Author Topic: [BETA] Ultrasound 0.5 and notice of Project Takeover  (Read 2775 times)


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Version 0.5
So some of you might have seen in Tsuna's Stream or Mine have taken over Development Ultrasound from []

Please note this entire development I have done is without the original source code, I had to decompile the C# App, so I can't fix bugs in voicehook.dll

But the aim was to fix a couple of bugs to start with.
Now features have been added at the request of Tsunamods for Echo-S so I have taken control of the project.
This project is an open-source as I can make it

can be found at

This update is for the 7th heaven plugin mode only lots of this stuff has not been ported to the standalone version.

Added in this release
  • Support for `ultrasound_config.xml`
    • you can now specify a path for audio files and script XML files on different paths
  • Support for Ultrasound Sound to trigger events
    • Supports hooked DLL's (DDL's are hooked via `UltrasoundLib` using .NET Assembilies)
    • Integration is via Singleton Factory by attached Assemblie
    • Support for `onInit()` triggered when Ultrasound has initialised
    • Support for `onSoundPlay` triggered when a normal sound is played
    • Support for `onVoicePlay` triggered when a dialogue is voiced over
    • Support for onClose triggered when ultrasound closes so you can clean up any unmanaged code
  • Added Example Of a Hook system in UltrasoundInputHooker
    • Has an example of how to inject control input into the game using (a modified version of WindowsInput)
    • Input Injection is used to close Dialogue boxes that are voiced
    • Currently calls AllocConsole so it can be debugged.

Known bugs
  • Choice selection is not playing voice files
  • Battle sounds are not working
  • When Game exists Ultrasound crashed 7th Heaven
  • Only works with `ff7.exe` or `ff7_bc.exe`
  • Opens the 7th haven console

Reporting bugs
Please report all bugs via the git hub issues tab.
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Re: [BETA] Ultrasound 0.5 and notice of Project Takeover
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Version 0.51 Release

Github Release:

Point: Fixes all issues listed above.

Full listing of fixes.
  • Fixed issues with choice selection not playing audio
  • Fixed issue with battle sound not playing.
  • Fixed issues with application crashing / Exiting 7th Heaven
  • Fixed issue regarding lock to ff7.exe or ff7_bc.exe it now supports all regions of the game


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Re: [BETA] Ultrasound 0.5 and notice of Project Takeover
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Version 0.52

Github Release:

  • Removed developer console opening up
  • reduced unneeded memory foot print
  • Added a notice that 7th haven has to restart to relaunch the game it then exits 7th heaven safley.