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Troubleshooting / Re: Griever editor help please!
« on: 2009-07-30 19:54:02 »
I have no problems playing PS1 games (FF VIII for example) on my PS3...

As far as I know, the PS3 can play PS1 games, but cannot play PS2 games.

Archive / Re: Adding new enemies
« on: 2009-07-29 19:08:15 »

Or aren't you able to help me?

Archive / Re: Adding new enemies
« on: 2009-07-24 20:49:42 »
At first, my main idea was to create an Omega Weapon battle (same as in FF8, only using L3 Death instead of L5) when picking up the KotR-materia. Compared to Emmy and Ruby, this could've been a battle of equal difficulty.

Then, since there was no solution to my problems with Omega, I started working on Jumbo Cactuar (now renamed to Cactrice), Alpha Weapon (far harder than the other weapons) and Gilgamesh. Cactrice could be fought when picking up HP<->MP, Alpha Weapon when picking up Mime (so you don't just take it asap), Gilgamesh when picking up Quadra-Magic, though I'd like to switch the locations of Double Cut and Quadra-Magic materias, so Gilgamesh is guarding Dbl Cut.

So no, it's not necessary to be on the world map. This should make a lot of things easier - still, I am not able to do it.

Archive / Re: Modding PS-Network (PS3) Version
« on: 2009-07-24 20:44:11 »
You're probably right about the PSP, but it is obviously a modded battle...

Archive / Modding PS-Network (PS3) Version
« on: 2009-07-24 20:18:10 »
I'd like to know, is it possible to mod the PSN-version of FF7? Like copy the scene.bin and kernel.bin from your computer to your PS3 using a USB-Stick or something like that.

At first I thought it was impossible, but then I saw this Youtube-video:

If I'm not completely mistaken, that strange menu at the very beginning of the video is a PSP/PS3 menu, isn't it??

Edit: Something also speaks for PS3 - the option "Controller Settings" in that menu. Since neither PC nor PSP have controllers, that can only be PS3, right? And no, neither PSX nor PS2 have that menu...

Archive / Re: Adding new enemies
« on: 2009-07-24 20:14:06 »
Thanks for answering!

As for the enemy size, the only thing that bothers me about changing it thru AI is that at the very beginning of the game, the Jumbo Cactuar is still small and only grows when the battle really begins. That's just not pretty...
The problem is, that I already can resize all bones of the cactu a/e r without problems BUT their position gets all messed up.

As for the formation ID thing, I'm trying to trigger a battle on a certain point in the game. I'm using Meteor-tool for this. Example: After picking up... uh... say "1000 Needles" materia (just an example), you should fight Jumbo Cactuar, best with boss music.

Archive / Re: Adding new enemies
« on: 2009-07-24 18:13:37 »

Archive / Re: Adding new enemies
« on: 2009-07-23 11:23:55 »
Okay, so now I've got everything - except the two things that bothered me in the first place.
1. I guess if it can only be done by hex-editing then I'll have to do that. But ain't there any other way? Could you describe what I have to do a little more? And also, can I resize enemies without AI and relocating all bones?
2. I've read the wiki, and the only part I didn't get is the one about formation IDs. Say I'd edit the very first enemy and put it solely in the very first formation. Would I have to write BATTLE (00,00,00) into Meteor? As for the second formation, would it be BATTLE (00,01,00)? I've tried changing the Guard Scorpion ID fight to the specific formation ID my enemy is in, but it ended up in a critical error on the enemy's first action. The enemy had the guard scorpion's model during the (short) fight, by the way. :-o

Archive / Re: Adding new enemies
« on: 2009-07-21 17:50:28 »
Thanks for all your posts, but my problems are still not solved...

1. gjoerulv helped me a lot. I've found out what IDs the Cactuar and Doorbull-models are (oaaa and hjaa), but when I change all bones' size, their location gets all messed up...
And one important thing: I still don't know how to give certain enemies certain models! So even if I'm able to create the model, I couldn't use it ingame...

2. gjoerulv helped me a lot here too, but how do I find out the battle ID of my battle? Btw I don't really understand the formation editing in PrC. I've already written the AI for my Omega Weapon.

One more thing: Is it possible to let a spell do 9998 (or 9999) damage in the spell menu (without AI)?

