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Hi Tirlititi,

I've started playing AF again, did a new reinstall with everything, but I have a problem with the Tantalus characters. None of Cinna, Marcus or Blank are getting healed between the battles in Alexandria, nor can they be healed by tents when put into the party with the all characters available option in the Memoria.ini.

I've read on the Memoria github that this was corrected in the newest Memoria release to accomodate new characters like Lani and Fratley, but as far as I can tell, that's what I'm using and it's happening to the Tantalus characters. This makes the early battles quite a bit harder. Any ideas what might be causing it? Any script I could look for in Memoria to fix this without going through every field in the game with HWS?


Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9997)
« on: 2023-12-31 23:16:43 »
Hi Sega Chief,

I have a quick question regarding
Spoiler: show
the battle where you play as Zack in his last stand.
Is the battle winnable or do the enemies keep coming endlessly until you lose? Also if it is winnable, is there a reward to winning or is it just bragging rights?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9996)
« on: 2023-09-23 11:22:27 »
Yuffie should automatically join you in Kalm after the Nibelheim flashback. If she hasn't, then something is probably wrong with your installation of New Threat or the Ifrit UI mod is interfering somehow. I don't use that one, so I don't know how it could be interfering, but I suppose it's possible.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9996)
« on: 2023-09-04 12:18:05 »
Hi Sega Chief,

Been playing through. I just got the Highwind and so far no real issues with the latest update.

I do have a couple suggestions that came to mind.

1. I think it would be neat if you added in a chance to rename Red XIII in Cosmo Canyon. Maybe after the gate guard's dialogue where he says "Nanaki is Nanaki, that's his name." the naming screen could pop up for Red, giving you a chance to rename him to his real name if you want. I always found it weird that the party keeps calling him Red XIII.

2. With the Ribbon you can get by killing the flowergirl, are there any other ribbons in the game or is it the only one? It seems like it's meant to be a choice of getting a really good accessory or keeping her alive and I really like it thematically. However, it seems like on the Highwind you can revive her via the debug technician, so you can get the ribbon anyway if you really want to and only miss a few scenes with Aeris. It's a minor issue but maybe something could be done with it?

3. For the Fort Condor battles, I think battle #6 gave me a Remedy, and after that every battle gave me a Megalixir as a reward. Is this how it is supposed to be? I can't complain for 7-8 easy Megalixirs, but I did start wondering if this was bugged.

4. At first I wasn't a fan of all the good Morphs in the game but I grew to enjoy them to an extent and some tricky morphs were actually satisfying to pull off. It's still a pain though so maybe Morph's damage could be boosted to be more than 1/8th? Maybe 1/6th or even 1/4th? I know eventually Yuffie's ultimate weapon bypasses the limit but that's really late.

5. On Morphs, with so many bosses having good loot, Vincent in particular suffers with his limit breaks. I noticed this in the Materia Keeper fight, you switched its weakness to Fire, which makes Vincent's initial Limit really useful (unlike in vanilla, where it absorbs Fire, so Vincent's limit actually screws you over on the first boss after you get him...) but Vincent is still a liability if you want the boss' morph loot. I was wondering if it could be possible to make it so that Vincent's limits had Morph inherently? It might be a bit overpowered but it could make Vincent's limits a bit more useful. He's not a terrible character but he's the only one whose limits I actively keep avoiding a lot of the time, which is a shame. I don't know if there's a Morph flag that could be applied to his limit attacks (without applying the 1/8th damage penalty) via hext or something, so I don't know if this can even be done, but I figured I'd ask.

6. Is the Heaven's Cloud meant to sell for 75,000 gil? I stole three of them during the Junon escape from Soldier 2nds, which ended up getting me enough to buy the villa. Can't complain, but I'm not sure if this was intentional.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.9994)
« on: 2023-08-15 18:18:05 »

I'm playing Type A and just reached the Mythril Mines where I ended up fighting Reno as a boss. From what I remember from version 2.0.9991, shouldn't Rude and Elena be here as bosses in Type A instead of Reno? EDIT: Playing the 7th Heaven version just to be clear.

