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Okay I pushed a fix, this will be available in the next build in GitHub

I will check this, thanks for the report

New version: 1.3.2

  • Fix Main Theme (alternate) stopping early on the climax (Cloud, Tifa, Lifestream)
  • Adding an optional config file psf/config.disabled.toml which can be renamed to psf/config.toml to play Main Theme (alternate) faster to match the scene

Links to download in the first post.

Hey, just wanted to mention that "Highwind Takes to the Skies" seems to be a lot louder than the other tracks

Maybe because of the bass


Release of Makou Reactor 2.1.0. This is a minor release with mostly bug fixes.


- General: maplist fixes
- General: New dialog to select which chunk to export + ability to select which chunk to export in mass export dialog
- General: Trying to fix Android version opening issues
- Background: Fix black colors on some backgrounds
- Background editor: Fix adding new tiles to backgrounds
- Background editor: Add export/import tile button for easiest modification with an external editor
- Background editor: Add html color code in the color picker + some improvements
- Background editor: Trying to fix issues when editing backgrounds with offset layers
- Background editor: Fix saving modified backgrounds, and warn when the max amount of tiles is reached per layer type
- 3D Model: Uniformize model animation values in PSX format with values in PC format
- 3D Model: Add a better detection feature to convert model list and animation list from PSX version to PC version
- 3D Model: Fix add animation crash in the model manager
- 3D Model: Add export animation feature in the model manager (PS version) to create an animation file in PC format
- Field Scripts: Fix bad jump conversion on modifying scripts
- Field Scripts: Add "CHAR" opcode editor with model preview
- Field texts: Add more context on exporting texts in XML format
- window.bin: Fix in the font editor when modifying a letter
- Internal: Moving text encoding/decoding to FF7tk (sithlord48)
- Internal: Some code updates (sithlord48)
- Internal: Upgrading Qt to 6.6.3
- Internal: Upgrading FF7tk to 1.0.0 (sithlord48)
- Internal: CI updates (sithlord48)

I release a new tool!

scene.bin editors are not always nice with us
No, I will not announce a new full-GUI editor, because I don't have time for a new big project. Sorry...
BUT! In my old programs I have several tools never released to the public, created for the honorable french retranslation project (Néo-Midgar)

So I removed dust from this first tool to be released: Rufus
This is a command-line tool to export/import all the texts from the scene.bin. It can also update the battle section of the kernel.bin if needed.
It can be useful if you want to translate the battle module of FF7.

Download here
Examples here


First of all, thanks a million for everything you're doing and it's amazing to see that there are still dedicated people doing a better job than SE for FFVIII!

I have an issue with this mod: it plays every track two times with an offset of one or two tenths of a second between the two, for almost every music. I've tried to test different FFNx settings regarding the audio, but no luck so far.
Here are my current settings (only mentioning potentially relevant settings):
Code: [Select]
use_external_music = true
external_music_resume = true
external_music_sync = false
external_music_path = "psf"
external_music_ext = "minipsf"
he_bios_path = "psf/hebios.bin"

Here is a short sound capture I took of the issue (I'm in Timber):
Do you have any idea what might be the cause?

Do you have the DLL of Rose and wine in your FF8 installation? Maybe there is a conflict with Rose and wine, be sure you uninstalled it before using the FFNx layer

If you're intent to patch an ISO, beware to not change the filesize, or to not chnage the sector of other files. I'm not sure this question is really associated to makou reactior, maybe you can ask in support or technical questions sections

Well sorry if you feel that way, but I only can fix bugs that I can reproduce. I reviewed my code over and over, fixing things since 1.7.1, but what you experience with a huge project like yours, I often failed to reproduce it.

About the changes that is not interesting to you, there are other contributors in the project, and features like new icons are not coming from me.

I'm sad to see your message, but also I understand you could be mad at me about how long I answer to your issues.

And maybe you're right, I should say that I wont fix your issue when I don't have the time or the courage to

Maybe you need to redownload it

(answered to MarcP in PM)

After 16 months of work, a new major version for Makou Reactor is now available!
Download here

The biggest addition is the background editor, but lots of changes are hidden inside

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.12.0b)
« on: 2023-02-16 20:55:29 »
You are limited by the game :)

Minor update (v1.2.1), changelog:

  • Support for RGBA32 *.tex files
  • Fix bad palette detection in tim files
  • Show found indexes in auto detection mode
  • Better error messages

Download here:

Releases / Re: [FF7 PC]Mod Des-Enlace
« on: 2022-08-12 21:56:46 »
Congratulations! That's for this kind of content I didn't give up Makou Reactor

The iro is officially available on the default catalog in 7th Heaven 2.4 with the last version of FFNx

Maybe it is positionned under the ground?