Archive / Re: Adding new enemies
« on: 2009-07-19 10:34:08 »
I am very sure that you can NOT change enemy size using PrC. PrC is an enemy AI and Skill-editor, therefore I used Hojo to set its HP/MP/...
As far as I know, Hojo cannot change enemy size either. I dled Kimera, but I am unable to find the enemy models. Where are they?

What is Reeve? I don't know any program, which is named like that - and I can't find it anywhere.

By the way, how to create new areas using Meteor? How to add new boundary lines and entities? I'd also like to add a new entity to the world map, like Emerald and Ruby. When you go near it, a battle should start (same as with Ruby - a few lines should be said before the fight). It's the Jumbo Cactuar, by the way. :wink:

Archive / Adding new enemies
« on: 2009-07-17 14:14:25 »
I got a bit of a problem...

I created a new enemy, using Hojo and Proud Clod, and set his attacks, HP, immunities and his AI. The new enemy is in readiness, except for two things.

1. How do I view and change enemy models in Kimera? I cannot find any enemy models anywhere. :-( I would like to change the Doorbull-model - its size and color. Then I would like to give my new enemy that specific model - how to do that?

2. How do I add new encounters? I do not mean in specific screens, but when picking up a materia or something like that. Example, when picking up the Double Cut materia you should fight Gilgamesh. :wink: By the way, I know that I can add encounters to screens using Meteor-tool, but what about the world map? Where can I view its encounters and/or change them? :?

I hope you can help me - thanks already!

Archive / Re: Encounter, AI and Model Problems
« on: 2009-07-11 17:06:59 »
Okay, i must admit, after looking at it a bit, AI-editing isn't quite as hard as I thought it was.  :-D
I now understand the stack and all the commands used till now. The 60 is the command index to perform the action under. First I though "wtf?", but I left out the important part. "For an enemy, it is always 20h to perform a command." That explains a lot. I guess TargetMask is a two-byte-address, while AllActiveOpponentMask is a two-byte-value. But AllActiveOpponentMask still needs an address. It seems to be important that TargetMask is added first, so AllActiveOpponentMask is on the top of the stack. The next command, 90, works with that. 90 assigns the address TargetMask to AllActiveOpponentMask. Here it is very importnat that AllActiveOpponentMask is the top of the stack and TargetMask is directly below. The next part, which I didn't understand at first, is 60 20, is required for the attack-executing at 92. For enemies, the argument (value) for it is always 20. What 60 indicates is, that it puts the following value - the 20 - ontop of the stack. Next, we use 61 to put the attack ID of the attack which shall be done ontop of the stack. I guess an attack ID is a two-byte value (as are all 4-lettered datas?), so we use 61 instead of 60. Next, we use 92, which is similar to 90. It uses the attack ID which must be stored ontop of the stack. As it is an enemy who attacks, there must be a 20 stored below it. I guess when a char attacks this number may vary.

I hope I can be relieved by a confirmation that my theory is correct. If so, I'll move on to IF/THEN/ELSE and Variables, else I guess I'll do more research on it.  :-)

Also - thanks NFITC1, I've solved the PrC saving error - at least so far^^

Edit: Okay, now I've read through the WM Help Guide, but a thing I don't know is - how to put in a random number between 2 numbers? Like "Value = (Rnd3..7)"?

Edit2: By the way, I'm gone for a week now - on vacation. :-)

Archive / Re: Encounter, AI and Model Problems
« on: 2009-07-11 14:19:49 »
Thanks for your answers!


1. I think Hojo and PrC work well in conjunction with each other, as Hojo can do things PrC can't and vice versa.
2. Is FF3USME for FF3? I've only played VII, VIII, X, X-2, X-2 International and XII. Thanks for your tutorial!
As for #1, I already made that spell. Making Omega Weapon use it was the problem.
#2 Thanks, I did so and gave it the attack ID 03C1.
#3 Since I don't have a model for Omega Weapon yet - I don't know how to give certain enemies certain models, as neither Hojo nor PrC seem to be able to do that. Therefore, the animation lost priority. Thanks, though, for telling me that it is important.
#4 Thanks for the code! After writing it in, I started trying to understand it. Here are my results:

12 2070     This seems to store "TargetMask".
02 20A0     This seems to store "AllActiveOpponentMask".