With that said, I think you have a point about her early game being weak, and it doesn't help that she's out of the party for a significant portion of Disc 1. I think I'll bring her early Str/Vit up some. One question though: when did you make her second weapon? It's pretty easy to make as early as post-Dollet if you can get the Anacondaurs to drop Venom Fangs, and if not then, then after leaving Timber.
I got it after Timber, while wandering around the world map, so pretty soon. Maybe I'm selling her short, but her damage seemed low to me. I'd give examples but I haven't played in a while so I don't want to state something that I might be misremembering.

I had one more idea on how Quistis could be improved a while ago, but that would require too much work probably. The idea was to put a bigger emphasis on refining magic by getting some refinement abilities from the start and having shops sell items that refine into magic. This could be the main way of getting magic for all casters, except for Quistis who would be the only character who can draw. So while everyone needs to refine magic, Quistis could draw it from enemies. She would also get the Magic command and she'd be allowed to use any spells she draws, however she could not refine magic like everyone else as a trade-off.

So basically, Selphie would refine black magic, Rinoa white magic, Quistis would not be allowed to refine anything but she'd be able to draw and use any spells gotten from enemies. However, I realize this would require further complicated rules and it's not worth it.

Anyway, I'll see how Quistis compares once I get Shockwave Pulsar, that is sure to make a difference!

It's been a while since I was last here. Unfortunately I'm very busy these days so I ended up not playing much more of the mod. I was surprised to see so many updates!

Anyway, since it seems like I might not finish the game any time soon, I decided to do the write up I mentioned way back on my experience with the characters. Keep in mind I'm only at the Lunar Base so there are abilities and limits I haven't unlocked yet. Also keep in mind, this is all pre-1.3, so some of these may not be relevant.

Squall: Squall's good the way he is. He is very tanky and can deal very good physical damage, especially with Darkside. He might seems a bit weak early on, but once he gets towards LV 20, and gets abilities like Darkside, he really starts to pick up the slack. Only thing I might suggest as a change would be to give him Cura and maybe Life as additional spells. Cura would definitely give his white magic a bit more longevity and Paladins tend to have it in FF.

Zell: Probably one of, if not the best party member. His high HP offsets his relatively weak defenses, his damage is really high and doesn't cost HP or spells. If I had trouble with a boss, swapping in Zell usually helped turned things around. He's really good, almost a bit too good when compared to the rest of the characters in terms of damage and survivability.

Selphie: Like Zell, she is really good. She is squishy but her damage output makes up for it. Selphie's straightforward like Zell, so there isn't much to say about her. She's easy to use, her spell selection is great, I really don't have any complaints. This is true even before unlocking her Double ability, and after she gets even better.

Rinoa: Rinoa functions perfectly well as a white mage and offensively Dia and Water get her by for the most part. Angelo's limits are strong too so that also helps. Nothing much to say about her stat-wise or anything, she is the necessary white mage and fulfills that role just fine.

Now on to the two characters who I think need some changes.

Quistis: Until she gets Aura, Quistis is pretty limited. It doesn't help that her physical damage isn't very good and Draw-casting is unreliable. Once she gets Aura and a few limits, she gets better but honestly, she still isn't very good. Even though her stats are balanced, she just doesn't do enough damage or have much in the way of utility. Apart from stealing, she's really only good for dealing damage with limits. While her limit selection is technically versatile, acquiring her limits takes more effort than those of any other character, and even then her damage with them isn't up to snuff. Sure she has various elemental attacks, but not only do you have to find them first, but once you do, characters like Selphie and Rinoa still outdamage her with their magic very noticeably. I had Selphie deal twice as much damage as Quistis constantly, if not more.

Plus given that you have to seek her limits out, the few defensive spells Quistis has that could give her some versatility aren't obtainable until much later. I'm at the Lunar Base and she still doesn't have Mighty Guard or White Wind for example, both of which would have been very useful in any boss battle up until now. I think she should get these particular limits much earlier to give her some much needed defensive capabilities that would make her uniquely useful. Additionally, the damage of her limits could use a boost.

