Author Topic: [FFT–PSX] FFTVS: FFT 2-Player Custom Battle Manager  (Read 4198 times)


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FFTVS lets you create custom 2-player battles in Final Fantasy Tactics for PSX.

With FFTVS, you can create and edit custom units and jobs to be used by the characters in battle in FFT.

FFTVS uses GameShark codes to access the World Debug menu and provide battle control of all units to the player, facilitating 2-player battles on any map in the game. It also uses codes to apply the customizations to units and jobs that you specify.

While this has always been possible with GameShark codes alone, it has always been time-consuming to set up a single battle. FFTVS takes all of the time out of it, allowing you to set up custom battles in under a minute.

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Download FFTVS v.1.0