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Misc. Tools / Re: [FFX] Skill editor - Ronso (v0.3.1.0)
« on: 2019-07-25 05:09:47 »
Hello! I'm fuzzymillipede, another FFX modder of sorts. This is awesome, excellent work Husbjörn! I remember I used to modify skills waaaay back in the day using Codebreaker on PS2, and it seems that at some point in the past 10 years, the website that hosted all of those codes lost its data. I thought that kind of modification was a thing of the past, until I saw this editor!

Yoooo. This is awesome. FFXED has been my the love of my life for a little while now, even with needing to edit out the junk code, so it's awesome to meet the legend himself! I got into modding FFX only 3 years ago, so I was relatively late to the party and you had already sort of peaced-out from what I could tell. Awesome to see you return! I was going to thank you in the steam thread, but this will do as well. Thank you for updating the editor for compatibility with FFX HD. <3 <3 <3

Really cool to see you still taking an interest.

Also I remember watching those old videos of yours on Youtube and wondering how it was you were using FFXED to do some of those things. That explains a bit, but also some of it was just me being silly and not paying enough attention like you being able to use skills through items, like Eraser, etc. Which I found out about eventually.

Misc. Tools / Re: [FFX] Skill editor - Ronso (v0.3.1.0)
« on: 2019-07-10 08:30:46 »

I put together a small (or perhaps rather quite lengthy...) proof of concept video of modified enemies here.
All fiends in that battle have had some of their stats altered, the Yellow Element has an entirely new, home-made AI of sorts (as well as have been made immune to Silence, because that would be way too simple)  ;)

This is awesome. <3

My favorite thing was definitely the max health doubling, for sure. I'm not wrong in thinking that there's no other enemy that does something like that, right? Or can one of the Monster Arena creations do that? Either way, pretty cool stuff. Actually I loved the dynamics of how every ability/action you gave the Yellow Element played off the concept of doubling its max HP regarding its Thunder spells. I figured there were some counter dynamics to Thundaja when I was watching the video, haha. I like how you changed/created Thundaja, too, in general.

I always wanted to change Thundaja to being a thunder-element, at least. Though yeah, it would be easy to just have Thunder Proof armor and no-sell the attack. Anything that is thunder based should be a thunder attack in my mind, though. I suppose it is a bit like Flare being non-elemental despite clearly being somewhat fire-based (though I suppose its strength is supposed to be more from of the force of an explosion. You know what, it'd be cool if having Fire-proof only nullified some of the damage from Flare, but not all of it- like being immune to the fire/heat from a nuke, but not the force of the explosion).

Also, I'm definitely subscribing just in case you post more but forget to post here, =^p

Misc. Tools / Re: [FFX] Skill editor - Ronso (v0.3.1.0)
« on: 2019-04-02 05:10:07 »
Ouf, why thank you for your keen interest! ^^`

It's mainly just about thinking outside the box with what I have in mind. That said, I'd like to put it on my resume / list of good deeds someday so I'd prefer to not give up my idea to someone else at this point in time.
There is some pretty repetitious manual data collection that would need to be done at some point if you're truly that passionate about it.
Completely understandable. And of course!  My only concern is simply my lack of knowledge regarding programming and all that stuff, so I wouldn't want to try to help and then mess things up, etc. But if you think it's something I could help with then I'd love to!

I'd have to sit down and make sure that things check out before setting you up with that if so though, so that it doesn't turn out that it all has to be done over again further down the road because some pieces were missing.
You're very welcome; I'm glad to hear there are people out there who enjoy it. :)

Sounds good, whenever you get to it/are ready.

I think it's mainly people who have played them game to near death/done a bunch of challenge runs who want it the most, though I could be wrong. Being able to edit and mod the game to change the enemies and skills by that point just increases the replay value. The core gameplay is really well crafted and done, so there's a lot of good stuff to work with. It's just by a certain point you end up wanting to change things, balance things this way or that to your own liking, etc.

The best case scenario of course would be to be able to edit enemy AI indepth, as well as change the properties of abilities/auto-abilities to really make some amazing, strategic gameplay scenarios/fights/balances. But that's a dream world/fantasy thing. Editing skill data and basic enemy data is still great and allows a lot of personal customization for replays.

Misc. Tools / Re: [FFX] Skill editor - Ronso (v0.3.1.0)
« on: 2019-03-20 10:52:32 »
I have some new ideas for a more in-depth kind of editor actually (as well as have managed to figure out a working way to alter enemy data of the Steam version at load time), just not the time needed to realize it. Hopefully one day...
Oh god please yes. This is all I've ever wanted. Though more in depth skill editing is amazing too. As sad as it is, every 6 months to a year or so (without logging in) I've hopelessly checked this thread and the steam FFX-HD board just in case someone released such an editor. I shall continue to wait, forever if need be.

That being said, I'm always up for learning how to "manually" edit the enemies, if you happen to be willing to share. There are already people who know how to do that, but they tend to not be willing to share or baby the other person enough if they don't have  good enough knowledge, which is understandable. They worked hard on accruing that knowledge. They don't want someone just waltzing in after they made their mod saying "hey, cool mod, I'll play it but, can I have ALL the knowledge on how to do that? Thnkz." Plus also the sheer time it probably takes to explain and teach it all.

