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Field Model Hotfix?
« on: 2015-03-13 12:58:09 »
There's a known bug in which the Bloodshot Cloud Field Model (with Sword) will consequently install the Cloud field model in which Cloud has Masamune on his back. Firstly, this also applies to the Bloodshot Field Model without Sword as well.

Is there any way I can single out this model and change it? I've read the faq's and have searched around, and from what I'm reading, it'd require a fresh install. I've done this a couple times and am hesitant only because I don't want to go through midgar again only to find the same bug later on. Is there any way to unpack Cloud's individual model and replace it with the appropriate field model?

Furthermore, is there any way to revert some of the Remastered OST songs to their default? The remastered OST version of the Shinra Theme is so far deviated from its original that it feels more like the lovechild of an individual than a proper remastering of the original song. I can live with this being around, but the Cloud Masamune thing is irking the hell out of me.

Any and all help is much obliged. =)

EQ2Alyza-- Truly, thank you and all your subsequent developers for this wonderful mod package. It revives a 20 year old game in a way that only mods can. Your dedicated service to something you love, which extends out to all of us fans of the game, has really improved the game in a way that spits in the face of Sony's abstinence of a true remastering of a classic nostalgia machine.  You rock <3

A thought just occurred to me. I have installed / uninstalled Bootleg a couple times to try different configurations and see which I like more. I did accidentally install Bloodshots Cloud /w Sword in my first go, but have since uninstalled bootleg several times. And I did follow the instructions on how to do so to the letter-- uninstalled FF7Music from CP, uninstalled FF7 via Steam, deleted the FF7 folder in its entirety afterwords, then deleted the registry keys using the tool provided in the FAQ's. I did this every time I uninstalled. Is it possible that this Masamune bug is something left-over from my initial installation, even though I've installed the Bloodshot w/o Sword field model like.. 3 times since?
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