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FF7 Tools / FF7 trainer
« on: 2023-04-16 15:36:10 »
Is there a trainer for PC version that allows for no random battles (world map + elsewhere) and to change/force your party to have certain characters you want at anytime (for example in battle)?

How to mod PS1 version of the game? I tried modding some files and then reinserting them to CD image, recreating CD image using program called psx mode2 or something like that. Everything worked at first but after some playtime it seems the game hangs/crashes at certain parts/moments whereas original CD image will not crash. Tried it the second time modding the same files (but slightly different) and then creating CD image the same way. Effect was pretty similiar. The game crashed/hanged but in different parts/moments whereas with original image it would be OK. So what is the deal with PS1 modding? How to do it effectively and which program to use to create CD image?

General Discussion / Switch modding
« on: 2022-11-30 11:36:37 »
How to mod the game on Switch?

General Discussion / FF7 android Magic Defense Bug
« on: 2022-11-30 11:33:30 »
How to fix Magic Defense bug on Android version?

General Discussion / Some Sephiroth questions
« on: 2022-11-03 21:32:12 »
Is it possible to copy Sephiroth's AI-controlling script on other characters? Did anyone figure out after 25 years the mechanics of Sephiroth (and Young Cloud/Zack) stats growth curve and why stats increasing sources do not work on Sephiroth (do not increase his stats)?

General Discussion / FF7 PS1 remove battle swirl
« on: 2022-11-03 21:29:05 »
Is it possible to remove battle swirl effect?

General Discussion / [Switch] How to mod?
« on: 2021-05-24 22:06:16 »
I want to mod Switch version or rather just replace one (force the game to use another) file. That file is of course KERNEL.BIN. I used LayeredFS method and the same folder structure as other mods (I assume it it correct?) but I deleted all files there and only kept (placed) KERNEL.BIN I want to use. And it is not working (not using it). Do I need to place all the other game files for the game there (even though I do not want to replace them)? Or there is something other that I am doing wrong? BTW I am using newest SX OS on Switch Lite (with SX Lite chip installed) on 10.2 EmuNAND.

Vincent will look like this. So he will become Sephiroth. I would need that when I have Sephiroth in my party Vincent comes out of Cloud and talks during all events. Because when I have Sephiroth the game crashes. But if the game would thinks its Vincent during those talk events it would be ok. We would get the best Sephiroth patch that way. We would have Sephiroth in battle and menu becasue he would be actually in our party. Only during events Vincent will come out of us but it will be Sephiroth as in the movie. So we would have completely replaced Vincent with Sephiroth. Only few text changes and it would be best Sephiroth patch out there. Because it will use Sephiroth data. I do not want to swap his data to Vincent because it is impossible to fully recreate him in the Vincent place. There are still a lot missing data about Sephiroth and he has interesting behavior. Maybe because he has less data than others. And I want to recreate this behavior. And then is no better way to recreate Sephiroth than using Sephiroth. Sephiroth will be still the main villain. There would be almost no alteration to the story only some minor text changes. We will only lose Vincent. But I am stuck as I have no idea how to force the game to pull out Vincent from Cloud during event in place of Sephiroth when I have Sephiroth and to put Sephiroth in PHS and other party chosing moments and unlocking Sephiroth instead of Vincent when you unlock Vincent.

Support / FF7 always have specific battle team mod
« on: 2020-04-06 13:36:04 »
Is it possible to mod/hack game to always use specific team/party in battle and have and show them in the menu? But in reality have another team for all the events when character come out and speak and manage and see that real team you have in events in PHS/USO and every other time you can/have to choose party? But in battles and menu you have your specific team and on victory screen you have and level your battle team (the rest you have unlocked gets 1/2 exp like normal). Is something like that possible?

WIP / Sephiroth mod
« on: 2019-11-12 20:04:03 »
I made a Sephiroth mod. It looks like this:
The purpose of it is to give you very close Sephiroth-like experience.
All battle models are changed to Sephiroth and there are some interesting changes.
Unfortunately only Sephiroth and Cloud field models are swapped. I wanted to give more characters Sephiroth field models. But I am not good with this. I wanted to use another mod which I thought changes Vincent field model to Sephiroth's. But in my case it changes it to Cloud. So it uses some weird method to tell the game which model to use. And it probably tells game to use villain model but in my case Cloud is the villain so it did not worked as expected. I don't know how it is done. If someone could enlighten me how it works maybe I could change more field models to Sephiroth.
This mod is designed to work for PC and android. I am thinking about uploading android *.obb file of this mod if someone would be interested. But where should I upload it?

General Discussion / Sephiroth vs. fights
« on: 2011-04-04 20:39:11 »

Archive / Sephiroth/Cloud diffrences vanishing
« on: 2009-06-28 12:44:55 »
I want to upgrade Sephiroth patch with some changes. I changed many things but I need to change one more. The last thing I need to change is the way that Cloud should react when I use a Source (Power, Guard, etc.) on him. When I use Source on Sephiroth it does not change his stats in any way it just don't modify them at all. I want to have the same effect on Cloud. I already added the same type of invincibility that Sephiroth has to Cloud (but Cloud is still controllable) and changed the stat growth of Cloud to be the same as Sephiroth's. Also Cloud's equipment is the same as Sephiroth and can't be changed except of materia. The stats of Cloud in the beginning are the same as Sephiroth. I changed a lot but I need to change this one little thing. Can someone help me to find out how to do this? How to do that Sources will not affect the Cloud's stats? Is this information stored in KERNEL.BIN or in ff7.exe? If somebody knows that then please help!

Archive / Sephiroth patch KERNEL.BIN
« on: 2008-08-17 16:16:44 »
I want to make a small upgrade to Sephiroth patch. I want to have the original Sephiroth the same as Squaresoft created him with that difference that he would be controllable (and still immortal) and to have his stats and Masamune and his stat growth not Cloud's stats, Cloud's weapons and Cloud's stat growth. So I want to swap character data between Cloud and Sephiroth. I know that this data is stored in KERNEL.BIN. So I unpacked KERNEL.BIN using ff7dec.exe and I got 27 files (KERNEL.BIN0 - KERNEL.BIN26). I know that the initialization data and character data is located in section 4 (KERNEL.BIN3) and the character growing information are stored in section 3 (KERNEL.BIN2). I need to swap data between Cloud and Sephiroth in that two sections to have Ulitimate Sephiroth patch. As I wrote before I need to swap all the data between Cloud and Sephiroth in that two sections and change one thing (make Sephiroth controllable and still immortal). I know that this two sections must be opened and edited using hex editor. I have Hex Editor Neo. I opened this two sections using it and I saw a lot of numbers and letters which I don't understand at all. I don't have an idea what to do next. I don't know what to change inside these two sections. So my question is: CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? PLEASE!

Archive / Ultimate Sephiroth patch
« on: 2006-01-22 13:36:38 »
Does someone know where is data about each character?
Does someone know how to exchange data between characters?
Not their field model but their stats, level, weapons they can use, etc.
If we can exchange data between Cloud and Sephiroth the sephiroth patch will be finished.
Someone please help!!!

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