Honestly, if not for her ability to steal, Quistis would have been a permanent bench-warmer for me because she was always a liability for bosses. She couldn't deal much damage, she couldn't take damage for long, she just isn't very good. I was struggling against Seifer in Galbadia Garden with Rinoa and Quistis in my party, once I switched her out for Zell, I won the fight on my first try.

Irvine: Irvine's too gimmicky for his own good. His damage early on is really low and he isn't particularly good for anything until he gets Aura like Quistis. Later on he starts catching up, his damage gets better and his speed and critical rate start showing more potential. However I found him to be dead weight up until that point, mostly had him using healing items. I understand the idea behind the different guns but I'm honestly not a fan of that mechanic all, I'd prefer if he just had normal weapons like everyone. Overall, Irvine has the same problem that gimmicky characters like Gau from FF6 do: he can be useful if you put in the effort but when most other characters are easy to use, it makes him look worse.

I have a big suggestion for Irvine: turn him into a Red Mage. Give him Magic (and Draw?) and a spell list containing most of the basic and second level spells, plus some support ones. I was thinking Scan, Cure, Cura, Esuna, Haste, Slow, Fire, Fira, Thunder, Thundara, Blizzard, Blizzara, Water, Aero as must have spells for him, plus anything else you think is appropriate, like status-effect spells. Maybe Life?

Irvine has a pretty good magic stat and I decided to use him as a Red Mage, and it made him so much more useful. He isn't as good as the pure mages, but he's good enough at both offense and healing that he can be useful up until high-level spells start rolling in. Having both black and white magic as well makes him uniquely versatile early on, and is a great choice for elemental magic if you can't use Selphie or as a second healer if you don't want to use Rinoa. This is really good in particular during the prison and missile base sections where the party gets split up, having a second healer is super useful.

This would also help his late-bloomer stats. Early on he's not that fast or strong physically, but he has good magic, so he'd mostly be sticking to using spells to offset this. Toward the later parts of the game, as his magic starts lagging behind, his physical damage starts catching up and he gets more types of ammo, you'd start using his physical attacks and limit more. His spells would no longer be as useful later, since Thundaras can't keep up with Thundagas or high-end spells, but by then, he'd grow into the physical attacker he is. Sinceh he'd have Cura, he'd still be a decent secondary healer as well in a pinch.

Basically he'd be the classic Red Mage, a class that is really useful early on but not so good later, and by the endgame, he'd grow into a fast, high-critical rate Gunner, while still retaining his spells for emergencies if wanted. I think this would be better than he is now, plus Irvine always struck me as a hybrid character, who'd have a class that combines attacks and magic, not really sure why. Also, his GF should learn Call Shop to make buying ammo easier. I think Cerberus only has Junk Shop, which is less useful in my opinion.

Well, that's all. I hope it will be useful. I'll still be keeping an eye on the mod in the future, although I'm not sure when I'll actually have the time to continue playing properly. :C

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-02-16 09:40:15 »
Good to hear. I also confirmed that it prevents Seifer's GF from being unequipped, which I may make use of eventually. What did you think of Edea as a playable character?
I think she was balanced. She was strong and her limit break could kill regular enemies in one hit, and my tactic against the boss at the Great Salt Lake (Abadon I think?) involved her spamming her limit. The boss went down quick. You could arguably say that she's a bit overpowered but since she's not a permanent character I didn't mind, plus she's supposed to be strong, so it made sense. She reminded me of Beatrix from FF9, who is only with you for a short while but is made powerful so you can have fun with her.

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-02-10 12:58:20 »

You may already know this, but I've reached the Lunar Base and I can confirm that Edea has no problem with de-equipping GFs now from the Laguna dreams. Your fix for that works great.

I found what I think may be a small oversight. You know the invisible Aura drawpoint that is available during the battle of the Gardens? The one here:

It's still there and can be used, giving you access to some Aura spells. I know it's invisible and one time-only, and only Quistis has move-find and she isn't there, but if you know it's there, you can still use it.

I also had a weird instance where an enemy cast Aero on itself and died. I forgot which one it was sadly but I think it was an encounter with three enemies and may have been story related? I wish I had written it down... I keep thinking it may have been humanoid soldiers but I'm not sure.

