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New PCM pack! 100% piano!


Music Creator: Kara Comparetto

Kara playing FFVI with her music (via this mod and PCM pack, obviously) on stream:

PCM pack:

Also includes folders with 3 optional tracks: Zozo with rain SFX added; The Opera with the SPC "voice" added; and an alternate Dancing Mad (final boss theme) by the same creator that is piano + organ ( ).

Unknown atm if this will get added to the installer eventually or not, but it's a 100% complete set with every song in the game.


Edit: Turns out my "fresh 1.0 file"... probably wasn't.  It said it was, and the installer thought it was, but when I grabbed a verified rom from and tried patching it again, it worked fine.   So if you're someone in the future coming across the same problem of crashing at the first battle... check your source rom one more time!

2) Have you seen the "Orchestral Fantasy" youtube channel? ( )  This guy does FF6 live instrument covers that are incredibly accurate to the original OST, including an English voiced cover of Aria de Mezzo Carattere that's true to the original Woolsey text.  He doesn't have the full soundtrack yet, but he does have a significant portion of it available.  I'd love to use his versions where possible.

3) On that note, is there any way the installer could make use of your own MP3 / FLAC files instead of downloading from your server?  That would future proof the project as well, and let anyone maintain it with new music as awesome fans make new covers.
Yea, that sounds like the bugs that happen when you apply the Ted Woolsey patch onto a US v1.1 ROM.

I'll check out that composer, but at present I'm not really looking into converting more PCM sets for this unless I find a complete set that covers every song in the game... Or occasionally individual songs of particular quality I stumble across. (and yes, I see the irony of saying this in the same post I release a PCM set)

ANY track can be converted, so using your own MP3/FLAC file is possible... But you'd need to do the work of looping, converting, and normalizing the track to actually use it in-game. Converting all the PCM's into MP3/FLAC for storage, then reconverting back into PCM via a script is... Not really feasible. Just read the last page or two of this thread for more detailed discussion on this.

Hi there, love the work and I'm excited to try it out.

I'm having issues using the installer -- every time I run it it gets hung at 45% with the error "cURL Error: The requested URL returned error: 403"

I've edited the mirrors.dat to have the cloudfront server first, but I get the same error. It looks like all other mirrors no longer exist.

Would love to see this working!

And, insidious, to answer an earlier question you had, for the sake of preserving this for someone like me 5 or 10 years from now I think an offline installer would be a great idea.

Sry for late reply, I only check here every few months.  :-[

Right now, it looks like "" is the only working server (yes, even the cloudfront one is down), I've informed Insidious of the issue, though I'm not sure when he'll actually get the message.

*edit- Cloudfront is still up, and working as intended.

*edit2- Current mirrors.dat:
Code: [Select]
most.conspicuous is still down, but there's hope for it to come back, so it's staying on the list at the bottom for now.

Insidious is also creating some code so any time the installer's run it grabs the latest mirrors.dat directly off the github, so a whole new hotfix isn't needed each time the servers change. Next hotfix should have this code once it's tested and verified working.

As to a full offline installer, such a thing would be prohibitively large. We're talking 10-15+ GB. The reason being that MSU-1 format PCMs are uncompressed audio.

While ZIPing or RARing the PCMs does save some space, it's nowhere near as small as you'd have for compressed audio, such as MP3.

A 200 MB PCM will RAR down to, if you're lucky, 160 MB. The same file would be maybe 1 MB as MP3. This is for a clip of around a minute, some of the tracks for FFVI are 12+ minutes.

We have a LARGE number of audio options for this mod. A full offline installer would need to contain ALL of the tracks for ALL of the audio options.

And another difficulty when dealing with an offline installer that large... Where would we be able to host it long-term? Most sites I know that'll cloud-host files that large require a paid account to host said files, AND they require paid accounts from the people trying to download them.


Now all that said, here's a little bonus for everyone:

This is a new version of Dancing Mad I just discovered and converted a few days ago.

