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could you try on a computer, if it's working then it'steam's deck related, you can try to change de rendering, d3d11, vulkan ... as i own no deck for testing i can solve that on my side

Hi everyone!

Satsuki: I cannot begin to express how amazing your project is, and how grateful I am to be playing FF7 in this manner. For me, this is the definitive way to experience the game in 2024. Thank you!!

I have just got this up and running on my Steam Deck OLED (1TB, with the etched screen) and I'm thrilled. I'm running SYW Unified 1.04.

I'm experiencing one graphical issue for which I'm wondering if there's a fix:

I am able to see the lines where some polys meet on characters and some areas of backgrounds. I can reduce this by turning supersampling and AA to x8, but doesn't solve completely. This occurs at any display type or size, and with all 3d model options. Doesn't happen in any other game, so I don't think it's the screen.

Could anyone provide advice, please?
play the game on desktop mode and not game mode and it'll solve that ^^

Manual ff7 modding is not that easy, try to use 7th heaven if you don't wan't to use my pack, most of my work are available with it

The only FMV where i was capable to reproduce this bug is the intro FMV and yes for this one it'll be corrected in 1.0.5

server is saturated ATM, need to way or try one of the direct's link mirror

i won't release a portable version, it's not the goal of the pack, if some antivirus see false positive, i can't do anything about it
1/68 for update and 3/68 for main installer ins't that bad as it's only suspicion and from no realy quality antivirus... if you don't trust me just don't use my work ^^
ps: the pack main exe is also seen as 1/68 false positive so a portable version won't change that ...

Thanks for all your hard work satsuki. I just installed SYW Unified.

Question, without using 7th Heaven, how would I add the Tsunamods Echo-S 7 for voices audio to SYW Unified?
you can't ATM

the italian translation will be included in next release, you'll just have to install thre AIO pack and select the option

it's a standalone, steam install, 1998 version or psx cd is only requiered to validate the install

pack included "", but iro not included ""

After the first boss battle, the countdown has no transparent color.
(The left is the original version and the right is UI Remastered.)

I'll look at this iro file
About transparency at it's only related to the countdown, it's not related to my pack but the way FFNx deal with external texture transparency

Yah, not using your launcher, using 7th Heaven. To be frank, the advice is to replace those textures in the magic textures you're using because the ones in your pack don't look right. Thanks again.
don't looks right for you ! not for everyone, if so i'would have lots of complain about it, it's not the case.
yes with some effort you can make your own iro for those texture so you can place them in the right order in 7th and even share it for other user who would like to use them to overide the file used by my texture...
you don't even have to mod my iro mod, just need to make your own and place it in the right order in 7th to overide one only files you need.
seems it's always easiyer to complain than to take the time to make a mod witch can profit to all users ....

Thank you again for all the amazing work. I've done some little bit of researches but not been terribly confident in my ability to correctly go about implementing the upscaled original limit break texture without breaking the Unified magic textures in general. I thought maybe at some point you'd consider again the option for it in a future version. I took a short video to showcase both the casting animation texture and the limit break done by Grimmy ages ago....
As said i won't do that, my AIO pack is make to be as simple as possible to the final user.
I won't provide tons of options for each texture/stuff.
If you want to use those textures, look at the help i provided to add them as an "additionnal textures" mod, you can't mess up things by using a mod as it'll have its dedicated folder, if you make mistake, just remove this folder and all'll be restored

I do also sometimes wonder why, in some places, figures are drawn sporadically shuddering rather than persisting in position as the camera moves, especially in the gold saucer speed coaster minigame. I think this happens at the very start of the game as the train pulls in as well, the Shinra guards sort of shake until the sequence settles to a fixed angle, as if to simulate a handheld camera? Is that a bug or intentional? In the speed minigame it definitely looks like a bug.
shake of fmv's model is because of 30fps fmv as the camera data needed to be interpolated, it's like to film a video, if you film in 24fps, the camera shake is way less noticable that if you film it in 60 fps, it's the same here.
About coaster minigame i always seen this like this, probably related to the 60fps minigame.