As I'm approaching the end, I'm really enjoying the mod. For the most part it kept the same level of challenge and balance, which I think is pretty good. There were some harder fights, but nothing too ridiculous and it very much feels like a proper difficulty, rather than a hard-type mod, which I really appreciate. I think the second Seifer fight was a good example, he wasn't really hard and I didn't need a super specific strategy, but he had a good chunk of HP and could dish out damage fast, so I needed to pay attention. You turned him into a proper boss rather than a joke, without going overboard.

I think I might write up a small review on the mechanics and what I liked, and some minor stuff that could maybe use a bit of improvement. Maybe I'll focus on how the characters function since that's a good way to look at the game balance. So yeah, I'm almost finished and overall super pleased with this mod. Good work!

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-01-26 19:07:00 »
What did you think about Squall's Cure spells in the early game? I shifted his Mag growth so that the baseline for his Cures would be around 350. Also, what are your party's levels?
They worked better this time around. I think the increase was enough, Squall had more turns attacking than previously because his healing was more potent. Previously Squall's healing often couldn't fully heal a bigger hit in the early game, now it does and usually adds a little on top. Now I no longer had Squall constantly healing to keep up with the punches.

Currently I finished Laguna's second dream, Squall is 21, Selphie is 19 and Quistis is 18. I kind of took a bit longer in the dream than I expected and I also ran around the map a bit, so Rinoa and Zell are also 17.

The thing about making Rinoa's Limits magic-based is that magic damage doesn't scale very well. For instance, if I made Angelo Cannon magic-based and gave it a base power of 42--the same value that it's set to right now as a physical attack--it might do pretty solid damage in the early game, but it would be awful later on. At level 100 she'd do about double the damage with physical Angelo Cannon as magical, even with the large gap between her Str and Mag stats (156 vs. 232). I added the Confusion effect in one of the updates to try and make it more useful while playing into her role of healing/mitigation (enemies can't hurt you if they're hurting themselves), but I think the real solution is to shift her Str stat to be higher earlier, similar to what I've done with other characters. I might also bump Cannon and Strike's base power up a bit (Wishing Star doesn't really need it since it's multi-hit and ignores Vit). As I was telling Nikkolas earlier in the thread, I've thought about replacing Cannon with a heal using Invincible Moon's animation, but I don't want to get rid of Cannon and I also don't want to turn IM into a healing skill since its invincibility keeps some of that FFVIII "flavor" and adds an additional perk to using Rinoa.
Ah, fair enough. Shame magic damage is so wonky.

None of them are missable but you may have to go out of your way and/or get lucky to find them/find them at the earliest you can get them. Degenerator is the only one that I've removed outright.
Good to know!

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-01-26 16:52:41 »
A quick update, I've also reached the second Laguna dream and according to the Hyne save editor, Edea is still equipped with Eden on my end too.  :) I'm hoping to finish disc 1 soon.

As for some observations, you were right about Squall's strength. While he initially seemed lacking, once I got to run around the world map a bit and he started to approach level 20, I noticed that his damage output became a lot more solid. For Rinoa, I think it might be better to have her limits be magic-based to give her some extra damage since she is limited in offensive options. Whenever she gets down to yellow health, I'd rather just have her heal herself than use Angelo cause the damage she deals (at least with Angelo's initial limits) just isn't worth the risk of keeping her at low health for one turn.

The rest of the characters so far feel good to use, no complaints with them. Although I have to ask, are any of Quistis' limits missable or rare? By rare, I mean situations where the item is only dropped by enemies in a specific one-time only area, and then don't show up again until the disc 3/4 or at all. For example in the Vanilla game Gespers in Laguna's Cetra dream are the only way to get Quistis' Degenerator apart from card modding.

WIP / Re: [FF8-R] Squall Hair Remodel Progress
« on: 2021-01-26 11:27:56 »
Not sure if this helps at all, but Squall's SeeD model in Dissidia 012 for PSP seems to be about the same quality as the Remastered models and his hair there looks fairly accurate. Not sure if the head here could be ported on top of the remastered Squall's body, but it could still be good reference to modify the existing head if not. Of course someone still has to figure out how to get the model back into the game.

