Author Topic: [FFVIII-PCSteam] Modify Renzokuken attack power? <Solved>  (Read 4111 times)


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Hey guys!
In the mod I'm doing, I left the Limit Break be alot more frequently (even with 100% HP it have a chance to show up), but while I could manipulate everyone's Limit Break dmg overall, I can't do the same with Renzokuken (I can only manipulate the finishers, not the multi-hit combo part).
Is there some place in Doomtrain mod that I can modify the Renzokuken attack power? Or its bound to do dmg based on his Attack Command?

My idea was to make Attack Command do dmg based on their STR (like how it is already), and Renzokuken deal a little less dmg than normal (since its dmg is kinda ridiculous when triggering). By doing this, the player won't lose too much DPS by doing Attack Command to deal some J-Status effect on the target, but of course, the Limit Break would deal more than normal.

For example:
If Squall uses Attack, it deals 200 (with trigger)
If Squall uses Renzokuken, each hit deals 55 (with trigger). If its a 5-hits one, the result is 275
More dmg than Attack, but not so much.

A friend modder has answered that via PM, thanks!
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Re: [FFVIII-PCSteam] Modify Renzokuken attack power? <Solved>
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could you share it with us?