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General Discussion / Edit Battle Menu-Move Items
« on: 2024-04-19 12:49:48 »

Right now I´m editing and practicing and I´m already have some good result: I added transparency and moved the center Menu, but the red icons are the problem now:

Could you help me, please? How can I move them?

Releases / [FF7PC][7H] Menu-Background
« on: 2024-04-14 00:51:22 »

Here you have some Menu Backgrounds, you can use them with these mods:



Classic, SYW UNIFIED-UI, no mods:

Spoiler: show


Spoiler: show

Sword and Finger:


Spoiler: show


Spoiler: show

These five Backgrounds are available for every mod, you can see more previews inside the archives.


I hope you like them, enjoy.

Releases / [FF7PC][7H] Avatares-Edit
« on: 2024-04-10 21:04:00 »

This is my first work, here you have some pictures:

First Pack:

Spoiler: show
I added like a mako effect to Cloud´s eyes and a green Materia, Young Cloud have the classic eyes and a purple Materia.

Second Pack:

Spoiler: show
It´s a mix of different artworks of FF7.

* Credits to "Benteja" for Aeris.
* Credits to "Alby69" for Red-XIII.

Third pack:

Classic Avatars with frames ver.1: Credits to Satsuki and Aavock for all the avatars on HD in this pack, I just added the frames:

Spoiler: show

Fourth pack:

Classic Avatars with frames ver.2: Credits to Satsuki and Aavock for Young Cloud avatar, I just edited the frame and some colors.

Spoiler: show

You can use them on 7H and the mod "The Reunion".


I hope you like it.


Some editions, here:


* Colors based on his version of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Spoiler: show

* Cloud Ehrgeiz with Classic colors.

Spoiler: show

* G-Bike Cloud with classic colors.

Spoiler: show


* Aeris with FF7 Remake Colors.

Spoiler: show

I hope you like it.

General Discussion / Make Menu portraits for 7th-iro.
« on: 2024-04-03 21:30:18 »

I already have some portraits that I want to use in 7th, how can I convert it in a Iro file? Is there a tool that I have to use?

Thank you in advanced.

WIP / Cloud and Young cloud - Edit design
« on: 2024-04-01 23:38:14 »

I had an idea today and this is the result, here:

Cloud with Mako eyes and a green materia and young Cloud with normal blue eyes and a purple materia.

Maybe I would work on this. I think that It could be a good idea to apply for other avatares pack, I hope you like it.


I was searching for this version but I didn´t find anyhting. Does anyone have it? Could you share it, please?


I hope this method help you to increase the FPS and use mods like Cosmos Gaia and others, my PC is kind of old, so I have to make changes like this:

I usually use this configuration to play FF7:

Everthing was fine but with Cosmos Gaia this happen:



So, I made some changes on the monitor:

Go to your settings and apply this changes:

Choose the option that gives you more Hz, in my case 1024x678.

Then change the configuration in 7th heaven, in my case I made these changes:

I change the resolution and used OpenGL and this was the result:



Obviously there are some fps drops, but the difference between with the first configuration is notorious. I know that this could be annoying to make changes like this especially if you have only one monitor but at least there is a way to increase the FPS and use mods like Cosmos Gaia and others.

I hope this help you.

* Sorry for my poor english, I just studied basic long time ago.

General Discussion / Ideas and Wishes - FF8
« on: 2024-01-16 03:54:57 »

I would like to share some ideas that I have for those who knows how to make mods and changes. I´m new on this, but like I said i have some ideas, here you are:

Queen of Cards:
- After lose or win againts her could be a good option to add some dialogue, something like this:
"This region is getting boring, do you know a nice place to go? any suggestion?"

Before game:
- Choose rules and trades.

Cards game:
- At the finish of the game would be nice an option like this:
"Replay the game?"

Draw in battle and world map:
- x100

Visual changes:
- Would be nice to use the Seed outfit during the game:

Zell´s hits:
- He hit twice, right? You can see that in the animation even in the sound.

Why not apply 2xhit combo by default only for him? Something like Double cut of FF7.

New character available:
- What about Xu? apparently she use her hands to fight like Zell:

Maybe he could be a good base for make her playable.
And that´s it. I hope someone make possible some of these ideas.

* Sorry for my poor english, I just studied basic long time ago.

Troubleshooting / FF8R (Steam) - Error Message
« on: 2023-12-26 21:03:09 »

I can´t initiate the game, I got this message:

Could you help me, please? What do I have to do?


I have some problems with some mods, here:

Enhanced Stock UI:

Mewsin´s Avatar Pack:

Do I have to install something? I hope you can help me with this.

General Discussion / FF7 Summons - Short Cinematic
« on: 2023-08-13 23:42:10 »
Hello again.

Is there a mod that helps with this? A mod that apply a short cinematic for the summons?

I hope you can help me with this.

General Discussion / Add Items,chests and change rewards
« on: 2023-08-06 01:56:01 »

I´m new here and this is my first topic. FF7 is my favorite RPG game and I would like to edit some things. A user give me and advice to start for simple things. I would like to learn how to add or change the rewards or the items in the field, here some examples:

In this case, how can I change the reward?: They give two potions. Or what about to change other rewards?

And, how can I add items and treasures whatever I want in the field?:

I hope that you could help me with this.

* Sorry for my english, I just studied basic long time ago.

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