Hey guys! Amazing mods in this version. but I would like to ask to add the Portuguese language if possible...                                 
to do it properly i need a full description and credit in english, also if the mo have a banner or a long i'll need it

i'll try to add that to next update

need to check that

thanks for this information

Ask 7th support, nothin to do with AIO pack here ^^

i'll check that thanks

it's for Pc version only, those mod can't be use on psp, psx ...

Looks great.  So we should disable SYM Unified Worldmap Textures if we use this?  Same thing with your Limit Break release for field textures?

As this mod uses my texture as a base, if you use an analog controller, juste use this mod (mine is only usefull ATM if you want original game experience or don't own a analog controller)

Hello. Sorry to ask, I'm new. Is this the same as the Tsunamods Unified Textures? Should I download this and not the Tsunamods? Thanks
This mod is based on my texture witch have been extended to 16/9 with AI stuff and lost of manual tweak.
Its a realy awersome mod if you want to use 16/9 option.
But ATM some screen aren't perfect and some are missing animations (minor issues but can be seen ingame) or have been zoomed+cropped to get 16/9.

So long story short, if you want to use real 16/9, pick this mod, it's a game changer, if you want to play 4/3 or bugfree experience , use my pack.

As Comos's Limit Break will become more and more accurate over time, i think (hope) that in some month my pack will be "obsolete" by a bug free version of Cosmos

You're welcome to try but I think it's bound to cause conflicts considering all the hext stuff i added. the reply was mainly for frank since he seemed unaware of it.
Ok i managed to get it work with my AIO pack
Is something like this is ok with you (i need to check the speling but if you want another description, i can add it instead) ?

EDIT : actual description :
Code: [Select]
This project's goal is to retranslate FF7 into Italian using Daniel Burke's Reunion as the English source for the dialogues, while constantly cross-checking with the original Japanese script.

For non-dialogue terms Caledor have been reusing official translations as much as possible.

The goal is not to have a localization that looks only to FF7 as a stand-alone game, Caledor want it to blend well with the other Final Fantasy games that already exists in Italian.

It's hightly recommended to use HD textures with this mod.

As this translation is based on english's game version, you MUST choose english as game language in the left menu or it'll wont work as intended

If you want to do a dedicated preview, just send it to me and i'll include it ^^
If you want to translate the AIO to italian i can send you the files to translate too (it's a lot of work so only if you have time and motivation, it's not mandatory ^^)

first of all thank you for this amazing package of a mod, at the moment i think i've got only one issue is that the cosmo memory cutscenes audio track doesn't seems to work(the 2 others works perfectly) best way to notice it: at the start of the game when the mako reactor explode it plays the regular sound not the cosmo memory more bombastic sound. anyway its a minor issue i just hope its not just on my end.

btw is it possible in future update to add the echo s mod to this package?

thank you very much!
I'll check cosmo memory.
echo-s is realy a complex mod, i don't plan to add it anytime soon

so i'll try to add it in next release, probably as a gameplay's mod because as it's based on english's exe it'll do some conflict if i add it as a dedicated language, but i'll try

We can start by doing as little as possible.
Let me explain: for now, shall we try to insert the translation of only the textual part of the game? No UI, No Graphics, No minigames.
Please, we care a lot, all Italian users. Through
sites like WeTransfer can share with you the 2/3 types of Italian translation that exist. I repeat for my part, I am ready to give good compensation.
That not the point of compensation.
It'll be a lots of work to complete and i don't have enought time about that.
If a translation is 100% complete i could add it, but i won't add partial stuff witch'll require frequents update each time a change appens.
And if No UI, No Graphics, No minigames there's no point about the AIO pack, you can juste share le translation so users can use it with their steam folder, no ?

more miss:
\Mods\SYW\Textures\snowboard\ should be
\Mods\SYW\Textures\snowboard\ should be
\Mods\SYW\Textures\snowboard\ should be
\Mods\SYW\Textures\snowboard\ should be ( already exists)
\Mods\SYW\Textures\snowboard\ should be ( already exists)
\Mods\SYW\Textures\snowboard\ correct estamp0_00 not exist
\Mods\SYW\Textures\snowboard\ correct estamp1_00 not exist
Do you see any bug/ missing textues ingame ?

