooting threads and questions in the mean time.

To start I suggest having a bootleg installed game. It's not necessary and the game doesn't even have to work properly with it, but it'll help with the Sound Effects mod and upscaled background and effects. Go into your games install folder and find the Sound folder (ff7\data\sound) and copy it to your desktop. Next copy the ff7\mods\bootleg folder to your desktop. You can do the same for your Movies folder as well, and the Condor.lgp since the mini game mod doesn't seem to be available online anymore (ff7\data\minigame\condor.lgp). For those who don't have bootleg you can manually install these pretty easily. I included a link that lists them all for you.

Now reinstall your copy of the game to start fresh.

Quick Game Installation

This is for the Square Re-release or Steam release, skip ahead to step 4 if you have the original game. Skip to step 10 for 7thHeaven configuration if you already have the game installed.

1) Install the game to a non-system directory. I suggest "C:\games\Final Fantasy VII\FF7". Run all updates until the FF7 game menu opens.
(If you have the Steam version you need to move the install directory, directions here: If the game opens and works you're ready to move on.

2) Mount an empty ISO or thumb drive and make it the D drive. The game will not work if it's not the D drive. You can use Virtual CloneDrive for this, it's free and simple to use.

Empty ISO download:

Virtual CloneDrive:

3) Download and run Kompass63's converter. It'll recognize the game installation, if not just show it where it's installed. It'll also see the mounted D drive, if it's missing the converter will fail. It'll ask about language options, select whichever fits your games language.


4) Download and add all the files for Aali's latest driver to your games install folder (games\Final Fantasy VII\FF7). Run the ff7_opengl.reg file.

Aali's forum:

5) For the Retranslation and MO mods visit DLPBs thread for the latest download. If you plan to use 7thHeaven mods that include mini game models than be sure to leave the Reunion's Mini Game models option unchecked, or don't use the 7H mini game models. Otherwise your game will crash!


Other upscaling or Hi-res mods are mostly obsolete, the Reunion will do most of anything you'll be interested in.

6) Aali's new driver doesn't need, or support FF7Music, so another music mod is necessary. I suggest the new Anxious Heart, it has several music options including great original ff7 music tracks. Other ogg music mods work fine as well.

Anxious Heart:

7) For the new sound effects and background and effects png textures: Either download your selected mod and copy them into the mods\Reunion folder (don't overwrite anything) or copy in everything from your original mods\Bootleg folder, again without overwriting anything, and the original Sound folder. If you have a copy of the condor mini game mod go ahead and copy it into the ff7\data\minigame folder. For the easiest solution I suggest just keeping a back up of these folders from bootleg.

Sound Effects:

Battle and Field Backgrounds:

Grimmys Upscaled Magic and World textures:

8] Download upscaled videos, particularly if you had to convert your game. The videos with the re-releases don't play properly with the original 98 game (and converted). You can find my fmv mod on my release page at the bottom of the first post, I remastered the new 2012 videos instead of the originals. Either the video files or 7thHeaven version are fine. For easy installation and never having to worry about copying files again download the 7thHeaven version.

cmh175 Release Thread:

9) Open the ff7_opengl.cfg file in notepad and set your resolution options. I personally like full screen at 1920x1080 with preserve aspect ratio off so it fills the whole screen. It actually doesn't look stretched at all, but I play on an HD tv instead of a monitor. Change the texture cache to 1024 to fix the battle menu glitch and save the file. It's this line here:

Code: [Select]
# max size of the texture cache to hold in RAM, in megabytes
# don't set it any higher than 1GB unless you want your game to crash
texture_cache_size = 1024

10) Download and extract 7thHeaven and place the 7thHeaven folder in "Games\Final Fantasy VII\ff7mods". Set 7thHeaven to run as administrator. Open it and click on "Workshop" and then Settings. If you installed the game exactly as I've written than your 7thHeaven settings will be the same as mine, otherwise fill everything in to match your files. To finish this step go back to the ff7mods folder and make a folder named Wrapped for your 7thHeaven library.


11) Download the 7thHeaven mods you're interested in, many of the recent threads on the Graphical Release page have 7thHeaven versions for easy installation.
Copy them into the ff7mods\wrapped folder so they'll load in the 7thHeaven Library.

12) The 7thHeaven library doesn't automatically load newly added files, it needs to be refreshed sometimes. Close 7thHeaven and restart it. Click on the Library tab, and click on Search. It'll refresh the library and all of the mods will now be shown. Active each one and click on the Active Mods tab. If you're using mods that have more than one iro like Kaldarasha's Unshaded models you need to list them from top to bottom based on priority, use the arrows next to each mods name to move them.

