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Oh, how nice, I was just about to ask about quinas magic. I ended up just using the latest version of AF and I have to say it plays so well, and im really enjoying it, especially with the memoria engine tweaks. (being able to actually get into battles organically without running around in circles really restored how this game used to play). Anyway, really amazing job 

I appreciate it, thanks so much!

How can I modify the latest version of the mod using Hades Workshop? Is there an HWS file for the 6.0 version of AF or is there a different method you recommend if I wanted to modify a couple things in your mod for my own playthrough? Nothing crazy. Weapon stats, zidane removable, rewards, etc.

omg this is perfect! thank you! I think I can definitely do this. Thanks for giving me all the locations for each character too!

ugh you're the best! :D

Made a few last changes and I think I'm finally satisfied with everything in game and am really enjoying it.

I'm just curious if there is a way to have the new characters you receive in your part starting with Freya all the way to Amaranth at Lv1 as opposed to whatever level Zidane is at. My reason for wanting to do that is for controlling stat growth and increasing difficulty a bit trying to get the characters to catch up to everyone else.

I figure I can always recruit them and wipe out their Exp and reset their Level with Memoria editor. But it's just something that popped in my mind that made me wonder if it was possible to change from HW.

Quick question, does anyone have the Beatrix-only HWS file? I could have sworn I downloaded it a couple weeks ago but can't find it anymore.

edit: Nevermind. It was included in the Alternate Fantasy folder, just redownloaded it. heh.

Ohh, ok. Got it. Thanks again!. Really appreciate your help :)

No. Unless I'm forgetting things, you only need to edit the file "AlternateFantasy/Memoria.ini": remove the two lines starting with "StatusDurationFormula" and "StatusTickFormula".

Sorry, one more question. Should I remove that from Memoria.ini as well (outside the Alternate Fantasy folder)? Cus I noticed those two lines are there too.

OH, that's super easy. Thank you!

" The duration and speed of statuses has been reworked.
They are now independant of the fighter's spirit, except for Doom and Gradual Petrify (the more spirit you have, the longer it takes).
Haste and Slow respectively decreases and increases the status duration and respectively speed up and slow down the ticks of Poison, Venom and Regen.
[In vanilla, the more spirit you have, the longer statuses last, except for Doom and Gradual Petrify that are running faster with higher spirit. The ticks of Regen are also faster while the ticks of Poison and Venom are slower.] "

Would it be difficult to revert the changes to spirit back to the way they work in Vanilla if I wanted to try?

Thanks so much for responding. Ok, that makes sense. I'll try that out today.

Thank you, again! :D

Just finished with the changes and it worked perfectly! :)

Hi, again. I had a question about tweaking a couple things from the AlternateFantasy.hws But I'm having a little trouble.
I really like the difficulty increase, but I found there were odd things here and there I wanted to tweak to make things easier on myself, for example, stat growth equipment, steals from bosses, or tweaking eidolons.

What I did was use HadesWorkshop to open my installed ff9.exe then opened the AF.hws and do my changes there and then just export the steam mod using default option that specifies is made to work with the moguri mod.

I found that worked fine at first, and the changes I made were clearly made but I also lost somethings along the way.
For example: You know how Accuracy+ is supposed to guard against Blind in addition to proving extra accuracy? That's gone, I blinded one of my toons to test it and they got had the status on them, despite the SA equipped. (Keep in mind I didn't at least knowingly change anything to do with support abilities).
Same thing happens with for example, the Fairy Flute's "Shared Aid" ability, which btw I thought was a really neat thing to do.

I'm curious if I'm perhaps missing a step prior to creating the steam mod that will enable to retain all these things you put in and still keep my desired changes as well. Is there another programs I can use? I tried looking through the steam thread bc I swore I read someone say something like using "dgx" or something to make changes, but couldn't find it lol.

Anyway, I hope I'm not being too cryptic. Thanks to anyone who replies, I appreciate it a lot :)

PS: One small correction to my previous post. HALF MP was indeed fixed, that was my bad for not double checking, I hadn't realized it had been fixed

Something I've noticed with certain Equipped Skills or HP/MP modifying equipment.

Let's say I give Vivi Mp+20% and equip it and then restore his MP to the new full value. The moment I change any other skill or piece of equipment on him the stat returns to it's original value. His new MAX value will remain but he'll lose the MP I had just restored.

A similar thing happens when I start the game from my previous save...even though I KNOW for a fact that he was at full MP previously...he has lost the bonus MP points though still retains the MAX value allotted by the skill/equipment placed on him. Much like the scenario I explained above.

This occurrence is not limited to Vivi. I've noticed it with Quina and other users of HP increasing abilities.
Something similar also occurs with the Half MP Skill. Usually unequipping and re-equipping seems to fix it.

Wondering if other people have experienced this and if there is a known solution to it yet.
I'm using AF with the Moguri Mod.

Hope I'm explaining it properly, lol.

Reinstalling doesn't fix it for me :(..

Hey so I just got it working today. My game was not up to date with the latest version. I believed it was patched earlier this year around August.

Yep. Just finished reinstalling and I have the same issue still. RIP
Guess I'll just wait for it to be fixed

Sorry, forgot to attach the image. Here it is:

I just installed today and it's happening to me too. I'm also not getting any dialogue bubbles. Gonna try reinstalling everything like someone else suggested :/

Oh god I give up, I cannot get the last Ragtime question right. Does anyone know how to answer his last question correctly? lol EDIT: Nevermind

Thanks for the reply. I'll give that a look! Appreciate it ^^

Is there a way to change the Encounter Rate on Steam to something similar to the PS version?
I've noticed I'll run through an entire dungeon with maybe 1 or 2 encounters.

Oh cool...hmm it didn't even occur to me to just attack ragtimer, that's a good bit. The last part about his drop, would that be located in one of those functions as well? I'll try this once I get home. Thanks a lot, man! :)

Question regarding Ragtimer. For some reason I keep getting the Final Question wrong regardless if I answer True or False. Where would I look to change those type of values? The version I'm working on kept most of the changes you made to the enemies in your Alternate Fantasy mod. Something else I found curious is he now drops Dark Matter as opposed to the original Protect Ring even tho I changed all of his drops in the Enemies tab, is there somewhere else that needs to be modified as well?

I can't wait to try it. Thanks, you're the best!!

Is it possible to remove Dagger's "failed to concentrate" issue with HW?

Hi, just curious as to how you can edit the items you receive as rewards or found in the world?

Like for example in the alternate fantasy mod you find a Dragon's Hair in the spot where you would typically find Kain's Lance and at the end of the Mognet Central quest your reward is an Orichalcon instead of the usual Protect Ring

Really appreciate you replying, thank you very much!

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