The second picture is from a mod, but the hair is the same and it was the the highest resolution screenshot I could find. Full pic here:

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-01-20 20:20:13 »
I've tested out the fix on the transitions to the first two Laguna dreams and everything seems to be in order. I need to test it out more thoroughly, though. If you'd like to try it out in your playthrough, you can use Hyne to equip Edea with Eden and swap these files in: I went ahead and gave Edea some stat buffs since she felt too weak in some respects, and it also includes various other stat changes as well, including faster Vit growth for Squall--just keep in mind that I haven't tested them out yet beyond using Doomtrain's damage calculation tools.

EDIT: Scratch that. I completely forgot that the field files will have to be changed for Edea too. If you want to try it out, let me know and I'll send a new field archive.

At least I know now, lol.

I'm not sure when 1.3 will release; From before 1.1 up to 1.2's release I spent several weeks working on the mod a ton and decided to take a short break from doing any "heavy" work afterward. I'm also trying to make one new content addition in each major update and I haven't yet decided which of my planned sidequests I'll work on.
Sure, feel free to send them over or post them. Is Hyne necessary if I restart the game? I figure I might as well restart in full as I'm not too far into the game yet, and then I'll be testing from the start to the end. Although it will probably take a couple weekends to get to the last Laguna dream, I'll be able to give feedback.

If you don't want to do 1.3 just yet, you could release what you have with the Edea fix as a 1.2.1 once you are satisfied with the testing results. It's not a big content update but restoring Edea to a full character is a big enough change I think.

It's good to see that the first two Laguna dreams are working fine now, hopefully the remaining three will also be good! It's definitely a good sign.

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-01-20 15:58:19 »
So I may have made some progress on this.

I tried using CE to see what addresses wrote to Edea's GF value, but it didn't pick up anything...until I upgraded to a more recent version of the program, which picked up something; I used the "Replace with code that does nothing" option on it and everything seems to be as I want it--Edea's GF value didn't change, the party still switches, they still get Squall's group's GFs and magic. It'll require testing to make sure that it doesn't break anything, but maybe I'll be able to reintroduce Edea in 1.3. Thanks for getting me to look into this again.  ;D

(I feel a little dumb now, though. Like "Wow, it was that easy all this time?" lol.)
Nice work! I hope the testing turns up nothing. From the sound of it it shouldn't break anything, but you never know. If it all works out, I'll be looking forward to 1.3 with great anticipation. Glad I could help a little bit!

And don't feel dumb about it! From what tech experience I have, I can attest that this happens. Sometimes you'll find a simple solution that will have you facepalming and wondering how you didn't think of it before. :D

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-01-20 13:29:31 »
Yeah, I definitely agree with the Junction Opcode being the culprit, no idea what could be done with it either.

The only other idea I have would be to obtain Eden normally when Edea joins, like with regular characters. Then when she leaves the party, you'd need to add a script to remove Eden from the available GFs as well. Unfortunately I don't know if this is possible with just the field scripts, but it would be the cleanest solution. I don't have much hope for it working to be honest.

Something worth noting is that the Hyne save editor is capable of disabling GFs you have. You can open up a save, uncheck the "Available" box for a GF you want to remove, and the GF will disappear from the menu (although it will stay junctioned to a character if they have it on, so to remove it fully, you need to unjunction them first). That gives some hope that there should be a memory address to turn Eden off from the available GFs when it's time, however the problem would be to implement this in a way where it happens only when Edea leaves. I don't know if hext would be capable of injecting a change to the memory address at a specific point in the game. You'd probably still need a dll or Cheat Engine. :\

Plus this would all come with a compromise: Edea's GF showing up in the menu while Seifer's doesn't would be inconsistent. :\

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-01-20 01:16:40 »
Well, I have both Seifer and Edea set to start out with a GF equipped without making it available to the player. This works basically fine in itself, as seen with Seifer; the problem is that whenever switching to and from Laguna's party, the game unequips everyone, including characters like Seifer and Edea. So by the time Edea joins the party, she doesn't have a GF anymore.

