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Woah I totally missed your post! Haha, you have some good mixes on there I was not aware of too, good taste.

I compiled and looped some new OGG tracks for FFVIII consisting of 22 tasteful remakes of the originals for anyone who would like to use them. All tracks are of high quality and are seamlessly looped. Except The Landing lol. Gave me a hard time as there were no good cut points, but it really is not noticeable unless you really REALLY try to hear it..
Requires Roses and Wine to be installed.
Simply copy and paste the tracks into the OGG folder created by Roses and Wine in the FFVIII data folder. Back up the originals if you wish to keep them or do not like certain remakes of the songs; pick and choose to your liking.

All rights to the remakes go to their respective owners.
All tracks can be found on YouTube.

Track list:
-The Winner Remake by BitSymphony
-Force Your Way Remake by moAbi - Opus.XERO
-The Landing Remake by revol113
-The Stage is Set Remake by BitSymphony
-SeeD Remake by BitSymphony
-The Mission Remake by BitSymphony
-SUCCESSION OF WITCHES Remake by BitSymphony
-Breezy Remake by BitSymphony
-Martial Law Remake by Alexandro Schillaci
-Only a Plank Between One and Perdition Orchestral Remake by DJPoochies
-Maybe I'm A Lion Remake by Alexandro Schillaci
-The Castle Remake by BitSymphony
-Movin' Remake by BitSymphony
-Overture Remake by BitSymphony
-The Salt Flats Remake by BitSymphony
-Silence and Motion Remake by BitSymphony
-Ride on Remake by BitSymphony
-The Extreme Remake by Alexandro Schillaci
-Compression of Time Remake by BitSymphony

Recently added:
-The Legendary Beast Orchestral Remake by KvL92

-The Landing
-The Extreme
-Only A Plank Between One and Perdition
-The Salt Flats
-The Legendary Beast
-Force Your Way

Mega Link Download - Juns' Tasteful OGG Add-on V1.1 -!wAEnSRDZ!3TNaBEYcYE2JxtwO2P1F5jHnh-IDIOfiyu10AIfgsnk

I may be possibly adding more tracks onto the list as time goes on, if you have requests too just leave a comment.
Hope you guys enjoy the music in-game as I have! Good day.

Update List:
V1.0 - Created list
V1.1 - Added The Legendary Beast, changed Force Your Way from Thobuz remake to moAbi - Opus.XERO remake

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