Here's a Youtube video of the track, it's done by MIDI Man, and is one of the best remakes of the track I've heard to date (I LOVE his percussion sample selections, and the organ samples are the best I've heard in a Dancing Mad remake that wasn't a real organ, lol).
He's got some real good remakes and remasters, but only 90 subscribers atm, so go through his stuff and give him a subscription if you like it!

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2019-09-15 23:04:25 »
You can export/import decrypted formats with memoria too. As exactly how it's done, or if the data is compressed as well, I have to take a look.

Edit: That is, you get the same decrypted file as the one you linked too by right clicking a save and export it.
That... doesn't look like json to me.... and that online json editor you linked to a few pasts back agrees...


Guess it's time for a second run of an hour at each location the friendly monsters show up at, only to have none of them show up, and Yan tell me I need to find the others....

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2019-09-15 19:39:53 »
@edable Hopefully, someday, I can actually work on this again. It's not that I don't want to, but I work all week 8+ hours a day with programming, so the 1st thing I do when I'm off work is not more programming haha. But I do the occasional update. </excuse>
Oh, no worries; personal lives come before personal projects. ;) I'm still gonna be trying to figure something out myself though, as my current playthrough's at kinda a standstill until I find what one I'm missing...

Do you know how I can decrypt the .dat file to it's .json form? There was a steam version save decrypter earlier in the thread, but it didn't exactly give me .json formatted results... Just getting it to json form should be enough for me to find the info I need, given the info in the quote I posted.!jJRyySjB!gXlvRpc3NMy9tgVhguNxtdxiLrifUwYSqy5MfB5VmkI
That's a zip with both my save file and what the decrypter gave me.

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2019-09-15 03:44:34 »
Feature request:
Friendly Monster encounters (Steam version).

Don't even need the ability to edit them just to see which we've encountered, and which we haven't.

I found this info on a different forum, not sure if this will help you find the bits to edit or not:
The data is stored in your save files, which is usually in your "Documents/Square Enix/Final Fantasy IX" folder (it's not the game's folder). It's a .sav file.

But it's not very easy to grasp that information...
The file is compressed. Once uncompressed, it's a Json file with different fields. The field "gEventGlobal" is a snapshot of the different important variables (those that are saved in save files at least). "gEventGlobal" consists of 2048 bytes. The Friendly Monster flags are the 194th byte.

The Summon flags are the 207th byte, so if you know where it is (through "on the fly" RAM viewer, like CheatEngine), the Friendly Monster flags are a bit before that.

I would be you, I would try to find the others first. 100% certainty is hardly a thing unfortunatly ^^'
On my game, my save is a .dat file, and I don't know how to uncompress it to json form to try and check manually...

Wow, that was fast! I really appreciate it, thanks! Also, a pity that he abandoned this project, leaving even the Opera incomplete.
The only thing that slows me down is procrastination.  ;) (the last "major" change/fix to one of the audio files I did, I procrastinated about 3 weeks on... it took me 10 min to finish, lol)

Too bad I can't really do much to help with the coding issues...

Guys, I just found out about this mod and was listening to the many remastered editions of FFVI to choose which ones to patch into my game, and I just fell in love with Sean Schafianski's versions of the tracks. Is there any chance you guys are gonna include his unfinished Disk 2 tracks to the mod?
Sean Schafianski's Disk 2 PCMS:!SVYyyCxR!9nb0okEsbo3N0-e-zSd2ynjqs-FcBfFs1yaCkIVhpyQ


They're made from SoundCloud rips, if anyone can find a FLAC copy, I'll redo them.

Just pop these in the folder with the existing PCM files for the mod, overwrite the old ones, and you're good to go.

Guys, I just found out about this mod and was listening to the many remastered editions of FFVI to choose which ones to patch into my game, and I just fell in love with Sean Schafianski's versions of the tracks. Is there any chance you guys are gonna include his unfinished Disk 2 tracks to the mod?
Sean Schafianski's tracks are the SSC option in the installer.

*edit- and I totally missed Insidious' reply, and the revelation that we don't have all his tracks already (SS's tracks were done by the previous audio guy, and I haven't really looked at them past getting all the older stuff normalized).

But yea, if I can get a copy of the audio, I can convert them easily.

