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Does this work on other languages, specifically JP, without bugs? It seems to work just fine but I haven't gotten to the parts with the dialogue changes, beatrix, and the new bosses.
For the Steam Memoria version of course.

For anyone else having problems with using the JP version, download the FFVIII_JP.exe from the description of this youtube video.
The ff8jp_launchPatch.exe doesn't work at all. I tried all sorts of combinations, using all the different versions of the demaster patch including the ones for 1.02 and downloading the 1.02 version of FF8 remastered using DepotDownloader, or not using the provided launcher and just using the original one, and I never got it to work.
It would give me an application error, error 057, or the game not launching at all.
Only until I found this obscure video with under 800 views from almost 1 year ago that I managed to get it running.

I suggest adding this to your releases and removing or fixing the ff8jp_launchPatch.exe. There are people like me and of course the native Japanese people that want to play the game in its original language.

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