This is optional and can be added later if you're having trouble with screen tearing, particularly with ATI GPU's:

    ~Courtesy of Kaldarasha.

13) Hit Launch in 7thHeaven to start the game. If you did everything correctly the game will load properly. If it crashes or doesn't have any sound open ff7config.exe and check the sound settings. If you don't hear anything when you hit test then select a different audio device til it works. If you don't have the correct audio device selected the game can crash right away.

If you have questions or problems post them here to the thread. I'm not always quick to answer pms and other members can help too. Reread the tutorial though and you'll probably find the problem.

Troubleshooting / Battle Menu Glitch
« on: 2014-01-13 00:41:41 »
I'm having an odd issue with the battle menu. Anyone else see something like this?

I did a fresh install of the 2012 game and used Kompass63's convertor. I added the files for the new video driver and ran the new Reunion mod, with just about everything selected other than weapon, so it does have the new menu overhaul installed. I kept the original mods\bootleg folder and added the battle, field, world, magic, and condor folders and their pngs to the mods\reunion folder for better textures and effects. Otherwise everything else is default, I don't have an altered kernel or anything (that I did at least). My models are loaded with 7H, but that doesn't seem to have any impact on the issue. The problem's there without 7H and using the Reunion models. 

Releases / [FF7PC] cmh175 Release Thread
« on: 2013-12-02 17:40:20 »
I'm having trouble keeping track of all my threads so I'm moving everything here. All future updates and releases will be posted here.

cmh175 Life Form

cmh175 Life Form

cmh175 Red XIII

LGP Version ->cmh175 Red XIII

7thHeaven Version ->cmh175 Red XIII 7thHeaven

I have to thank the artist Ash Barnard for letting me import his awesome model (

Demo video by FFVIIFreaK:

New Shaded model: Shaded cmh175 Red XIII

HD Cid

LGP Version -> HD Cid

7thHeaven Version -> HD Cid 7thHeaven

I have to thank Rayved for letting me import his awesome model.

~Note: 7H mod and mini game models aren't compatible with the Reunion mini game model option. Leave unchecked for Reunion installation or the game will crash.

TA Cloud 2.0

LGP Version-> TA Cloud 2.0

7thHeaven Version -> TA Cloud 2.0 7thHeaven

7H version includes an extra model for the younger Cloud model.

~Note: 7H mod and mini game models aren't compatible with the Reunion mini game model option. Uncheck Mini Game models for TA Cloud or the game will crash.


This is a rebuild of Kelas Red XIII model. I built it onto a new skeleton I re-sized to correct the issues the original had. It's longer now so I made some alterations in Blender to fill a few holes. I also edited the texture to match Red XIIIs appearance in Advent Children, removing the yellow from the stomach and face, and making his fur a darker red. I think it helps bring out the detail more in the model while toning down some of the noise. It looks a little bright in Kimera, but the game adds shading so it looks great when you're playing, I added two in game screenshots with shaders turned off. I also did a version of the new model with the original texture so you can pick and choose if you prefer the original colors. 


AC Red XIII 7thHeaven iro -> AC Red XIII 7thHeaven

Cmh/Kela Red XIII rebuild -> cmh/kela Red XIII Rebuild

Cmh/Kela Red XIII rebuild 7thHeaven iro -> cmh/kela Red XIII Rebuild 7thHeaven

HQ Barret175

UPDATE: New Release: HQ Barret 2.0

7thHeaven version: HQ Barret 7thHeaven

Whiteravens Aeris Field Model

Whiteraven Aeris field model

Young Cloud

7th Heaven script to replace Clouds younger model with an alternate model. I used APZ Cloud in the directions. Total time required is 10 minutes.

Here are the affected scenes.

Young Cloud

-Kalm flashback (field and battle)

-Life Stream (When revisiting Nibelheim memory)


-Zack flashback

-Golden Saucer Date

-Life Stream

Demo video:

Young Cloud 7thHeaven mod

New HD Ending Video

Watch it here ->

New HD Ending FMV

cmh175 Remastered FMVs

Remastered using the 2012 re-releases videos and the psx versions audio. Square upscaled these themselves so they're more detailed than the originals, but they also diminished the color and sound. This is what the re-releases videos should have looked like. Ending videos have been converted for full screen, with a separate download for versions with the original resolution. The 7thHeaven version includes all of my videos including the HD Ending fmv.   

