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Community forum with some basic tools to start the process created by Atomos.
Link to forums:

And Debug Developer mod menu collaborated with Atomos can be found here.

Picture of Developer debug menu:

Completely Unrelated / Re: State of Decay modding + YOSE
« on: 2019-11-29 15:26:01 »
UPDATE: State of Decay 2 outer source community editor tool (The best so far as of November 2019): 
It's third party so it is only available to the users discord.

Link to the editor, video information, and what it does. :

Update: Instructions and understanding of the phyre texture format.


Credit: BigheadSMZ

Impressive find dirt! I'm truly excited about this, i hope this foundation gets built on to make custom stories, scenes, and home brewed battle animations. thanks for that wonderful display of use. Really like the video.

tutorial by bighead~ Requires Version 1.6 of Cold Steel 1 to natively install textures as PKG, thus this eleminates the use of SpecialK's injection tool to implement textures.

If you could credit me please too I'd be thankful.

Thank you Maki for your hard work and always doing such a great service for research and progression along with everyone else. And thanks for this wonderful patch.  :-)   

Thanks for updating this Maki, I got it working on the remaster by editing FFVIII_EFIGS.dll following your notes.

I created a web based patcher, for others to use (it uses Bemani patcher to patch the dll in your browser).

FF8 DLL Patcher

I hope it helps.

This was a big help, I was trying to get it to patch the manual way but had trouble. This web browser worked great! thank you for this wonderful tool. :)

Completely Unrelated / State of Decay modding + YOSE
« on: 2019-09-11 21:01:11 »
If anyone is interested in researching and adding to this game as a hobby there is a forum that opened up with some minor tutorials.


I am trying my best here to Mod the ff8 remaster pc steam version with no luck at all

can someone help me please, i want to get the requiem mod or the [FF8PC-Steam] KLITLIKA'S Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger FF8 - V32 mod to work

Sadly not gonna happen for a bit of time,  progress on research and analysis is required.

Releases / Re: Final Fantasy 8 Remaster Aspect Ratio patch
« on: 2019-09-04 17:14:11 »
Much appreciated Sebanisu. I'll just leave the post here so if anyone was curious or missed it.

Releases / Final Fantasy 8 Remaster Aspect Ratio patch
« on: 2019-09-04 04:55:37 »
Zeikar posted this on steam :

follow instructions only works on 1920x1080 resolution (wide screen) Note: Requires Reshade

Change or translate the ps1 version of the games text/font to suit your dialogue.

On the way to Galbadia Garden (forest Encounter after getting off the train) - Mobs: Cockatrice , fungar, fungar battle  causes time to stop using a soft item on petrify, prevents the battle from progressing and cannot run.

That is impressive!  This is exactly how it shoulda been.  Something as simple as a texture became a better result.

You should share that with the Nexus~

Meta, why don't ya just crop the eyes on to the HD rip and just resize, and color in a bit of the pixels with ink dropper copy. might help with the lifeless effect.

Also good job on your textures, there looking good so far. Keep up the good work. It will become a breeze as you play with the tools you have. Found a tool in gimp the other day that fills in a whole traced area with a choice of color, keeping shadows,textures,shades,etc. Makes making hair colors,eye colors, skin, etc a breeze.

trick how here:

Woah, those look pretty good, better then what i pictured. Just alittle cleaning up and it will be set~ I'd prefer those my self over the original.

Heya Tirlititi just checking in~  I'm anticipating the next release so i can go further into skill editing.   Again i thank you for your hardwork~ looking forward to it. Big fan

Woah! This is also a really impressive tool, This covers a big portion of the modding scene for sure. Can't wait til we accessibly get create a visual effects/animation for magic,limits,gf's.

This tool is really really nice, thanks for the release Maki.

Woah nice update Tirlititi~ i missed quite a bit this month it seems. Welcome back from your hiatus, So close to editing skills all the way through! I am impressed with your work as always, tried to edit skill in the ability branch of party and it crashed. But in do time!  I appreciate all your efforts and hardwork~ Love that i can finally add accessibility to the weapons finally to~

I'm sorry, but I think you misunderstood. Mesh is geometry, a set of points(called vertex) in 3D space connected between. Mesh is 3D Model or 3D object. This for example:
(see the grid/fishnet like thing).

So I did, my apologize. It be nice to tinker with meshes but i only tampered on textures mostly. I wonder if extracting the Data of the VBF files might contain those meshes.

There is no way of extracting the meshes currently.
The PC version of Phyre meshes (D3D11) is different than PS2 (PS3 too by the way).
There's also unfortunately no interest at Xentax about researching the PC structure. :/

Yeah I understand that Maki, but If you pull up a straight 1080p screen shot emulated to a jpeg, full face you can share two windows In Gimp and just crop the textures from the jpeg to the rip texture from FFXHD.  Just align the layout in size and rotation, then polish it up by hand, then save as the texture format then just put it in the injection folder in the Project X directory.

As for Topher, his support ripping application is already here Metalink (also shared in the Project X forum with link).  Extract from FFX HD (DATA) directory. the files are in VBF format.
on Version 3:

If there is a way to extract the HD version model i could compare them both

The tool to extract the skins is up above the post, just extract the texture of Tidus and use Gimp or Photoshop and use crop tool and resize tool and shade blending to get the original look. Not to difficult, but I am not in no hurry to texture at the moment. It will have to be at another time of day.

Example: a picture of ps2 Tidus, crop out eyes and then past them on the HD rip texture eyes and resize to proper layout. = original eyes then use the ink dropper to copy its color and blend it a bit to enhance detail. , etc etc, blend skin over eye shadow, etc.


That's not what I'm saying, my comment before this post showed indication that I knew the model was changed, that's why I said "altered model". I want source of someone skinning the original on the HD Model. If you find a source please let me know.

But thank you for trying to look into it before hand! :)

Well that has yet to be seen, since no one has textured the classic version. But If you have a source to show that please let me know as i am curious about how close of a resemblance there Is to the design on the altered model.

There is a chance to texture classic Tidus back to HD from the PS2 era by looking at a comparison list.

*Hazel blue eyes (no black outer ring)
*No outer eye shadow
*lips are tinted pink with complexion blended.
*Upper lip contrusion is less aggressive (the M shape look)

*Blue eyes (Strong hue,black outer ring)
*Outer eyes have black eye shadow on the edges.
*Upper eye lid wrinkles are darker and bolder
*Lips are browner and only shade lighter to the center
*Upper lip contrusion is aggressive and noticeable
*Face complexion is lighter (less tan)


PS2 whole:

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