And @insidious611 there are sites that let you download soundcloud music that soundcloud doesn't natively allow you to download. (*edit- Found a Chrome extension that just adds a download button right to the soundcloud page. EASY downloading)

edit2- Oh wow, I  :-* LOVE :-* this version of Techno de Chocobo!

The Opera stuff is good too (I love any version that vocalizes the narration), but several parts of the Opera are missing, and a broken up version isn't viable in-game (it's why all 8 or so tracks in the Opera are under one option radial in the installer).

And Another World of Beasts... Might be right up there with CrystalChameleon's version of Dark World as one of the best remasters I've ever heard. Of anything.

*head perks up* Did someone say testing?  :-D (granted, I haven't even touched testing the new ExHiROM mod to the codebase yet...)

I'm already pretty familiar with the bigger issues we've had with fading (might I finally be able to get my PCM for the 'wind' effect working in South Figaro's Rich Man's House? Not to mention the recently discovered Phantom Train scene issue).

Looking forward to this fork showing up on the GitHub.

Phantom train scene reported on GitHub:

After some testing, I'm still mostly sure it's a fading issue, but there are a few special tracks called around the phantom train section of the game, and I think the "train pulling away from the station" sound effect might be one of those effects, so there's a chance it's linked to that.

Good bugs! I'll try to get time to work on them, but I've gone back to school so my time is more limited atm.

The shadow thing is odd, if it calls for shadow's theme via normal means that should be caught

edale is likely on track with the Phantom Train thing. It's likely a fade-to-silence and we've not cracked getting fading working without glitches yet.
I was waiting to test the phantom train bit before reposting it on the GitHub, so I knew how to report it, or if it was working as it was supposed to.

For Shadow's dreams... Maybe it uses a similar routine as the Sabin intro in Figaro Castle? Didn't that scene used to have a similar problem before you put whatever fix you currently have for it in?

Good news! To answer his concern, all ASM instructions in vanilla FF6 code use HiROM notation, as an example there is never something like JSL 186040 but always JSL D86040. Same goes for all instructions requiring a bank byte (3 bytes offset).

A regular FF6 ROM or one expanded to 4MB is HiROM + FastROM type. Once you expand beyond 4MB to like 6MB, you need ExHiROM mapping change because you now need and can access banks $40 to $5F, that are the continuation of $C0 to $FF ($00 to $3F in LoROM / absolute format). I'm no expert in ROM mapping so I'll stop here :P
Whelp, Insidius posted a bunch of coding stuff I don't understand, and it'd take like 20 min to convert the formatting for this forum, so just read the last few posts by Insidius at:

Long story short, test build!
Could you try that out and see if everything's working on your ExHiROM game? I have some extensive testing to do on this, but if all goes well it'll be released as hotfix 3.

I was using avast free antivirus.

I have basically installed the developer recommended files with dancing mad and decisive battle under OTH.

3 Issues I have found so far.

After the Sabin intro scene the music swapped back to the spc track untill I left the room.

During the Phantom train exit the music kept playing.
Spoiler: show
 I remember it being silent while Cyan mourns the loss of his family.

When I recruited Shadow in Cohlingen after Battle of Narshe, I slept straight away and the town music was still playing in the background
Spoiler: show
while the 1st dream sequence was happening.

I'm doing the opera tonight. I'm going to record it and upload to youtube to see if it is all good.

The rom I'm playing is dancing mad with Brave New World 1.9.0 patched over the top, with some additional changes.
But it still appears to be working mostly fine.

Also if you are interested, I have recorded the intro and ending scenes from the ps1 version. I think I have converted them correctly to msu1 files, but have no real way of testing (other than trying them out in zelda msu1).

If you are interested I'll see if I can upload them somewhere.
Avast false-positive reported on GitHub:

Town music playing during Shadows dream sequence reported on GitHub:

I'll test the end of the Phantom Train on a vanilla ROM to see how the music is handled there. If it is silent, then it's probably silenced through a fade, if that's the case it'll likely remain broken until Insidious figures out fading.