Remastered FMVs:
Remastered FMV file 1
Remastered FMV file 2
Remastered FMV file 3
Remastered FMV file 4

Original Resolution Ending Videos:
Original Resolution Ending Videos

7thHeaven Version:
cmh175 HQ FMV 7H Pack

Final Fantasy VII Pinnacle Profile matched to original psx controls:

Troubleshooting / Hades Summoning Glitch
« on: 2013-11-20 13:20:38 »
I'm seeing an odd white flashing with the Hades summoning. I tried swapping the bootleg installed magic.lgp for the original vanilla and it didn't make any difference. It does this pretty much through the entire thing, and makes it hard to see. Particularly when playing in a dark room. Nothing else seems to be effected. I'm thinking it maybe something in the mods\magic folder than, but I'm not sure which files relate to the Hades summoning.

All future updates moved to this thread. ~Covarr

I saw the HQ Aeris link was down and decided to convert Whiteravens model for the field. There wasn't an official model released yet so I figured I'd share it.

Releases / [FF7PC] cmh175 Red XIII (2013-10-21)
« on: 2013-10-12 07:06:26 »
All future updates moved to this thread. ~Covarr

LGP Version ->

7thHeaven Version ->

I have to thank the artist Ash Barnard for letting me import his awesome model (

Demo video by FFVIIFreaK:

Releases / [FF7PC] AC Red XIII (2013-09-30)
« on: 2013-09-30 20:52:59 »
All future updates moved to this thread. ~Covarr

This is a rebuild of Kelas Red XIII model. I built it onto a new skeleton I re-sized to correct the issues the original had. It's longer now so I made some alterations in Blender to fill a few holes. I also edited the texture to match Red XIIIs appearance in Advent Children, removing the yellow from the stomach and face, and making his fur a darker red. I think it helps bring out the detail more in the model while toning down some of the noise. It looks a little bright in Kimera, but the game adds shading so it looks great when you're playing, I added two in game screenshots with shaders turned off. I also did a version of the new model with the original texture so you can pick and choose if you prefer the original colors. 

AC Red XIII ->

AC Red XIII 7thHeaven iro ->

Cmh/Kela Red XIII rebuild ->

Cmh/Kela Red XIII rebuild 7thHeaven iro ->

Graphical / [REL] New Red XIII
« on: 2013-09-26 15:53:02 »
Now available here:

Something to look forward to.

Releases / Young Cloud
« on: 2013-09-01 22:48:36 »
This is a template mod. It contains files and scripts that will replace Young Cloud during flashbacks with a separate model, both field and battle. It will also swap sword wearing models with alternates that don't have the buster sword, so Clouds not wearing the sword during scenes he shouldn't be, like the Zack flashback and the Golden Saucer date scene. This will help with story depth and continuity. It will require some preparation on your part before you can use it, but I included very easy to follow instructions. I didn't include completed models because this mod is compatible with any available model of Cloud so you can choose which ever you like. In the directions and demo video I posted I had APZ Cloud with sword installed, and used this mod to swap in APZ Cloud with the black uniform for Young Cloud, but you can also use APZ adjusted for the main model or TA Cloud. Which ever combination you like. Also I'd need permission to repackage other peoples models like this. If I get it I can release ready to use mods down the line, but quite a few authors have already publicly said they don't like new mods with their work.   

This mod is compatible with any gameplay mod, so it wont effect anything else you already have installed. It does require Kimera and 7thHeaven though, and needs to have a higher priority than any iro that loads Clouds models. Total estimated time for completely new members with no experience to get this ready for use is about 10-15 minutes.   

Here are the affected scenes.

Young Cloud

-Kalm flashback (field and battle)

-Life Stream (When revisiting Nibelheim memory)


-Zack flashback

-Golden Saucer Date

-Life Stream

Demo video:

Troubleshooting / FF7 Music Periodically Fails
« on: 2013-08-21 00:46:47 »
Why does the music seem to just randomly fail for no reason, when I haven't touched a single thing that would effect it. I've rerun bootleg 3 times, using different music options, and also tried 3 re installations of the game (and a separate bootleg run for each one) nothing seems to work. This has happened before and I haven't figured out why, it's literally like it works great, I turn my computer on the next day and it's inexplicably broken. The only thing I see is the ERROR: could not open file S:\Games\Final Fantasy VII\FF7\ff7input.cfg. I found it in the users file for some reason, but copying it in does nothing other than screw up my Pinnacle game profile set up. And if it's a necessary file it's weird it's not already in my games installation file. The error ff7 music gives me is nothing but 0's too, about eight of them or so.

