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@paky-outsider: No, they are mostly done for the PC version and even for the PC version that is modded with the Memoria Engine Mod.
These 3 points apply to the PSX version as well, but that's pretty much it.
- Fix "ObjectUID_" in scripts so they adapt if you add or remove entries.
- Add a copy/paste feature for texts. Only enemy, world map and field texts can use this feature.
- Add a couple of interface improvements (mainly some more IDs are displayed).

@g_west: These are handled by the field scripts (in "Environment -> Fields -> Edit Script" windows).

The functions that are relevant to this side-quest are mostly those:
1) Picking up the Red Stone: Field Mountain Path/Trail (1550), Function Zidane_48
2) Picking up the Blue Stone: Field Mountain Path/Trail (1551), Function Zidane_15
3) Picking up the Yellow Stone: Field Mountain Path/Roots (1555), Function Zidane_22
4) Picking up the Green Stone: Field Mountain Path/Roots (1557), Function Zidane_14
5) Placing all the stones: Field Mountain Path/Roots (1554), Function Zidane_16

The picking-up functions all look roughly the same. Something like that:
Code: [Select]
Function Zidane_48
    TimedTurn( Angle(2000, 850), 32 )
    WaitTurn(  )
    SetStandAnimation( 2605 ) // Crouch
    RunAnimation( 2607 ) // Idle crouching
    WaitAnimation(  )
    SetTextVariable( 0, 300 ) // "Red Stone"
    WindowSync( 0, 0, 143 ) // "[Item] is set on the stone. Take it out Leave it alone"
    if ( !GetDialogChoice ) {
        Wait( 10 )
        RunSoundCode3( 53248, 1340, 0, -128, 125 ) // Play Sound
        Wait( 10 )
    SetStandAnimation( 200 ) // Idle
    RunAnimation( 2591 ) // Stand up
    if ( !GetDialogChoice ) {
        RunSoundCode3( 53248, 108, 0, -128, 125 ) // Play Sound
        AddItem( 300, 1 ) // Add the Red Stone key item
        SetTextVariable( 0, 300 ) // "Red Stone"
        if ( 1 ) {
            WindowSync( 7, 0, 58 ) // "  Received [Item]!  "
        } else {
            WindowSync( 7, 0, 59 ) // Unused - "  Received [Item] Card!  "
        set VARL_GenBool_2864 = 1
    WaitAnimation(  )
So you see, by changing the ID "300" to something else, you can change the item given at these statues. It also shows how items are given to the player so you can do something similar later on on disk 3.

The function for placing the stones is a bit more complicated (in particular, it uses a variable "VARL_GenUInt8_358" with bitwise operations to keep track of which stones are already placed). It could be done to add another stone requirement (like a custom made "White Stone" or whatever) that would only be picked up in disk 3, but indeed the easiest is to change the reward in one of the pickup spot above + add the missing stone later on in disk 3.

In order to give the missing stone later on, check how to change a chest content that I wrote a long time ago. Most of the time, you'll want to search for the "Chest" functions in field scripts or possibly the "Zidane_XX" functions when the items are placed on the floor and not inside a chest.
It is also possible to add a whole new chest, so you don't replace any other treasure. For that, you mostly need to:
1) Create a new entry in the "Edit Entries" window, of type "Object" (because it will be linked to a chest 3D object).
2) Add functions for that new entry, at least a "Init" (a function of type 0) and a "Range" (a function of type 2). Adding functions is done by right-clicking on the list of functions in the script window. These two functions should be like the functions for existing chests. The "Init" function for instance could look like that:
Code: [Select]
Function ChestA_Init
    SetModel( 75, 0 ) // The model of "ChestA"
    CreateObject( [COORDINATES: Chest position on the field] )
    TurnInstant( [ANGLE: Chest facing angle on the field] )
    SetObjectLogicalSize( 1, 40, 45 )
    SetStandAnimation( 7340 ) // Dummy Close
    SetWalkAnimation( 7340 ) // Dummy Close
    SetRunAnimation( 7340 ) // Dummy Close
    SetObjectFlags( 5 )
    SetHeadFocusMask( 2, 0 )
    if ( [CONDITION: Chest content already picked up] ) {
        SetStandAnimation( 7338 ) // Dummy Open
    } else {
        SetStandAnimation( 7339 ) // Dummy Close
    SetObjectFlags( 49 )
    EnableHeadFocus( 0 )
3) Add a line "InitObject" next to the others in the function "Main_Init" to actually create the chest object when entering the field.