The Sabin intro scene you're referring to is the one in Figaro Castle? If so it's a known issue, there's something unique about how the game handles the music there that Insidious hasn't been able to pin down as of yet. The brief bit of SPC audio is the best fix we have atm.

Please use this tool:
Or this tool: (newer and better program just released a month or two ago, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, so can't comment)
To check and make sure all the patches you're using are compatible with each other and the MSU-1 mod.

I've already uploaded video of every version of the Opera I've converted for this project to youtube:
So the only changes will be the ones Brave New World made. (I make no claims the Opera's lyrics will line up with the text in the BNW mod, I timed the audio to match TWUE 2.0's Updated Opera)

I actually have the raw video files from the PSX version sitting on my HDD somewhere, picked them up when I converted the PSX soundtrack for this mod. Actually finished the conversion, every last track, but I couldn't find a full rip of PSX's Dancing Mad ANYWHERE, just the first movement, so had to scrap the whole thing. That said, video is likely not going to be added to the mod by Insidious any time soon; maybe he'll consider it once he figures out fading and gets the audio working 100%.

Quote from: insidious611
I get the jist of what he's saying at least. I'll attempt the change myself when I get time. My only concern is whether or not that notation will cause issues on the actual hardware, but tbh I doubt it will.
Well... Insidious knows what you're talking about, lol.

And I don't know if the mod is using HiROM or LoROM notation, but I know the mod works with the Ted Woolsey Uncencor patch, which has a 4MB expanded ROM (which I think you're explanation earlier said would mean HiROM).

Maybe I should just stick to the audio side of things, lol.

Thanks man! Yeah my message was aimed at insidious, I had the impression he visit daily or so this thread. Basically using HiROM notation for long instructions (bank number + 0xC00000) will make the mod work on every FF6 carts and roms possible, regular FF6 ROM type (HiROM + FastROM) or expanded 6MB ROM type (ExHiROM). I don't fully understand the technicalities underlying the mapping differences between both rom types but I tested both versions on debugger emulator and made a fix after seeing the JML instruction not jumping where it should.

Since he coded this with an ASM file it could even be something not wanted in the first place but that was working with vanilla FF6 ROM type. As I said no instruction in FF6 use absolute bank notation, it's all in HiROM notation.
Always best to centralize the info about any problems with a project like this, rather than it being spread around 6-7 threads on as many forums. Given I check every thread I've ever found about this patch (including a few Insidious probably doesn't know about) frequently, I've taken to moving the relevant info over there when something pops up... Well something that's not fixed by "did you select the right option for your emulator in the installer? No, OK, rename the files like so..." (was quite surprised when I read the credits for the newest version, and saw myself credited with "community outreach" on top of the audio work I've done, lol). Also, I'm pretty sure Insidious gets an email from every post to the GitHub, so he should get the message pretty quick. I can't comment on how often Insidious checks the thread, because I have no idea, lol.

So if I'm understanding this right (I'm not, lol), the patch is coded with LoROM, so it won't work with ExHiROM (but does work with HiROM?) patches? And if Insidious changes the ASM coding to HiROM, it'll work with all other patch types?

Nice work on advancing the Beta to an almost final stage!

I tested the mod on a FF6 ExHiROM mod (RotDS more specifically) and the ExHiROM mapping break some instructions more specifically the way you coded JMLs and such. As an example JML 18FA72 will work but an ExHiROM cart or ROM will require it to be JML D8FA72 in order to jump at the same place. I'm not sure if there is an advantage to use first notation but while it work on regular HiROM + FastROM carts and ROM, it breaks on ExHiROM carts / ROMs.

I got the mod working by changing all bank bytes of all problematic instructions, what is to check are JML, JSL, LDA XXXXXX, etc. In vanilla FF3us, all instructions use the HiROM notation for banks.

I'll try to fiddle with the fadeout NMI code soon, I know you tried stuff but I'll try a few things, somebody will get it right eventually!   ;)
Opened a new issue at:
and reposted this there.

This is far beyond what I know about, we'll see what Insidious says.

