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Troubleshooting / Roses and Wine help please
« on: 2016-05-14 01:52:30 »
Okay I need help please!

I'm running Steam and I installed the mod the the primary FF8 folder.  All I got is a folder called "new folder" and some files and I have no idea what else to do!

I'm completely lost. :(  Could someone please, please give me a step by step complete idiot's guide on the exact steps needed to be done afterwards?  I'm not very good with tech stuff but I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks!  8-)

(note- completely lost on step 8!)

Thanks!  :-D

What do I do with the Project Eden mod?  I download it and then all I get is this folder called "textures".... I've got no idea what to do from here!

Ditto with the Seed Reborn mod. :(

General Discussion / Greatest Final Fantasy 8 mods
« on: 2016-02-13 18:13:32 »
Hey everyone!  Something I gotta ask....

FMV Replacement pack
Project Eden
Roses and Wine
Seed Reborn

Years ago I played this game with all these mods.  Several questions...

1. Where can I download these mods from off Steam or otherwise?

2. Have any of these been updated since 2014?

3. Where and how can I download and install the difficulty mod?

4. Are there any other mods worth pursuing?

Thanks!  ;D

Gameplay / Re: Honey Bee Inn keyholes mod
« on: 2014-10-05 00:45:20 »
I had no idea what Cait Sith was the first time I saw that room- I always assumed that it was.... some kind of weird toy?

Given how tinny Cait Sith is, and with all the weird red lighting and the keyhole, very few people would have picked up on it.

This version sounds great!  So it has all the relevant plot points and uncensored stuff from the J. version but it just contains the funny quirks/humor from Woolsey?

Gameplay / Re: Honey Bee Inn keyholes mod
« on: 2014-10-04 20:57:30 »
That is hella messed-up on Reeve's part- who spies on their parents in a love hotel?

Also, do "love hotels" in Japan typically have red overhead lights?  Maybe that's what the strange lighting is a reference to.

ADDED- Yup, that's what that's a reference to!  It also was handy to make things look more "mysterious" via the keyhole.

Any chance of doing an extra video of the keyholes with the red lights included?  I definitely appreciate the removal for added detail (since we can see exactly what Reeve's parents really look like- that belongs on the FF wiki for sure!) but I think the red lights also help to capture the ongoing moods of the people in each room.

As for Shinra- yeah, something "risque" is definitely going on.  If it was just a big cosplay scenario then his wife wouldn't mind so much, and he's clearly not doing anything with the Honey Bee girl in the room.

The Honey Bee Inn really was one big troll for the player- you have all these hot girls running around in skimpy bee outfits and the player's expecting something to happen, but it's really just a gay brothel with female hostesses and a single deluxe room for couples.  I think people who pay for memberships (like the dude who gives away his card) know what it really is, but Cloud doesn't know cause he's just given a card.

Maybe all the girls surrounding the place are meant to hide the fact that customers to the club are looking for guys? (The people outside don't know that Cloud isn't a girl dressed up but they still all oo and ahh over him, suggesting they don't know what's really in the club.)

One more question- does the President's reference to a "curse" and "needing to remove it" have any in-game symbolism or significance?  And is the "Knight" supposed to represent anything?

I know that Cloud gets heavily sick later in the game from Mako poisoning, there could be some kind of reference to that there.  Not sure if the "Knight" is meant to be Tifa or something.

Gameplay / Re: Honey Bee Inn keyholes mod
« on: 2014-10-04 19:36:24 »
The Gold Saucer King is gay as well like the one getting risque with the guy in armor- if Cloud kisses him (I think Cloud only kisses the girls on their hands but he smooches the king on the lips) the King confesses that he loves Cloud.

Cloud also doesn't seem to mind crossdressing, kissing Don Corneo or all the stuff at the Honey Bee Inn.  No matter how hard you slice it, Cloud's definitely batting for the other team.

Gameplay / Re: Honey Bee Inn keyholes mod
« on: 2014-10-04 18:30:23 »
Thanks, that was really interesting!  Nothing looks too risque except for whatever the King is doing with the Knight in armor. (which apparently is the worst job there) I think something "risque" is happening there, even if Square didn't fully animate it. (not that I want them to!)

I've heard some people debate whether or not that's Shinra (they think he's the President of another company) but I'm inclined to believe he is, since the Shinra are so obsessed with The Promised Land.  The "dead" girl is impossible to fully see without all this stuff.

All these years of wondering... thanks!

(psst!  Post it here to get more hits for your video!)

Also, it's nice to know that AT LEAST ONE OF THE ROOMS actually allows customers to do something with the ladies there, as opposed to just being raped by muscled-up men.

Gameplay / Re: Final Fantasy 8 difficulty mod?
« on: 2014-10-04 01:35:02 »
The mods section on Steam is an awful place to check. The forums are way more reliable. I'm having trouble believing there actually IS a mod section for FF7/8 on Steam.