I'm not being spiteful, simply telling the truth! =^p Perhaps I just don't know who to ask.

Either way, thank you for making the skill editor period. I was actually just thinking the other day how lucky it is that this editor even exists (along with FFXed/Farplane) and that it works for the pc version. It works pretty well considering the "no guarantees" policy you initially posted for the pc version.

I'll admit I got ready for disappointment when I saw this thread bumped, but you actually responded! If there's anything I can do to help at all (I realize you're not actually developing it right now, but if you ever do start fully to realize it), I'll do it. My knowledge is really limited though. Like, baby-tier limited. So I'd probably only be able to do something with very specific instructions that anyone could do, but maybe no one wants to because it takes time (like testing values, maybe?). I dunno, I'd do anything (even make the program, if anyone is willing to fully teach me). I just really, really want something like this to happen, man. For seriously. Badly.

But you have a life, so like you said, hopefully someday.

Also thanks to Ansem for necro-ing! =^d <3

Thank you for doing this. Pretty cool that I can edit enemies in FFX-2, but man do I want it for FFX so badly.

Also, is editing enemies in FFX really that hard? I know that in the FFX punishment mod for the ps2, the stats of the enemies were edited and even the boss's status immunities were changed. It's been driving me crazy because I have no idea how the creator of the mod did it, and unless I'm massively retarded, FFXED didn't seem to have any option to do it, despite pretty much being the definitive editor for FFX on the ps2. My google searching skills are lacking, I'll admit, but I did try to see if there were any guides on how to hack the enemies of FFX manually, regardless of editiors and all that, that I was missing, couldn't find any. So alas, I was stuck playing the game with all the enemies having the same status and elemental defenses as usual. It's got to be possible, though, at least for the ps2, since it was done in the punishment mod.

Life is sorrow.

FF7 Tools / Re: Hojo 1.0 - enemies editor
« on: 2013-12-31 09:37:33 »
^ I think you click the file option and then click "update kernel file" with hojo.

Anyway, I know I'm wayyy late to the party, but this program (and Proud Clod) is awesome, and I thank Squall and you for making them! However, I'm having trouble with enemy status immunities. Particularly Toad. When I use it on bosses and some enemies who were normally immune to it (after using hojo to take away the immunity), sometimes it acts really glitchy. Instead of being a good little frog with its normal stance sometimes the enemy will repeatedly jump back in a dancelike manner and then raise its arms up to the sky, haha, while alternating between its attacks and then other times it will act as if it is getting repeatedly hit and keep falling backwards and then getting up again, also while alternating between its attacks and it will do this the entire fight. Of course I guess I could just be picky- but it just takes me out of the experience when it glitches like that - but still other times while doing that it'll crash or hang, sometimes when I kill the enemy as a frog, it'll die and then you'll hear the dying sound over and over again and it'll just hang there. So even if I could bare to fight a battle with a dancing frog instead of a regular one, it most likely won't work anyway.

Not to mention I think that if I fix the dancing/backflipping problem, it might fix the hang/crash problem as well.

So yeah, what would I have to do to fix this? Is it possible to? Would I have to do some complicated AI editing I know nothing about? Or does it have to do with battle animations as well? Something more? I'm assuming it's not due to any mistake of mine while using Hojo?

I have a theory as to what the problem is. I noticed that when I turn the Midgar Zolom into a frog he acts like a normal frog, until I get his health down and then he turns into a backflipping champion.

When I use it on Ruby Weapon, the instant he turns into a frog he's already doing the little dance. So I came up with the idea that the problem arises when the enemies change battle animations?

The Midgar Zolom must have started glitching out when he was supposed to put his head up high into the air, and Ruby was already glitching out because he had already "changed battle animations" and put his tentacles in the ground.
And, as a prediction, I figured he would have been a "normal" little frog when first being turned, if he could have been turned into one before he put the tentacles in the ground, and that as soon as he did put them in the ground, he would gltich-dance, which this video confirms after finding it:

But not just changing "battle animation stances" or whatever, but more than that, also gaining a different move set is probably what's messing it up? Just my intuition on the matter. Maybe the two are inherently intertwined? I wonder if there are any enemies in the game that are naturally able to be turned into a frog/don't have an immunity, but have "differen't battle animations/stance" and different "move sets" that happen midway through battle?

At first I actually thought it was because of move sets alone. Like, I thought because it was an unauthorized frog, when it went to go do its moves it'd mess up for some reason. What lead me to this was fighting Palmer. Because I turned him into a frog and he did his gun move or whatever and then he started glitching out
and it froze. But, this doesn't make sense because things like ruby ray work fine which has a way more complex animation. Thinking back on it now I'm almost certain Palmer probably had a different animation stance midway through battle or something and that is what actually caused it.

Does this sound like I'm on the right track NFITC1? I absolutely have no idea what I'm talking about. If it were just the attacks that were the problem the fix would be easy using ProudClod, simply set whatever attack I think is causing the problem to have some MP, Toad would cancel it from ever getting used, though I guess if EVERY attack were causing the problem that'd make it kind of a lame battle, him just sitting there while I slice him to bits. =p

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