Sorry for the late answers.

Hi Tirlititi and happy new year to everyone who still enjoying this game.
I'm on my way to mod 3rd disk of psx version.
I've to stop and re-mod the entire disk 2 fields, 'cause i overwrite the binary file directly, 'cause of some issues in Iifa Tree fields that stuck the game. Many of these fields, even if you don't modify anythings, if you parse them, appears some errors.
So i don't touch them (except two or three things). It works.
Something like that it happens on disk 3, pandemonium fields, because of my modification, i suppose.
In 3rd disk i'd wanted to add Beatrix in the party...the idea is switch Freya to Beatrix (simply adjustment of SetPartyReserve and SetCharacterData) but in many places there are some troubles: Desert Palace, Oeilivert, Gulgu, Ipsen Castle and so on till to Branbal. The code of the game, often checks who is in your party (is in party check, or with other VARiables) to put in game fields this o that character. Even if from Quina, Eiko and Amarant to Cinna, Marcus and Blank, I made it, It doesn't work if you adjust these checks to say to the game "if Beatrix is in the party you've to act like Freya is in the party".
Now, 'cause of Pandemonium fields problems, i rewrited fields only to have Tantalus... I added Beatrix in some battles (like when you search amarant in Ipsen Castle with Zidane solo party).

1) Any suggestions?

2) Where (or with what) i can edit something about trance models on psx version?
I've already gave trance to Cinna, Marcus and Blank removing Change Model line in Spell animation for Trance Activate --- but, you know, i'm wondering, for example, can i associate blank with pluto suit like trance version of Blank?
And on it, how can i choose (or set) this suit for Blank, in normal game?

It's almost a year that i've started to mod the game thank to this forum, to you Tirlititi and to who posts here throught the years.


Thanks for the fast reply Tirlititi.
Tonight I'll make a couple of tries to figure it out by replacing isinparty(9) all over marsh's fields.

In order the HW's new features in yours recent posts, is possible to use them with psx version?

EDIT: In my previous attempts I've missed one single isinparty's check, exactly in 0655 field, function main. Now it works.

Hi paky-outsider,

Wouldn't it work to just replace all the occurences of "IsInParty(5)" by "IsInParty(9)", as you've started to do?
You can batch-export the field scripts and do some "search & replace" operation. Normally, you should even be able to batch-reimport the scripts easily then, even though I've not tested with the PSX version and it may bug if there are too many scripts.

The problem with making links to other fields in the PSX version is that it doesn't work well as the game needs to preload some datas. I wouldn't try to hijack the field exits like that in the PSX version.

Stuck in the marsh.

Hi Tirlititi,
I've an issue with my psx mod.
I'm trying to replace Quina, Eiko and Amarant by Cinna, Marcus and Blank with their own trance, obtained by removing change model line in the trance activate spell animation, and their own support abilities, by a trick in the beginning of the game.
CD1 works fine: for example in Burmesia, with this code for Cinna 5,1,255,21,8 the game thinks Quina is in the party, so on field and on the cinematic scenes she is present, but in the menù and in battle Cinna is on. (In the Marsh, i've to modify in some fields the lines isinparty(5) to isinparty(9) 'cause only like this you can start the frog game, for some reason in these fields the game "see" Cinna and not Quina, with the code 5,1,255,21,8.
Now in cd2 the issue is this.
I'm going to start Fossil Roo sequence.
To do that, after destroyed lindblum, i've to go to qu's Mars, and find the enter of Fossil Roo.
Now...the game with that code for Quina/Cinna, thinks i'm with the quina's find fossil roo entrance sequence is triggered and i cant find it, so i'm stuck in the marsh.
So many tries to use RemoveParty lines before that point of the game but useless, the game see Cinna's code like yet.
So I've tried, but with no working results, to modify field region range code for fields 0655, 0660... to directly access to the Fossil Roo entrance in field 0662...
(Isinparty check moved from 5 to 9 in 0655 and in 0660, no results ; in 0660 field change the region that allow the access to 0655 field, moved from 0655 to 0662, no results).