So I spent a few days trying to figure out how to record video of gameplay at 720p/60fps so I could upload some videos of the opera in the MSU-1 mod, before finally giving up on various emulator's built-in video recorders, and got pointed to OBS Studio by Insidious.

A few hours playing with the settings and practicing my google-fu to get everything recording and encoded properly, and I come to share the boon of my labor.

View at 720p/60 to listen without an audio fidelity decrease from Youtube's re-encoding, text is the updated opera text from TWUE 2.0:

Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version Remastered album's version of the Opera:
This is currently included in the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod under the OST listing.
There's a slight fidelity increase, but overall you might as well use the SPC audio, it sounds the same.

Game Music Concert 4's version of the Opera:
This is the one currently included in the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod under the OTH listing.

The Black Mages' version of the Opera:!KJRGVKKK!7z_LdxBntuB7EoXA2Z42dN-XO8eokvWH8Ny9PkuUPsY
This is probably my favorite version of the opera for multiple reasons.
-The narration is voiced, although it's too fast to be matched up to the on-screen lyrics.
-When racing to Ultros, the battle between Ralse and Draco, complete with spoken dialog, continues.
-The Black Mages is led by the lead music designer from FFVI.
-First version of the Opera to ever be released in its entirety, allowing fans to find out how it was supposed to end if Ultros/Setzer didn't interfere.
-Electric Guitar. Enough said.

More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy album's version of the Opera:!nYREHQTL!FuvrBjtOhUOChpa8KeAonCukCRtYG9NZzNu0uDPBsIE

And those are all the versions of the Opera I've converted so far.


Distant Worlds version of the Opera:!CUR2iLRb!X2H5KQVbq6_dqGmE6KveKvf_UGNfVVRYAUYezdjjRw0

So I converted another one.

And with that, I've converted every professionally done voiced version of the opera I'm aware of (I won't touch the Balance and Ruin remix album's version with a 10-foot pole, as far as inclusion in the actual game goes, NOTHING matches up).

If anyone knows of another performance of the FULL Opera (not just the Aria) that I haven't converted, let me know.

I just used the installer for SD2SNES. I had initial problems with my virus protection not liking it. But once I was past that I had no issues.
I did it twice, once on a Vanilla rom, and then I did it again and added the TWUE which both appear to work great.
I then patched Brave New World over the vanilla rom and it also seems to work.
I went with the custom options, with the suggested files, then selected all the OTH that I could (assuming that these are Black Mages files)
I'm unsure about all the looping and fading that you are looking for but I can assure you upon initial inspection this patch works on SD2SNES.
it may take me a while but I will report back with my opera findings as soon as I can.
If you post what virus scanner you use, Insidious can report it as a false positive and get that fixed. IIRC he had a problem with this on AVG when he switched to Python 3.6 for coding the installer.

The Black Mages did the following FFVI tracks:
The Decisive Battle
Dancing Mad
The Opera (Darkness and Starlight / Maria and Draco)

The Decisive Battle and Dancing Mad are included in the installer under OTH, for the Opera... See my next post.

The other OTH tracks are either a few good single-track remasters (rather than them remastering the entire album/soundtrack), or in one or two cases one of the existing tracks that I fiddled around with enough to warrant keeping separate rather than replacing (an example would be the Phantom Train's OTH track is the SSC track with train effects added in, so you can hear the train moving on the tracks the entire time you're on the train, really enhances the immersion).

Another nice little addition to the Dancing Mad patch here:!3UR0nShJ!6V6FlV9kgMGIztJ5oGjS8C1QoojhaOrxtdtqZzP5crM

This is a modified version of Madsiur's FFVI Music Player patch, or more accurately 2 different modified versions of his patch.

Dancing Mad version: The 'exiting the main menu' music resume code from Madsiur's original patch has been removed, as it caused a conflict with a bit of code in the Dancing Mad patch that served the same function. Some of the tracks have been adjusted to match changes made in the Dancing Mad patch (things like getting all 4 parts of Dancing Mad to play the PCM tracks and removing the SPC versions from the list). This was created using using the code from the Ted Woolsey version of the patch to maintain full compatibility with the Ted Woolsey Uncensor patch.

