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Community forum with some basic tools to start the process created by Atomos.
Link to forums:

And Debug Developer mod menu collaborated with Atomos can be found here.

Picture of Developer debug menu:

tutorial by bighead~ Requires Version 1.6 of Cold Steel 1 to natively install textures as PKG, thus this eleminates the use of SpecialK's injection tool to implement textures.

Completely Unrelated / State of Decay modding + YOSE
« on: 2019-09-11 21:01:11 »
If anyone is interested in researching and adding to this game as a hobby there is a forum that opened up with some minor tutorials.

Releases / Final Fantasy 8 Remaster Aspect Ratio patch
« on: 2019-09-04 04:55:37 »
Zeikar posted this on steam :

follow instructions only works on 1920x1080 resolution (wide screen) Note: Requires Reshade

Change or translate the ps1 version of the games text/font to suit your dialogue.

Thought i would just post this information in the General since it's not my own tool. But incase people want to pitch in on textures! Now's the best time to start!

for i have been browsing the web and came across this Tool and some textures that can be installed on FFX-HD.

   ** The tool's features are in the link in the description.

 So here's some samples.

Link to Kaldaien's Project X tool:

Download mods here:

Use the tool to extract textures or inject them.


HD 4k Auron:

Gull-wings Costume Redesigned (less reveal):

Yuna gunner Tidus Design:

UPDATED - 6/19/2016

Moddest Lulu-

8k Tidus -

BETA Tidus E3 Design:  - not released ( note - someone or I need to make the textures.)

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