Can you help me to do that?
Or suggest other options?


It's not easy to add a brand new NPC even with minimal interaction, but it is possible to add Beatrix in the party, even in the PSX version. Indeed it's impossible to have both Blank and Amarant simultaneously because they share a common slot. It'd also be problematic to switch between Blank and Amarant back and forth because it would lose some of Amarant's datas in the process.
Basically, you need to add this kind of function to a NPC in a field script. You can add a NPC that normally doesn't appear by adding an entry, but beware that 3D models are field-dependant on the PSX version and you can't have a NPC appearing in a field in which they would never appear otherwise.
Code: [Select]
Function Man_SpeakBTN
    ifnot ( IsMovementEnabled ) {
    set VAR_GlobBool_158 = 0
    if ( VAR_GlobBool_159 == 1 ) {
        DisableMove(  )
        if ( VAR_GlobBool_144 == 0 ) {
            DisableMenu(  )
        } else {
            Wait( 1 )
    SetTriangleFlagMask( 127 )
    WindowSync( 2, 128, XXX ) // Use whatever dialog line you want, like "Hello, here's a Beatrix for your party."
    set Setting_PartyReserve = 511 // 511 is "all the usual party members + Beatrix
    Party( 4, 1 ) // Open the party menu to allow the player to place Beatrix in
    set VAR_GlobBool_158 = 1
    if ( VAR_GlobBool_159 == 1 ) {
        if ( VAR_GlobBool_156 == 0 ) {
            EnableMove(  )
            SetTriangleFlagMask( 255 )
            if ( VAR_GlobBool_144 == 0 ) {
                EnableMenu(  )
You can add things like "TurnTowardObject( 250, 32 ) / WaitTurn(  )" to make add fanciness, but the main line is changing the "Setting_PartyReserve". Also, if you use this code before Beatrix joined your party the first time, you need a line like "SetCharacterData( 8, 1, 13, 22, 15 )" as well.

By the way, whether it's Blank or Amarant in your party depends on the flag "temporary character" in the corresponding "SetCharacterData" line that was last used on their shared slot.
Code: [Select]
SetCharacterData( 11, 1, 10, 21, 12 ) // Setup Blank
SetCharacterData( 7, 0, 7, 5, 7 ) // Setup Amarant instead

That's correct.

Yes, the "SetCharacterData" is almost a "one-time event" (actually not one time but 2 or 3 times depending on the character), ie. it is triggered once when the character is initialised and if the character was initialised with the "temporary" flag, that character will keep that flag for the rest of the game or until it gets re-initialised.

=> If you load a save in which the character was already initialised with this flag, it will keep this flag, no matter what change you did to the event scripts of "Prima Vista".
=> Also, the temporary characters are re-initialised a couple of time: Blank is re-initialised right before the Plant Brain battle (there's a line "SetCharacterData" for Blank a bit above the line that triggers the Plant Brain battle in its nest) / Marcus is re-initialised before the 2nd fight against Black Waltz 3 battle / Beatrix is initialised once in Queen's Chamber before fighting Bandersnatches and is re-initialised in Alexandria's marketplace during Bahamut's attack.

=> You are able remove that "temporary" flag even in your end-game saves if you add new "SetCharacterData" lines at places where there wasn't before. For example, you can add a "SetCharacterData" at the end of a "Main_Init" function of any place so that it removes the flag. Make sure that you use the equipement set "255", which is the value for "don't touch the equipment", otherwise you could lose/duplicate pieces of equipments.

Thanks for the tips. I'll try soon to put tantalus and/or Beatrix in the party by this way on psx.

Now, for trance issue (softlock in game for Blank and the others no trance guys) I got the answer: I remove the lines "change model" from the [Trance_activate]. It does this: no trance model for anybody, so everyone simply is lighting up after trasformation, battle menù changes correctly, maybe the bad status have the same rate that affect the normal model. When trance are finished, characters stop lighting up, trasformations are ok. I've tried this on Tantalus and Beatrix, they without trance bar, have a trance menu that works fine, and if you set trance abilities, like i do, they work as well. Even if no trance bar, they trance off after two or three moves, like the normal trance guys, because of the trance formula i think.