Hello, I think that's an issue with FFNx. You can change the renderer to DirectX 11 or OpenGL in FFNx.toml :)

If it happens again, please contact the FFNx team Here or on the Qhimm discord

With the last canary version of FFNx (beta), it'll be possible to use FFNx FF7Music in 7th Heaven without extra step.

Two new items are added to known issues list:
  • The intro of the landing is playing on GGU battle, wait for the next FFNx release for the fix
  • Horizon Concert does not work properly, remove "concert-" prefix from "concert-*.minipsf" files to fix this, or wait for the next FFNx release

The last FFNx canary solve that (beta).

I created an iro archive for the 7th Heaven mod manager. Normally it should work with the last version of 7th Heaven (2.3.3), is someone want to try?
After the installation in the mod manager, you need one extra step to make it work: get the hebios.bin file (from the zipped archive of ffn-ff7music for example) and put it in music/psf/
directory (create the folder if it does not exist).


FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] Text editor - Loveless (v2.5)
« on: 2021-10-07 13:13:44 »
Last versions of Loveless, Hojo and Teioh can be found here:

Hi there,

I'm archiving all my old projects (Hojo, Loveless, Teioh) and I was wondering if someone still has the binaries of Loveless 2.0, 2.01, 2.1, and 2.3?
Moreover, I'm a bit surprised to see that it seems the last version of Loveless I published here was the 2.5 while I own a 2.6 version. Can someone confirm Loveless 2.6 has never been plublished?

Thanks for your help :)

I only find 2.5 on my hdd, for 2.6 you never released it as the export part wasn't finished

Myst, this is a great tool. I'm liking the ease of use for the text edits I've been wanting to make to the dialogue of the game.


However, I'm wondering if I wanted to eventually make my edits into a 7th Heaven IRO file, how would I go about exporting the individual changes so that it works in a modular fashion like most 7H mods? I imagine you can't just slap your entire flevel.lgp file into an IRO and 7H will know what to pull from it and what not to so that it doesn't conflict with other mods.

I noticed that other mods like New Threat have exported their flevel changes as "chunk" files that get injected back into the LGP, but I don't know how I can replicate this with Makou Reactor.

Please contact the 7th Heaven team and the New Threat team about that, I guess they have a tool to do it.

Also can you edit battle text with Makou? I'm trying to fix the translation error in the first scorpion boss fight but don't know where to find it...

No that's not planed to edit battle module with Makou yet. About battle texts, you can find them into the scene.bin file :)

I might be misremembering but I could have sworn that when adding an item to the inventory you could use a drop down menu instead of putting in the number, that or there was somewhere to find what number was what item.

Yeah I think I can do that, I open an issue on GitHub about that

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.12.0b)
« on: 2021-09-05 07:28:21 »
New Version

  • Adding Russian translation
  • Fix compilation error with POPI_L and temp variable (#18)
  • Fix English translation
  • Update Qt to 5.15

When you want to add a new model to a map, you need to both add a group script and a model in the Field Models window

New version available with a lot of bug fixes:

  • Add ability to edit model size and light in PS version (#118)
  • Add new unofficial opcode (#79)
  • Add options to set {CHOICE} and tabulation width in text preview (#56)
  • Add left padding editor in window.bin editor (#91)
  • Add a tip about a division or modulo by 0
  • Change file extension of an export of uncompressed map to ".dec"
  • Change max editable exec priority to 6 instead of 7, and add a note what it means (#63)
  • Prevent edition of letter width and letter left padding if not available for the current letter in window.bin editor
  • Remove strict LZS format checking option
  • Fix replace all texts feature, and add a message about how many texts were replaced (#114)
  • Fix compression error on import (#117)
  • Fix window.bin texture transparency
  • Fix window.bin compression format to be closer to the original compression (#112)
  • Fix multiple inconsistencies in field map format (#116)
  • Fix potential crash on creating or saving a field map
  • Fix Save As feature for files outside an archive (like a DAT file opened alone for example)
  • Trying to minimize bad texture loading on opening a DAT file alone with a BSX file
  • Fix potential memory leak on field model loading for PS version
  • Fix search for bit test operations (#75)
  • Fix potential memory leak/crashes on copying Group Scripts
  • Fix typo "Modulas" instead of "Modulo"

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