I actually have the values for forcing Edea to be equipped with Eden and/or some abilities in the mod's hext file, but they're disabled because the values of those addresses just get overwritten when the game begins to load, and again when you load a save file. I think the only solution is a dll file that could force those addresses to be set to those values, similar to this video I made a while back using Cheat Engine: If I could lock Seifer and Edea's GFs in, I could also do the same for the main party to make the mod feel a little more "authentic," for lack of a better term. I've gotten a little more familiar with Cheat Engine and I know it has some kind of scripting template, so maybe it'd be possible now, but my technical skills are pretty low.

Oh, I see. I figured it wouldn't be as simple as I thought since Seifer didn't have this issue. I'm not very good at the technical side (especially with FF8) but it sounds like you might be right. The only other solution I can think of is that you could try to edit the field scripts for these events. I know the "109 - Junction" Opcode is connected to the Laguna junction switches, but I'm not familiar enough with it to understand how it all connects. I'm also aware of the "128 - ResetGF" Opcode but from what I've seen that's kind of a mess.

For example, this is what happens right before the second Laguna dream:

   setparty(0, 5, 3)

The character digits are 0 for Squall, 1 for Zell, 3 for Quistis, 4 for Rinoa and 5 for Selphie. Irvine is 2 but not yet in the party, and Seifer, Edea, Laguna, Kiros and Ward are 6-10 for reference. So the game uses resetGF on Rinoa and Zell to remove their junctions I'd assume, then sets the party to Squall, Selphie and Quistis. Then it uses 1 for junction , which according to documentation is as follows:

When set to 0, ends all "dream world" related stuff (GF junction carryover, Squall->Laguna, party lock, etc).
When set to 1, only Squall's junctions gets carried over.
When set to 3, the whole party gets carried over.

This matches up, as the second Laguna dream has those three characters, but only Squall's junctions are carried over. As you can see though, no mention of removing anything from Seifer and Edea, in fact, I only found one ResetGF opcode with Edea's ID of 7 and that is actually before the final dream sequence. What is also weird is that ResetGF does not seem to be always used for the Laguna dreams. It's possible that ResetGF is a leftover and Square built in the junction removal differently in the end. Maybe the Junction Opcode itself automatically removes GFs from everyone, in which case the only way to keep Edea's junctions would be to remove the opcodes somehow and disable the Laguna junction transfer, I guess? I found an old thread of someone attempting something similar and managing to make manual junction exchange possible between Laguna and present party members, but it didn't go far:

In the end it might be better to use a dll to modify memory addresses like you suggest. Looking at all this though, I have a feeling that maybe if the Junction Opcode for the Dream World switch was removed and Laguna and co were added to the party as regular members, then removed at each dream's end, maybe Edea's junctions wouldn't get removed. Maybe I'm completely wrong but it seems to me like that particular opcode is directly tied to the removal of GFs... I honestly don't know if this method would be easier or harder, I've never tried modifying FF8's scripts before.

Or you could just have Edea share Carbuncle with Rinoa since they are never in the same party together, but it would be a shame for Edea not to have her own abilities.

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-01-19 15:40:31 »
Honestly, I didn't think anyone would bring up my GF choices...  ;D Maybe I've just been working on this for so long that I only see them as gameplay functions.
Sorry about that :D I didn't mean to make a big deal out of them really, like I said your choices are overall good. However I really liked your concept for this mod and I was immediately impressed when I saw GF like Bahamut, Ifrit, Shiva, Alexander early in the game and how their abilities fit the characters, the GFs themselves, and even the classes they were meant to bestow upon each character. It's really creative how they all fit together so well, and thanks to that the pairings don't stick out or feel fan-made. It feels like this could have been an official class system. So really, it's not so much that Tonberry and Cactuar are bad fits or anything, it's just that the others feel so perfect to me, that those two stick out a bit. So yeah, once again, great job on the core concept of your mod, it's probably the first FF8 gameplay mod that I've really enjoyed and made me rethink my approach to the gameplay completely.

Out of curiousity, you mentioned that you couldn't get Edea to work without a GF if I understand correctly? If this bug is proving unsolveable, is there some way you could work around this perhaps? Maybe give her a unique GF like Seifer? Or rename one of the GFs to a blank name (if possible) or "Sorceress/Sorcery" and assigning that to Edea? That way she would have abilities and it would at least look like she doesn't have a GF in the menu.