Such a great job is HW!!!

1-Is it possible to add in some point, a npc that changes the party, allowing to put in Beatrix or Tantalus? (I think it's impossible to have for example amarant and blank, 'cause they share the same code in psx, correct?)

2-Or maybe, npc, allowing to switch between Eiko-Marcus, Quina-Cinna, Amarant-Blank, someoneelse-Beatrix?

I can do that by gameshark codes, but i ask for permanent changes.

Any other tips?

For trance and whether it's Blank instead of Amarant or the other way around, it's the same thing in HW : it's the character's flag "Temporary party member". That's a flag that is used when settting up the characters before they join the party for the first time.

Example, in Prima Vista/Cargo Room's script, in the function "Baku_Masked_Loop", you have this line:
Code: [Select]
SetCharacterData( 9, 1, 8, 21, 8 )This line setup Cinna in particular by enabling his flag "Temporary character". Without that flag, he would use Quina's model and portrait and would have trance just like the other party members (he wouldn't have it against Masked Man because trance is still disabled for everyone at that point).

I have no idea for gameshark codes.

So, if i'm correct with what you say, "21" it's the way to have Cinna, so if i modify, turning off temporary flags (and 21 goes to 5), the game set Quina.

I've tried to modify battle menu in that specific field line up to have
Beatrix's menù to Quina?
Vivi's menu to Marcus
Dagger's menu to Blank

And it works...

Why it doesn't work in cd3? or in Battle with the evil forest's boss? (a couple of tries i've done)
It this case i've tried same modification to setcharacterdata in specified field (cd3 field Hilda Garde...where you can change the party, and i set (i guess) amarant to blank (flagging temporary character on, so his fourth argument goes from 5 to 21) - cd1 field 257 evil forest to modify only blank's menu battle in beatrix in that battle, changing only fifth argument) but with no changes in game.

The only differences i see on what i do, is that in case of Masked Man battle i start new game, in other cases i load the game. So
1) loading game is the issue? Or
2) maybe this changes affect the character only when you first meet them in game, like i've read here in some posts?

Thanks for the reply.

So, if you remember that, for PSX version:
1) :roll: it's possible to remove trance bar in HW or with gameshark codes?
2) :mrgreen: it's possible to add Cinna/Marcus/Blank or Beatrix to the party whenever in the game you can choose party members? (I can do it with gameshark codes but i want to know if this is possible with HW to make a .bin's permanent modify)
3) :-* it's possibile to add gameshark codes on cheats'cd (like action replay without card, or others)?
4) 8-)  this is not a question but only a time to say a really "thank you" to all your work and to this community.

And I swear... in this century or the next, I play with the PC version (so the mainly features that i request are already in game  :P and i don't have to bother you and the community with this  :'( psxoomer nostalgic request)


Hello everyone and hello again Tirlititi, it's been some years since my last post. In these past few weeks, I've finally played until disc 3. (PSX - Italian version with Alternate version, run on EpsxE PC and android)

***************** (this part originally was at the end of the post)
THE QUESTIONS of nowadays (to understand how i came to this maybe-billion-time-questions, please read this little truly-(un)satisfied but enthusiastic-guy story)
1 - Is there a GAMESHARK code that works with the PSX italian version to remove trance bar?
2 - Is IMPOSSIBLE to set trance with these guys (Marcus, Blank, Cinna and Beatrix) with psx version (and HW things and tricks)?
2bis - i've read something about in the forum...the issue seems to be that they don't have a trance model (and not only this)... so, according to my ignorance, if i set only thief dagger for zidane, so i don't have to use the zidane with thief sword model and relative trance model,...then for Blank, Blank have a second model with the Pluto soldier suite...
So with these informations, is possibile to think - a MIRACLE? - to set trance models for marcus, cinna, blank (blank with pluto soldier suite) and beatrix?