Cut Songs Restoration version: Same as above, but with the 4 songs from my Cut Songs Restoration mod added into the song list.

Each patch has 3 options:

Menu: The music player will show up on the main menu screen.

Config1: The music player will replace the "mono" option for the mono/stereo selection (mono disabled)

Config2: The music player will  show up on the bottom of the first page of the config screen.

NOTE: If installing Dancing Mad + Ted Woolsey Uncensor + the 'Menu' version of the music player, patch you MUST apply the music player AFTER the Ted Woolsey patch, not before. This only applies to the main menu version (this is due to a compatibility issue with the 255 clock mod included in the Ted Woosley patch).

A big thanks go out to Madsiur for coding this.

This is likely to be added to the Dancing Mad installer at a future point.

So I made something. This is the first mod I've ever created.!PJZg1IRb!kS3ECIgKhAkc-qHWkVGRAg

This is a patch meant to be applied on top of the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod. This patch re-introduces 4 songs that were created for FFVI, but cut from the final game without removing any of the existing tracks. 2 of the songs are WoB only (WoB Mobliz, and WoB Nikeah), and 2 of the changes are available in both WoB and WoR (classroom in Narshe, but not at the very start of the game, and non-occupied South Figaro).

I wasn't shooting for a Christmas release when I started work on this, but that's how the timing worked out. Enjoy!

This patch might be offered as an option in the Dancing Mad installer at some point.

*edit- Mega link updated. Changed mod's name from "Alternate Tracks" to "Cut Songs Restoration" to better reflect what the mod actually does, no changes to the mod itself.

ChrystalChameleon's "Final Fantasy VI Orchestrated" (will go under the abbreviation "CRC")

A special thanks to ChrystalChameleon for giving their endorsement and giving edale2 high quality MP3s of their tracks to work with.
Once I asked ChrystalChameleon for permission, and explained what an MSU-1 mod was, she couldn't get the tracks fast enough, lol. Didn't want to wait for the tracks to make it into the installer, so got her a link to her converted tracks as soon as I was done converting them (and about 5 minutes before I sent the files to Insidious). Less than an hour later she was more than 1/2 an hour into the game, lol.

Definitely the most enthusiastic response I've gotten to asking if I could convert someone's remaster (though I can DEFINITELY see the appeal of hearing music you've remastered yourself in-game, I kinda vicariously get that with the music I've converted).

Also, HIGHLY recommend the CRC version of Dark World once the installer's updated, best version I've worked on by far.


One thing of note with FFAR, it has every* character's theme, and also has "Balance is Restored" which is the first half of the ending. This means that if you use all the FFAR character themes, as well as the FFAR ending... The music that played in the ending for each character's theme will actually match what you've been listening to throughout the game.

The second half of the FFAR Ending is the second half of the OST ending.

*Mog's Theme was actually not part of the album. So I took the chunk of Mog's Theme from Balance is Restored, and converted that into a separate track to use as Mog's Theme. This means Mog's Theme isn't as accurate a remaster as the rest of the character themes, still good though.


ATM the only other Album that I plan to convert (unless I find an other really good one) is Dracula9AntiChapel's remasters. He's actually completed a remaster (ALL tracks), but asked me not to convert that one. He wants me to wait for him to finish his new version of the remasters, and convert those.

His new version is only about 1/2 done atm, and will probably be several months until it is finished; don't expect it to be included any time soon.


*edit- It turns out FFAR actually is missing one character's theme. It doesn't contain Setzer's Theme unfortunately.

If you've seen Insidious' demo video with the fully-working Opera... Heads up, I did some more work on the Aria.

It's so much better now, it gave Insidious chills when he tested it out, and I've gotten chills every time I've tested it out.

Seriously, the emotional impact of this thing now is insane.

I did convert the OST Opera a while back as well, since the timing wasn't an issue like Insidious thought it was (the player-influenced timing is an illusion; everything happens at a set pace, and every event starts at the exact same timeframe, this is especially evident if you finish the dance fast enough, and have to sit around for a minute waiting for the next set of lyrics to start). But I strongly encourage people to go with the OTH option for the Opera in the installer, even if going with the OST for everything else.