So we got Target and All Active Opponents. However, they aren't combined yet. This is what probably happens next:


This stores the value from the first "pop" at the "battle address" from the second "pop". As far as I understood it, it simply puts those together. The next line I don't understand:

60 20

As there is no entry in ProudClod.dat for argument 20, I don't really understand this. According to WMHelp, it pushes the value of the 20 (byte) as a byte-value to the stack. I'm not sure what is meant by that. Maybe it puts the target-choosing from above and the ID-choosing from below together. The next command is similar, but that one pushes the attack ID.

61 03C1

This is similar to the one above. The difference between 60 and 61 seems to be, that 60 pushes the value of a byte as a byte-value (type 01), while 61 pushes the value of a word (two byte) as a word-value (type 02). It practically stores the attack ID.


This is executing the attack. The first pop is attack index, the second the ComIndex to perform the attack under.

I think I understood it halfway. If possible I'd like a better explanation than my own...

3. Thanks for the information, but do I need Scenester when having Hojo and PrC after all?
4. Well, as I'm not good with Meteor, I don't really know how to do that. I suppose you have to put the entity of Omega Weapon at the exit and make it visible when KotR is picked up. But I don't even know how to make additional encounters. How to do that after all? I know both of the weapons become a little weaker without KotR (see Enemy Mechanics Guide on gamefaqs), but they aren't that easy to beat that way. Besides I was going to make an even harder weapon than Omega (should be Sapphire).

To Xelane:

I was actually rebuilding FFVIII's Omega Weapon. I'm changing its attacks, but the Doorbull model looks just so alike. When changing its size and color, I think it really could look like Omega from FF8. As for your idea when to fight him, it's interesting. I might just consider doing that. But the problem is, I don't even know how to assign models to enemies or make additional encounters during the game! I hope someone can tell me.

As for some other problems:

Whenever I'm trying to change the Attack Strength of Level 3 Death, it sets it back to 255. I think the problem is, whenever I try saving PrC, a message appears: "Scene lookup in KERNEL.BIN detected to be incorrect. Attempt to correct?" There is no difference whether I choose Yes or No.
By the way, what are each of the settings Impact Anim., Target Anim., Anim. ID, Impact Sound exactly?

Archive / Encounter, AI and Model Problems
« on: 2009-07-10 15:05:40 »
Hello there, I'm new at this forum, and I'm new to FF7-Modding, too. My first goal was to create a monster called "Omega Weapon", which is stronger than Ruby and Emerald, has four million HP and must be fought in order to get KotR-materia. Of course, if I had known it'd be so much work to do that, I'd surely have given it up fast...

I started by downloading a bunch of modding-programs; Proud Clod, Hojo, Scenester (which doesn't work, by the way), Meteor, Teioh, WallMarket, Loveless, Kimera, PCreator, Gast and Jenova.

Using Hojo, I managed to find a free space for my Omega Weapon. I did all normal things: setting HP/EXP/AP/Gil/Items Dropped/Status and Elemental Immunities. The first program came up here - there were no spells to set.
So I started Proud Clod. I found my Omega Weapon (which mysteriously moves 1 file between Hojo and Proud Clod) and set up some spells, such as Level 3 Death.
Next problem: I couldn't set it up, so Omega Weapon would use Level 3 Death only when the battle starts. And that was where the 'disaster' started. I nearly had a shock when I looked at "Edit AI" :?. I'd have never thought it'd be so complicated - and in hex-code. I searched for a tutorial for this, but everything I looked at only got me more confused. Ex.: On one page I found different actions with Opcodes, like 92 for RunCmd. Though I was able to type 92 into Opcode column, but typing anything into argument would result in an error... I now understand that the "Attack IDs" are very important. But so far, I gave up on that.

Next problem: I couldn't figure out, how to trigger the battle vs Omega Weapon just when picking up the KotR-Materia. I couldn't do it with Meteor or any other programs... I'm afraid, that's hex-code again. I also searched for help, but couldn't find any that solved my problem.

Last problem: At the beginning, I had the plan of making Omega Weapon look like in FF8, and I figured the model of "Doorbull" would be the best, if I could just make it bigger and change its color. I downloaded a few model-editors for this, but now I don't come any further. Where's the Doorbull-model? I could never find out the answer to that question.

I'd like to have a solution to all these questions and the only way I've found was to register in this forum and ask you all myself. If possible I'd also like a link to a good and easily understandable guide for enemy AI-editing. By the way, I've downloaded HxD, but I think Proud Clod is more understandable than that...

Can you help me?

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