Where it all begans - DIALOGUES ISSUES with alternate version
I confirm (like my old post in the alternate version thread) that some lines are messed up in some specific area (or maybe it's quite correct call them "field" according HW). Until disc 2 i've take notes about what lines are "corrupted" (or wrong pg says lines that in normal game are attribute of other, or lines during RTE completely wrong) and where it happens.
Maybe the origin of this little mess! I explain...later.

Where my dream set MY AIM
My aim was have Zidan with Excalibur II and Beatrix in the party.

First, I use GAMESHARK CODES... even if at beginning it was hard to find workable codes, reading forums and billions of tons of landing pages and some other down site (my bad), i gone through this and (with many many tentatives, glitches and game freezee) find codes that works. With these codes i'm able to modify the party (one by one) members, with other tentatives i can change the battle menu with relative abilities.

Second, I finally approde to HADESWORKSHOP. It's the big deal!!!!! With this i can modify the same (and much much much more) things and finally got Excalibur II in the hands of Zidane and Beatrix in the party "on call" (whenever gameshark cheat is set up).

Where my mental health is gone - My aim was achieved but i can stop there? YES but...nope!

So from Beatrix i went to marcus and blank (with custom battle menu i've made) (until disc 2...then i was shocked (the big disappointing point) to find out that when Eiko and Amarant join party, these gameshark codes don't call up even more marcus and blank but Eiko and Amarant (and Quina instead Cinna))....
So that hard work to bring them with me...for nothing?
Many sites and forums later, i've find out gameshark's codes that let me to switch every party member with other ones.
Secondary, for these pg, until i've found the Big disappointing point, i want to set some support abilities. So with HW, i can set the support abilities to Marcus, Blank and Cinna but can't activate them, not in game (even if i can see the list) and not in HW (or i don't found out how to do it) BUT it seems that the support abilities of the "originals" are still active (like autopotion).
With gameshark codes i've found the way to can see and can activate/deactivate the support abilities...but this affect also the battle menu, equipment etc.... so i can have Cinna with Quina abilities and so on.
In both case, there was (and there is still) a Big problem.

Big problem: if i want Marcus, Blank and Cinna in the party instead of base pg, i can play with them until trance happens and the game freezee.
How can i solve?
2 solutions i've thought:
1 - i can play with one of this guys (marcus, blank and cinna) instead of Beatrix, so the trance problem can't happen.
2 - Is there a way to remove the trance bar?
so.... 1 is too simple, 2 is much more attractive... so you can imagine how i answer to my question.

Third - CHEAT ENGINE. With this i've found how modify things in "live action" like, guil, time, pg'stats, turn on trance, or set it to zero...but these changes only works until cheatengine is operating. Or maybe i'don't find the right code that modify the existence of trance bar.
I've tried not so many times... 'cause cheatengine is not newbie-idiot-friendly.

Fourth - MEMORIA SAVE EDITOR. The save editor can set same changes that are possible with gameshark codes and with HW (for my aim) with memoria i changed something here and there, making some tries, some messing around... then i've found an interesting things...
My Beatrix, called on party with gameshark, with support abilities that you can set but you can't activate (with HW)...with memoria, in the save editor you can activate them, and then in the game you can see in the menu, according to what you've set in HW (in my case i've set with HW autopotion, autolife and many others that are listed in game menu but not activate, with memoria i can activate the support abilities from a list of the program... so in this list i've activated autolife and autohaste (this one i've not choose in HW and is not listed in game menù) ... in game, with this changes i can see the list of supporting abilities i've set with HW, and the active supporting abilities i've chosen with memoria, so in my case i see autolife and i can see it is active but not autohaste that i've not set with HW but activated with MEMORIA... in battle works autolife and so autohaste...
So the conclusion is that the supporting abilities that you set with memoria, affect Beatrix even if you can't see it in game menu.
I think this doesn't work with Marcus Blank and Cinna 'cause they share the code with Eiko and, i think, if you modify these ones, the changes affect both.