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-01-18 18:14:32 »
Gotcha, I'll keep using Squall and see how he compares as the game goes on. I guess once he starts learning some abilities, he'll have more utility.

As for the GFs, I'm glad you're considering Cerberus. I think your overall choices are pretty good, they fit the characters and lore and have a logic to them:

Squall - Bahamut:
Bahamut is the dragon king, so him bestowing Squall with "knightly" abilities makes sense. He's also one of the cooler summons, so it fits the main character. Plus in FF9 Bahamut has a big cutscene battle with Alexander, and you made Alexander Seifer's GF in Dollet, so I think that also fits in a meta-sense, the rivals having rival GFs.

Quistis - Shiva:
Shiva is a classic. She fits as well as any other GF for a blue mage. The only other one I could think of is Leviathan, because it makes more sense for Leviathan to have Devour than Shiva, as Leviathan devours ships in some FF games, but other than that Shiva is great and the other abilities (Aura, Move-Find, etc) fit her well.

Zell - Ifrit:
Big brute GF for the monk, and a classic summon, best choice.

Rinoa - Carbuncle:
I think you made a good call here, having a support GF is great and also the idea that Carbuncle bestows white mage abilities on Rinoa makes sense too as Carbuncle is always portrayed as a friendly summon that provides support. I think it's the only one that makes sense for Rinoa.

For Irvine, as I said I prefer Cerberus because it would be a second support GF and also because Cerberus in vanilla FF8 has SPD-J, Alert and Auto-Haste, which I think fit with Irvine's focus on speed and his role as a sniper. Plus he mainly uses support magic in your mod, so a support GF makes sense. Also Cerberus is an FF8-original so I think he deserves a bit of spotlight.

Selphie is a tough one because Tonberry, Diablos and Doomtrain would all work for her. Personally I prefer Diablos. She is a black mage so I think the idea of a devil-like GF giving her offensive magic makes sense to me, plus Diablos' summon involves him using all sorts of magic sigils and pure dark magic energy to attack. I think his summon attack is similar to what black mage Selphie can do, which fits more than knife-wielding Tonberry. Plus Diablos is also FF8-original so it would be appropriate, and the juxtaposition of cute girl Selphie having the devil as her partner is kinda funny too. Doomtrain would also work for her because she loves trains, but I think that's a bit shallow for a reason.

Anyways, it's up to you what you'd prefer but I figured I'd provide my opinion. I just think it's a bit of a waste for two characters to get the mascot summons with funny animations while others get more "serious", staple GFs. However I might be biased as I dislike Tonberry and Cactuar as summons because they also serve as regular enemies you can encounter instead of unique creatures, which makes them feel "lesser" than other GFs imo.

Releases / Re: [FF8-PC Steam 2013] FFVIII Crystal 1.2
« on: 2021-01-17 17:24:35 »
Hello Leythalknight,

I've been playing your mod and I quite like it so far. The basic concept is great and the balance so far has been decent. I'm still on disc one so I can't offer comprehensive feedback but I am curious about some things.

First, was there any particular reason you choose Tonberry and Cactuar as GFs for Selphie and Irvine? The rest of the GFs fit the characters and their classes imo, but these two are a bit odd. Maybe it's just that they are mascots, but I can't help but think that Diablos would have been better for Selphie as a black mage and that Cerberus would fit Irvine better as he's all about speed and luck. You'd have to change GF attacks, but only a little. Cerberus could cast a party-wide haste instead of double and triple and Diablos could just have Tonberry's attack power. So Diablos would function exactly as Tonberry and Cerberus's haste would replace the gimmicky level-based damage of Cactuar and offer a second support-type GF.

Second, I've looked at the character stats using Doomtrain and I'm a bit concerned how the characters will work in the long term. I know there are abilities and weapons to consider, but are you sure everyone has the stats they are supposed to have?

Here are each character's stats at Level 100, according to Doomtrain:

To me, Squall's stats in particular seem really low. I added all them up and as you can see, his total is 100 points less than everyone else's, but more importantly, his magic is really low, less than half of Zell's. His spirit is also the lowest and his strength is also the second lowest. I don't know how much abilities play into this but regardless, this doesn't seem quite right, even Rinoa's attack outdamages Squall's while she's supposed to be a white mage.