I've got a few potential sounds clips picked out, I need to loop and convert them to test in-game. May even play with slowing the tracks down slightly to help sell the feeling of desolation you're supposed to feel at that point in the game.

I should have a few potential tracks to you if not tonight, then tomorrow.

Oh, and a note about the Ted Woolsey patch. There's currently a bug in the ending. After the line at the end of Relm's ending "STRAGO: RELM! How can you be thinking about pictures at a time like this?" The game needs player input to advance the text. If left too long before hitting the button, it could glitch the game into a black screen. The only way to keep the ending theme synced to the audio is to be ready to advance the text as soon as it pops on screen. Author of the Ted Woolsey patch has been informed, and it should be fixed in the next patch update (he's working on hammering out a bug in his namingway patch for FFIV atm, but this is next on his list). I'm personally keeping compatibility pegged in my head at 99% until that bug is fixed, since it de-syncs the audio.

*edit- Odd that my first post didn't need to be approved by the moderators, but this one does...

Thanks for the quick response, I hadn't thought of applying the Ted Woolsey patch afterwards. Now this is just fantastic  :mrgreen: However, I guess this means that there's no value in me reporting any music bugs/glitches since I am not running "vanilla"?
It'll be easy to report bugs, just keep a copy of the unmodded ROM and the IPS files handy. (you can get the IPS for Dancing Mad here:

If/when you find a bug, swap in a ROM modified with ONLY the Dancing Mad IPS, and load a save file (NOT a save state) before the bug and try and reproduce it.

If you can reproduce the bug with just the MSU patch, report to Insidious.

If you can't reproduce the bug, swap to a copy of the ROM modified with the other IPS patch you were using, load a save file (again, NOT a save state), before the bug and try and reproduce.

If you can reproduce the bug here, the bug is with the other patch, and should be reported to that patch's author.

If you still can't reproduce the bug, swap in a ROM with both patches, and try and reproduce.

If it's reproducible here, then there's probably a conflict with the patches (it might be emulator related). You can use this tool: to check if 2 IPS patches are compatible with each other.

I've already found a few bugs in Dancing Mad, and one bug in the Ted Woolsey patch so far this way.

Oh, a nice bonus of the Ted Woosley patch? The optional music player will actually play the MSU-1 PCM files, not the SPC audio.
I have to give a huge shout out to Github contributor edale2 for his work on the audio end of things. I am very much not an audio editor, or at least if I am I'm a rank amateur. His work has been exceptional.
:-[  (god, the blushing emoticon on here looks like it's about to cry...)

Entirely self-taught, mostly (anything PCM related) since I started helping you a few days ago.  8) Honestly, the quality is more a result of my OCD, lol.

Another bonus in the new installer will be support for MSU-1 replacement of certain sound effects that are played on the SPC as loops during sections with no music. At the moment this includes the raft scene with Banon, and there's work being done on the seashore wave sound effects from the world of ruin opening. Both of these are essentially original works (using PD sound effects as a basis) by edale2. In addition, he has also provided a few Black Mages tracks that will be added to the Other selection, including their versions of Dancing Mad, Decisive Battle, and the Battle theme.

In addition, he has provided, usable in the Other section, a version of Phantom Train that is the SSC track with a train effect, similar to the one present in the original and OCR mixes.
I've had a busy few days, haven't I? lol. I highly encourage people to try out the new OTH Decisive Battle (The Black Mages' version), It was a pain in the ### to loop decently, but the end-result is definitely worth it.

For a bit more clarification, the OST and OCR Phantom Train songs had the "pulling away from the station" sound effects only during the intro, I added train sounds (just riding on the tracks, no whistles or anything like that) to the entire SSC track. It's a thing of beauty now, really helps set the mood for that part of the game.

I also fixed the timing of a few things, such as the OST ending, so things line up better in-game.

and am on the fence on maybe switching to Black Mages for Dancing Mad.
Do it!  ;D Unlike the OCR track, this one actually sounds like Dancing Mad!

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