Fifth - CONCLUSION? Maybe
Beatrix is a badass with hammer (with level bonus), and seems like magic hammer when she hit the enemy.
Marcus, Blank and Cinna...'i've made a custom menu, Marcus alternate version, Blank is like a pusher (hahahah), Cinna a sort of support mage.
Zidane...i've achieved the aim to bring excalibur II, like a thief sword, so in the erect version of Zidane in battle...
but the question is: is possibile use Excalibur like a thief dagger? And answer is YES. In HW, you have to set the menu's image font of a dagger instead a sword and the game is set, you can play with excalibur II dagger

Or i change one to one the Cinna Marcus and Blank with Beatrix when i want one of them with gameshark codes.
Or what?

THE QUESTIONS of nowadays ************ (this part is now at the begin of this post)

WHY I THINK THE PROBLEM TO DIALOGUES ISSUE WAS ME. During the game i used the gameshark codes to add beatrix or marcus or blank and so this maybe caused these issues through the game.

Now I'm heading to modify party members with fields on HW....and messing around like that.

Side note 1: this forum is a masterpiece to handling with the tools created for this game and , as i say, HW is a pure Rosetta Stone
Side note 2: yes, i miss some part of this forum to handle in easy way some of the mess i've done. Sorry for that and for my five-yo english.

Thanks for time you dedicate to this post.

Hi @tirlititi
and hi to everyone who can help me.

A year ago Tirlititi gave me the mod for PSX version in italian language.
So I started to play and the game works...until to Lindblum.
To be more clear:
- I apply the mod to an italian iso and i play with an emu: so the mod works but in Villlage of Dali, before the Walzer fight, the dialogues between the characters gone wrong: some of what Walzer suppose to says is refer to Garnet or Steiner but the game go ahead.
After Lindblum attract, in the elevator to see Cid, dialogues gone wrong again and when meet Cid the dialogues stucks and the game is blocked. I try to get trought this part with a normal iso and after reloading with the mod but the game is totally gone (after cid meet, with Zidane in one of the zone of the lindblum, the dialogues with the peolple are completely wrong or maybe some characters appears where don't supposed to be in the normal game and in the mod, i think)
So, i've tried another shoot: apply the mod to an US iso.
The game work but is still in english. I've not played it until Lindblum...

So, someone can help me throught this, to play the game in italian with the PSX version? Or should i play the mod only on pc version?
I wanted the psx italian version (if possible) to allow my father to play this game that we loved years ago.

Any help is welcome

@paky-outsider: Here is the italian version of the mod on PSX (v3.2).
Alternate Fantasy (italiano - PSX)
I didn't test. Tell me if there are bugs.

@fenrrir18: Not yet. Snouz is doing some more works, correcting a couple of bugs. Once he's done, I'll look at what needs to be done for a compatibility version.

Hi, i'm sorry, i've got some things to do in this period.
I'll test soon and report some problems, if there will be.

Thank you so much Tirlititi

Hello Paky-outsider.
Indeed, the description of the v3.2 is gone here, although I could retrieve it from another website:Basically, the integration of Beatrix, the new optional bosses and the change of the battle core mechanics are completly missing from the PSX version. The other aspects are there although a bit different (there are fewer hidden scenes put back, some enemies are different, etc).

However, there is no italian translation for the PSX version, no.
I can make one, though, since I had to do a translation in italian for the PC version. Just give me a couple of days because I need to get the italian version and the process is not so straigtforward.

Thank you for the answer and the informations.
Oh, I really liked the idea of playble Beatrix on PSX. :(
However, with this features it's gonna be a new experience and if you can do the translation it would be really great, but take your time. I'm not in hurry and I am really grateful to you Tirlititi.

Hello everyone.
And Hi you, Tirlititi.

I really love your work with all this mods. I want to replay the game for a long time.
So, the question are:

1) for the PSX version what are the features that are included in the game? The description, maybe I'm wrong, you say that is for steam version and that many features listed are not included in the psx version.

2) This mod is compatible for the psx italian version? Or run only for the US?

Sorry if I ask somethings that someone else already ask. And sorry for my english.
I played this game, and all final fantasy, with my dad when i was a kid. So i'd like make to him to replay on psx because he prefer it but if it's not possible in italian...i'm not sure if he understand the dialogues.

ps. Another question: if the answer to my n.2 question is no, there is somethings that i can do to translate the game in italian for the mod psx version?

Thanks to all of you, to keep this game great yet.

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