I've first noticed this during the Dollet mission. While it felt well balanced overall, I couldn't help but notice that Squall simply couldn't keep up with Selphie or Zell in terms of damage, which would have been fine, but even as a healer he wasn't particularly good. His low magic makes it so that his basic cure spell can't even heal as much as a standard potion and in boss fights he spends most his turns mitigating damage. Not just that, but with the lowest spirit stat, he is still not very durable. While he can take a punch with his high vitality, magic wrecks him, which doesn't make him a particularly good tank either, which I assume is what he's supposed to be as a knight archetype. Maybe it's just me but I think he needs more strength, and either more magic or spirit, or even both. He's always in the party and he by far seems to be the worst character so far.

Am I missing something? Does he get better with GF abilities and weapon upgrades? His stats seem too low for those to make a difference.

I have a question about critical hits. I've been playing AF with Moguri and I've noticed that my critical hits were not doing much damage, in fact, they seemed to be doing less than regular hits. I used dnSpy to modify the formula and made all my hits critical and began testing. Sure enough, I had situations where Steiner would hit for about 120 damage with a critical, and then hit that same enemy for about 240 with another critical. Without criticals, Steiner's damage would have been around 180 or so,. This is all with bug killer equipped as well.

So I was wondering if this is normal and caused by some enemy ability or status, or if Moguri is messing things up? I wouldn't be surprised given that escaping with L1 and R1 straight up doesn't work in Moguri for some reason.

By the way Tirlititi, the opening post has download links for Moguri+AF and Moguri+Beatrix-only, but I've noticed that both links lead to the same download. I think you have the wrong link up for Moguri+Beatrix.

Alright, sounds good. I know how to edit the hws file, so I can always try to change the SFX for Transcend if I feel like it. :) The difficulty changes sound good too, I remember those two battles being really irritating when I played AF but I got through the rest of the game fine so I'm glad to hear those two have been changed.

On another note, I've been thinking about mixing together the AF .hws with the Beatrix-only .hws. If I patched my game with Beatrix-only first, then patched regular AF on top of that, but during the import selection I don't select the enemies, what would happen? Would I end up with all features from AF, but keep the vanilla enemies (plus the few extra bosses) from Beatrix-only?

Also, bit of a random question but is the stat growth of characters the same as in vanilla FF9? To be clear, I'm talking about natural stats, not bonus stat growth from equipment.

Oh wow, 5.0 is out? And Beatrix got a Trance? And there's a Beatrix-only mod now as well? Awesome! That new Steal mechanic sounds fantastic as well, finally stealing will not be irritating. Man, I didn't expect all this stuff when I randomly came here today, but I might end up replaying AF as soon as I finish FF7 New Threat. Fantastic work Tirlititi!

I do have some questions from when I played 4.2:

1. Would it be possible to add a version where every character joins at level 1? I'm not sure what kind of scripting this would require, but it always bothered me that if Freya/Quina/Eiko/Amarant/Beatrix join at higher levels, they will have less HP/MP/Magic stones than if they had joined at level 1 and leveled up naturally. I think it would be a neat addition and luckily all of them (except maybe Beatrix) join at a point where they can easily be levelled up. I used to use the Memoria save editor to reset everyone's stats upon joining but I'm not sure if that would cause problems. Would Memoria cause problems?

2. Have some of the bosses been toned down since 4.2? I remember a lot of people having trouble with the Beatrix fights, she would constantly inflict doom at a point in the game where there was no reliable way to cure it. I even had trouble with the very first Steiner battle, he would kill my entire party before I could steal all his stuff. Somehow I got through them, but I'm wondering if there's been any significant change.

3. Does Zidane's Transcend still use the SFX magic animation from the stage battle in the beginning? If so, I would recommend switching the animation to Amarant's Aura. If I remember right, since you've removed that ability, nothing else uses that animation and it looks much better than the goofy SFX abilities. I might be wrong though, but still, that ability needs a better animation.


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