Thanks for the tip.

So... why doesn't Steam include all the mods?  Are there a bunch of hoops one has to go through to have your mods listed up there?  Or are they just lazy?

Gameplay / Re: Final Fantasy 8 difficulty mod?
« on: 2014-10-04 01:31:08 »
"Has one"
"any chance we could ever seen one for FF8"

Please, did you even bother to expend the absolute minimum effort and look into the damn gameplay release forum?
Theres not one but closer to a dozen FF7 difficulty mods and a bunch of FF8 difficulty mods

There's a goddamn FF8 difficulty mod listed AS THE FIRST RESULT ON GOOGLE when you google "Final Fantasy 8 difficulty mod"

It should be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE to be this goddamn lazy

I get really sick of people not only not reading but not even LOOKING either

And don't even get all uptight on me for giving you sh*t. There's a limit to how much laziness is humanly tolerable and this is way beyond it

Jesus, calm TF down homey.

I checked out the mods section on Steam and didn't see any mods specifically for difficulty there.  I didn't realize that not all the mods for the game were listed in FF8's mods section there.

Gameplay / Final Fantasy 8 difficulty mod?
« on: 2014-10-04 00:54:25 »
I know FF7 has one so.... any chance we could ever see one for FF8?

It'd be nice if it had 3 difficulty settings- normal (original), hard and insane.  FF7's "difficulty mod" is really just insane! (several hours of grinding just to beat that robot in the first factory?!)

Gameplay / Re: Honey Bee Inn keyholes mod
« on: 2014-10-04 00:53:10 »
I have no idea what that is. :P  Could you please elaborate?

Better yet, somebody should make a video and upload it to YT!  I'm sure it'd get a lot of hits.  It'd at least make it to the wiki page for the FF series.

(seriously, what the HELL is happening in that one crazy room?!  I get the idea that it's either something really perverted or something completely innocuous that just seems like it'd be perverted.)

Gameplay / Honey Bee Inn keyholes mod
« on: 2014-10-02 01:21:57 »
Okay, so there are these 2 rooms where you can vaguely look around using a keyhole....

I've always wondered, what really is going on in there?  Is there any way to make a mod that eliminates the keyhole and just shows the entire room?

It looks much better with the mod.  Thanks! :)

Just curious but how good is she in the game if you bring her back?


Btw, thought this would be of interest to the FF7 modders.... FF8 may finally get its SFX properly done in the future! (cross your fingers)

If that happens than an audio mod for FF7's SFX (the PS1 SFX are better than the PC versions) won't be too far behind.  You guys are lucky compared to us, FF7 only has about 1/2 the amount of SFX so designing such a mod would be a piece of cake in comparison.

Also just wanted to add- MAJOR props to Omzy for this mod!  Despite the minor flaws in some areas the game as a whole looks night and day better.  I can't even go back to the original now. :P

So thank you man! :)

Eh? Rinoa is from FF8; she's the closest equivalent the game has to FF7's Tifa. "Squall's Package" only makes sense if this one were called "Cloud's Package".

Ah my bad, got Rinoa's name mixed up with Tifa. :P

I said for FF8, not FF7. ;)

Gameplay / Re: Can we get a mod with a playable Seifer?
« on: 2014-09-13 18:48:08 »
If that's the case then you could probably have Edea as a recruitable character too.  But I'm more interested in Seifer because he's really badass and he has that easy to execute Limit Break!  ;D

Gameplay / Re: Can we get a mod with a playable Seifer?
« on: 2014-09-13 01:17:44 »

AFTER Disc 3 Seifer is no longer in the game anymore- except for the ending.

I'm just saying it might be cool if a mod were to create a kind of fanfictioney reason for how and why Seifer winds up being recruited.  I'm not sure how difficult that would be to do.  However, the best thing about that is that the ending with Seifer would still make some sense even if he did try to redeem himself by taking up arms about the one who enslaved him.

22 (NOTE- great discussion here for more details on the game's SFX audiot)

Gameplay / Re: Can we get a mod with a playable Seifer?
« on: 2014-09-12 18:53:44 »
It would make for a pretty cool mod.

Although it'd be pure fanon, the only explanation for him joining would be if modders created an excuse on Disc 4 for recruiting him, even if it is just some dialogue before recruiting him. (plus his level would need to scale up upon recruitment)  Anytime before then there'd be 2 Seifers in the world. :P

Gameplay / Can we get a mod with a playable Seifer?
« on: 2014-09-12 04:32:12 »
FF7 offers mods that let you play as Sephiroth, so.... why not any mods that allow a playable Seifer? ;)

Do you think we'll ever see a comprehensive mod collection for FF8 called "Squall's Package?"  I know the fangirls would love it! ;)

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