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Hi guys,

like the thread title says, I’m looking for a way to learn enemy skills without actually having to defeat the enemies afterwards. I always found it strange that you could learn an enemy skill (and can even use it right away in that same battle), but if you run from the battle the skill becomes “unlearned” again. Not only is this illogical, but it’s also a major hindrance for low level games, as having to win the battle forces you to earn EXP. I’d like to be able to learn enemy skills even when running from the battle, does anybody happen to know how to make that possible? Any ideas are welcome.

Gameplay / FF7: The Remove spell from the Exit Materia
« on: 2016-10-12 18:54:56 »
Hello all, I don't know if my request is doable or not (but I sure hope so), but anyways:

The Remove spell from the Exit materia has that side-effect of denying you any gil from the defeated enemies, and I was wondering if it was possible to change it so that it reduces EXP to 0 instead of gil.

I'm working on a hack that allows a true low level game for FF7, and the main obstacle here is to make it through all the mandatory battles without gaining EXP. I know I could simply use Hojo to make all enemies from mandatory battles give 0 EXP, but I don't like that idea, as those that choose to play the game normally should still be able to gain EXP from those enemies. I did put all bosses at 0 EXP, though, as that's how all other FFs from 5 to 9 did it. I like how FF9 solved that problem by giving the player the possibility to beat enemies without gaining EXP via the Break and Stop spells, so I'd like to create a similar spell for FF7.

Did anybody already take a closer look at the Remove spell? Would it be a complicated change from 0 gil to 0 EXP?

Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked already but I searched and didn't find anything, so...

How much is known about the music for world map battles? Specifically, I'd like to change the battle music for the fights with Ultima, Ruby, and Emerald Weapon, because the regular battle theme seems kinda lame for these very special bosses. I was thinking of using either the boss battle theme or the weapon raid theme. Does anyone know what I need to change to achieve this? Doing it by hex editing is fine by me, as long as someone tells me exactly what to edit.

Hey guys!

As the title suggests, I'd like to know if anything is known about how the encounters in Gold Saucer's Battle Square are chosen. At least something must have been discovered already because here at there's a list of possible enemy encounters that become available at the arena at various points as the story progresses.

My question is, is it possible to change or remove specific encounters from that list so that they won't be chosen for the Battle Arena? Because in the mod I'm currently making, the Vlakorados is a truly powerful beast, most likely too tough for a single character to handle (especially considering that it'll have double HP and increased stats in the arena). That's why I'd like to remove the Vlakorados encounter from the Battle Square, as that would lead to many undeserved and frustrating game overs. I was wondering, does anybody know how to change encounters in the battle arena? Has anybody done it already? Or is it impossible?

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