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FF8 Tools / Re: [FF8] wmx2obj (C version)
« on: 2017-11-26 01:00:10 »
I used Maki's "Rinoa's Toolset" to extract the wmx.obj file, and I used TDM-GCC Compiler to compile this file.

In my converted file all the vertices are (0.000, 0.000, 0.000). The faces seem to be ok, though I can't verify that.
I can't seem to find any thread describing this problem.

please advise

I apologize for the delayed response and am sorry to hear that you have encountered problems with the conversion. As I have never faced a similar problem converting my copy of wmx.obj using wmx2obj executables compiled with gcc or Microsoft C/C++, I frankly do not know what causes it. Off the top of my head, I would guess that it is an endianness issue.

Hopefully using Rinoa's Toolset solved your problem.

FF8 Tools / [PSX/PC] wmx2obj (C version)
« on: 2016-07-24 21:14:38 »

wmx2obj converts the world map geometry of Final Fantasy 8 (wmx.obj) into Wavefront OBJ format through reverse engineering, thus making it possible to observe the world map geometry in any modern 3D graphics program.

This fully refactored C version, being more efficient in every regard, makes the old Java version deprecated.


wmx2obj on GitHub

Usage examples

wmx2obj wmx.obj wf.obj (Convert the whole map to wf.obj)
wmx2obj wmx.obj wf.obj 678 834 (Convert segments 678 to 834 to wf.obj)

  • I hear Halfer is working on an upgraded version of this program with texture support, model preview and whatnot. Follow his doings for updates.
  • To extract wmx.obj from world.fs, use Deling.

Quick question - is there still supposed to be a .mtl file?  I can't seem to find it.

Not in the program I wrote. Halfer is working on an upgraded version of wmx2obj with material and texture support.

Just dropping a quick note to this topic, for someone might not read the wmx2obj thread as actively: I refactored the source code of wmx2obj for readability and efficiency purposes. Known bugs and inefficiencies should finally be removed.


Those interested in using parts of the wmx2obj source code in other software or upgrading wmx2obj, feel free to do so. I released the program under a copyleft license, so you are allowed to do pretty much anything you want with the source code. Sharing is caring.

Before moving on to new projects, I decided to put the finishing touches on wmx2obj. I fully refactored the source code to remove known bugs and enhance the source code's readability.

The old source code was a giant chunk of iterative work and fairly complex to read. Now, the refactored software should be both efficient and easily readable.

wmx2obj on GitHub
Java Archive (JAR)

Kudos to Zervox for pointing out run-time inefficiencies in the source code. Most, if not all, remnants of inefficiency caused by code formerly used for debugging should now be removed.

Both the repository and the direct download link are updated for now.

Quickly updated to avoid unnecessary loops for faster performance. I strongly recommend upgraded versions of the software apply the same changes to their source code.

wmx2obj on GitHub
Java Archive (JAR)

As I was sayng in the other topic those "pieces stuck togheter" are extra interchangeable parts of the map (for example the balamb garden area before and after the school become a vehicle)

You can just delete them if you just want to see the full map only (or export only the segments you want instead of all the 835 ones).

This is correct. Only convert segments 1 to 768 to exclude the interchangeable parts.

Thanks, everyone!

Halfer is currently in the progress of adding texture support to wmx2obj. Check out this thread for smaller updates before a full release.

Just a quick note to those looking to upgrade the software: the source code is commented to clear confusion over its functionality. However, if you are having trouble trying to understand some parts of the code, just drop a message.

I created a tool that converts the world map geometry into known Wavefront .obj format. It's available for download in the Tools section.

Deprecated. Use this instead.


wmx2obj is a reverse engineering conversion tool for Final Fantasy 8. It converts the world map file of Final Fantasy 8 into the known Wavefront .obj format — thus making it possible to import the world map geometry into Blender, for instance.

To extract the world map model file wmx.obj from world.fs, use Deling.

Although the original world map file's format is listed as .obj, it's not the commonly known Wavefront .obj format. Hence, this program was created.


wmx2obj on GitHub
Java Archive (JAR)


  • Converts the original Final Fantasy 8 world map file wmx.obj into the known Wavefront .obj format.
  • You can either convert the whole map (i.e. segments 1 to 835) or select your own segment range of choice for conversion.

Possible future upgrades

  • Pushing back a Wavefront .obj file to the format supported by Final Fantasy 8.
  • Texture support, as the program currently only supports conversion of the map geometry.
  • A preview screen

I, myself, won't unfortunately be working on this program anymore for now. Those interested in upgrading the program, feel free to do so by gathering the source code from GitHub.

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