HI. I just discovered this awesome megapatch! But I'm Italian, and to summarize the question I would like to ask you if it is possible to create a mod/translation option in Italian. I would be willing to give compensation. I hope for your friendly positive feedback.
As i don't speak italian myself i can't translate game nor UI.
If one day an italian translation is complete i may add it

Version 1.04 is working perfectly so far using only the FF7_SYW_Unified launcher, no 7th Heaven at all (I'm only at the first visit to Junon in the game though).

The fort condor battles minigame has a spelling error. After you destroy an enemy, a message displays on the screen that 'the enemy was destroyed' but the spelling of 'destroyed' is incorrect and is being spelled as 'destryed' missing the 'o'. Maybe this is the wrong topic to post this comment in and if so, may someone direct me to where I should address this? It's not anything critical but if time and effort were put in to upscale the minigame, it would be nice to have correct spelling.

I'm using the 4x3 aspect ratio in full-screen mode. Aside from battles and a few other scenarios, the screen is usually cropped in the middle with slim black bars at the top and bottom and of course the black bars on the sides. I understand the bars on the sides and why they're there, but is there a 7th Heaven mod or some other "trick" that anyone is aware of which can "fill" the screen so that there are no black bars on the top and bottom? I am aware of 'reshade' but I don't want to have to keep toggling the setting on and off if the screen is sometimes cut off.
-i'll check the spelling this texture file have some typo, it'll be corrected in 1.05 update for both AIO and IRO (don't know when, i don't have much time ATM)
-no solution for the black bars ATM (maybe come latter)

Update 1.04 in page 1 :

AIO pack :
-Added link to the pack's git source code in the about pannel.
-Added steam deck oled preset to correct bad colors.
-Updated FFNx
-Updated some german and spanish texture files.
-Updated oled SteamDeck's profile.
-Fixed the condor minigame background (revert back to 1.02 version).
-Fixed opening credit and worldmap didn't apply choosen game language.

-Updated some german textures in fonts and menu iro (v1.04)
-Updates some german texture in minigames iro (v1.04)

Now German textures are as accurate as possible in both AIO pack and IROS thanks to jtd.

1-2 :
just read the 1° post and you'll see :
Known bugs :
-condor minigame background misaligned (error from me) - fixed in upcomming v1.04.
-opening credits and worl map location/text are not using the selected game language - fixed in upcomming v1.04.

3 :
if you read the Cutscenes description:
Considering their poor quality, the original video of the game are not in this pack

I tested and have both fx sounds and musics, just check the volumes in game setting after loading game

One issue I'm having on PC.

So I have my desktop connected to a 4KTV. The recommended text size scale on Windows with this setup is 300%. However, the SYW mod config window ends up being too big and I'm unable to resize the window to see all the options and the launch game button. Setting the text scaling to 200 - 250% can make the window more viewable, but I would prefer to keep the scaling at 300%. More of a nice-to-have, but it would be great if the mod config window could be manually resized and auto-scaled with the resize so the launch game button isn't obscured by certain PC resolutions.
300% for a 4k resolution is overkill, 200% is a good value.
My pack's UI is arround 1000x650 px (with menu bar), so can be fully visible even on a 1024x768 screen resolution at 100%.
It's its not visible on a 3840x2160 resolution display ... well the scale size you use is just way too big

I understand that, but what I'm asking is if those mods I'm using in the image will be compatible. As far as I know, those are the ones included with your mod pack here
not sure as i don't use 7th myself but seems right to me

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