Code: [Select]
INFO: FF7/FF8 OpenGL driver version 0.7.11b
INFO: Auto-detected version: FF7 1.02 US English
INFO: NVIDIA Corporation GeForce GTX 660 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 4.3.0
INFO: OpenGL 2.0 support detected
INFO: Found swap_control extension
INFO: Max texture size: 16384x16384
INFO: Number of texture units: 4
INFO: Original resolution 640x480, window size 1920x1080, output resolution 1920x1080, internal resolution 3840x2160
INFO: FBO extension detected, using fast scaling/postprocessing path
INFO: Shader limits: varying 124, vert uniform 4096, frag uniform 2048
INFO: FFMpeg movie player plugin loaded
INFO: FFMpeg version SVN-r25886, Copyright (c) 2000-2010 Fabrice Bellard, et al.
INFO: FF7Music helper plugin loaded
INFO: Loading external library Multi.dll
ERROR: could not open file S:\Games\Final Fantasy VII\FF7\ff7input.cfg
initializing sound...
creating dsound primary buffer
reading audio file
loading static sounds
sound initialized
set music volume: 127
set music volume: 127
Entering MAIN
Exiting MAIN
INFO: S:\Games\Final Fantasy VII\FF7\movies\eidoslogo.avi; vp8/vorbis 1280x960, 30.000000 FPS, duration: 11.133000, frames: 334
ERROR: couldn't lock sound buffer
set music volume trans: 127->0, step=60
Entering MAIN
set music volume: 127
Exiting MAIN
Entering MAIN
Exiting MAIN
-=-=[START OF WORLD MAP!!!]=-=-
cross play music: 0
set music volume trans: 127->0, step=4
set music volume: 127
-=-=[END OF WORLD MAP!!!]=-=-
Entering MAIN
Exiting MAIN
Field Start
UNEXPECTED: zero count
Entering MAIN
Exiting MAIN
Field Quit

Troubleshooting / Reno at Gongaga tangled in a ball
« on: 2013-07-14 19:51:56 »
I'm not positive on which field model and animation is playing, but when Reno and Rude are at Gongaga talking about who they like and wait to ambush cloud, Reno looks like he's tangled in a ball or something. I think it's a bad animation file, but I have no idea which one. Supposedly it's pretty simple to find out which one it is with Makou Reactor but I cant get it to work. It'll open and even sees my kernel and char file, but it cant actually load anything. Anyone have an idea what animation file is playing?

Graphical / NPC file help
« on: 2013-06-16 03:05:42 »
I'm trying to find the files of a NPC. I'm looking for the model of the guy who's standing next to the save point next to the Sector 7 pillar and looks like he's taking a whizz. He's the one that talks about it being his special place, and then they do a full view shot of the pillar. He doesn't seem to be listed on the google char.lgp spreadsheet, and isn't any of the ones listed as Man or has Man in the name. Pretty random but does anyone know which hrc file is his?

Graphical / HQ Barret175
« on: 2013-06-12 04:19:50 »

UPDATE: New Release:

7thHeaven version:

For the field model I reworked the skeleton and adjusted the body. He's a bit taller and a little leaner now. I also included the model in the Coral flashback when he still has his hand.

For the battle model I made him a bit leaner and adjusted the skeleton. I also tweaked the idle animation so he has a stronger looking stance.   

This is a rebuild of the Timsu Barret models. I made some changes to the gun but for the most part it's a very similar looking mod. The main difference that sets it apart though is that I built onto the original skeleton and only made slight alterations to it, so he has a more original look. Because of that he also has less issues with his legs when he moves. The animations made for him were designed for a large clunky body so there really isn't a perfect model for him, but the taller models can have problems when they run. I also corrected issues with blinking. His eyes will blink, not his head. I also made a parachute model to go with it.

The battle model is definitely a change as I corrected file issues a lot of Barret models have with help from Template. Most of them don't actually have all the files needed, so depending on what was installed before some models don't work or have strange animations, like Barret only using melee attacks. This one also includes all four of his battle models, instead of just the first. So this one can be added without any issues and works correctly. The visual differences are small but I did fix issues like his arm unattaching from his body during his breathing animation when they wait to attack.   

This mod isn't a massive rebuild or anything, but I made it because I wanted models that seem to move smoother and don't have battle animation issues. I decided to share it since the links for the originals seem to be down and other incarnations of this model have a few bugs. Basically it's an update to an already good model so it moves better in the game, already has bootleg corrected animations, and has all the needed files so it doesn't rely on what was previously installed.

All future updates moved to this thread. ~Covarr

This fmv mod now supports the 7thheaven mod manager. The fmv pack contains all 102 regular videos I did, and has the various ending videos you can configure. You can now easily and quickly swap from the original resolution ending videos to the full screen versions, and use either option for ending3, or use the HD ending3 video I made. Advantages to this pack other than being able to swap videos is you no longer need to keep a back up of the mod. Instead of copying all 105 videos into your game file and keeping a backup encase you need to re-install the game or rerun bootleg, you just drop this .iro into your 7thheaven mod library. I even erased all the videos in my games movies file since I don't need them now. The links below are for the .iro file, I divided it up into smaller downloads so it's faster. Should only be about a ten minute download depending on your connection speed. Just unzip .001 and pull out the .iro. The original download links for the avi videos are still available below.

If there are any custom videos you want to use just add an extra folder to your 7thheaven library, and inside add a "movies" file. Just place any particular video you'd rather use inside. When you activate the file in 7thheaven put it at the top of the list of mods, that way every extra mod you're adding has top priority.


The cmh175 Remastered FMV project uses the videos Square Enix enhanced themselves for the 2012 release, and the audio from the psx videos. The original videos have a higher resolution than the 1997 videos, resulting in much more detail. Download the files below and add them to your movie folder. You should make a copy of your new movie folder though as rerunning Bootleg will wipe these videos out unless you set your fmv option to no change. The Ending videos have been converted to full screen to remove the black edges. Ending3 was done as well but it's always been the lowest quality video. I recommend the HD Ending3 video I made, I'll include the link below. I also made links available for remastered ending videos that are original size for those who want them.

Remasterd FMVs

Original Size Ending videos

HD Ending3 video


I was looking around at the available movie options and who's done what so far. From what I can tell it looks like the best option is DLPBs FMV restoration project. Which turned out pretty great but as a direct quote it was like polishing a turd. I just finished my first Bootleg play through, and was impressed by a lot of what's been done, but somethings need fixing. Particularly videos where the whole bottom half of the screen is black. The ending video with meteor was really distracting, and it's about eight minutes long.

I'm going to use the videos from the rerelease as source material. They have better video quality than the pc or psx versions. I agree that during their restoration the audio took a hit and is total crap now so I'm going to remove it and use the audio from the psx. I plan on enhancing the audio and really bringing out the bass so they have more punch. The color was effected too so I'm going to restore it as much as possible. I haven't seen all of them to compare but I think I can fix these to make them better than what's currently available. I've done some testing already and it looks promising. I was planning this for myself and would release it for those who are interested but with the sheer size of this project I thought I'd see what input others have while it's in progress.

Graphical / New HD Ending FMV
« on: 2013-05-06 00:50:13 »
I was looking around for a video like this and couldn't find one, so I made an HD version of the ending3.avi video. The original was blu ray quality, so it lost some of its clarity when I converted it for the game but it still looks pretty good, and it doesn't suffer from the massive black bar at the bottom of the original. It took awhile to figure out the codec, have to thank LeonhartGR for helping me with that. I tested this on my pc and it works fine so it shouldn't have any problems, so just let me know if it doesn't work and I'll see if a lower quality video is needed for anyone.

New updated video is ready for download and can be previewed below. As mentioned below you can test it in game by renaming it eidoslogo.avi.

Archive / Cait Sith Field Model
« on: 2013-05-01 14:38:33 »
I'm testing a new field model for Cait Sith and need a little help. A friend of mine sent me a bunch of mods he's made, but he sent me a full copy of the battle.lgp and char.lgp files. I don't want to just fully replace mine so I've been picking out what goes with what. The problem is I have no idea what files in char.lgp make up Cait Sith, and my friends English is pretty limited and getting into technical computer questions really raises the language barrier. Any one have an idea which are his, or at least what he's labeled as on the FF7-2 spread sheet? My understanding is it's an original model so I could upload it after I pull him out if anyone's interested in checking that and trying the mod. The giant white polygonal blob he rides around on can be pretty distracting, and this new one is rounded off and less of an eyesore.

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