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Symphonic Remasters: Redux
Complete FF7 Soundtrack Replacement

What do they sound like?
Listen to the tracks: HERE.

What's New?
  • Adjusted volume that more closely resembles the game's OST
  • Uses only LoopStart, just as the OST does, so it loops correctly with various game drivers
  • Some looping and volume issues corrected
  • Includes upscaled and reworked opening and ending movies, now with the original PSX SFX
  • Re-created from the original lossless WAV files, exported in 44.1kHz/quality level of "7"
  • Smaller file size
  • Ability to individually turn on or off tracks for the best customization and compatibility with other mods*
  • Convenient installation, easy activate/deactivate without altering game files*
*7th Heaven IRO only

From unab0mb:
These tracks from Symphonic Remasters have always been my favorite version of the soundtrack to play with in the game. They stay true to the original soundtrack while improving the instrumentation and quality. For me, the symphonic style just seems to fit well with the game. It seems I'm not alone, as there are worldwide traveling symphony orchestra performances of music from Final Fantasy and the FF7 Remake game heavily uses a symphonic style. As some of you may know, I also worked on a music mod featuring Enrico Deiana's excellent remakes. So, I enjoy listening to both Enrico's and Symphonic Remasters' music while I play the game. Unfortunately, there was a huge volume difference between the 2 sets of tracks. I wanted these 2 mods to work well together in the game without one scene blasting volume while the next scene being too quiet. I also noticed that some people have looping issues with some music mods due to how the metadata was constructed. The original also didn't include movies with sound effects or a modern IRO for 7th Heaven. So, I felt Symphonic Remasters deserved a re-release! See the What's New section above for a list. A huge thanks to Chris Marsh/Symphonic Remasters for his blessing on this re-release and for providing the original lossless WAV files!

From Symphonic Remasters:
I am just some guy from England who loves to remaster classic old video game soundtracks. As a composer, audio engineer and music producer, I have a vast amount of high quality software and hardware to help me remake these classic tracks in the highest quality possible! I do all this stuff for myself mainly – after all, these are my personal reimaginings of the original soundtracks so I’m making them in accordance with my vision while attempting to stay true to what the original composer was trying to do. As such, I don’t expect everyone to love what I produce, or to agree with the decisions I make in these productions. Despite doing these remasters for myself, I have been sharing them online because there are a lot of fans of these classic soundtracks and it seems there are plenty of people who enjoy my productions of them.

Symphonic Remasters - Composer

unab0mb - Volume Adjustments, Loop Fixes, Video Sync, Testing, Mod Creation
Qhimm Forums:

Special Thanks:
Satsuki Yatoshi- Upscaled Intro/Ending Videos
Qhimm Forums:

Daniel L P Burke (DLPB) - Useful FixLoop Program
Qhimm Forums:

Final Fantasy Wiki - Track Names and Descriptions

IRO for 7th Heaven:

Other Downloads:
Manual ZIP for The Reunion:
1. Extract the full folder name (including "SRR") into your FF7\The_Reunion\Custom\ folder. So you will see full paths like FF7\The_Reunion\Custom\SRR\Direct\Movies and FF7\The_Reunion\Custom\SRR\Music.
2. Edit your FF7\The_Reunion\Options.ini file. Edit the line "Mod_ID = "" so it reads "Mod_ID = SRR".
3. Optionally, if you just want to overwrite the original files (be sure to back them up first!), you can replace all ogg files under FF7\The_Reunion\BASE\Music and copy the .avi movie files to FF7\The_Reunion\GLOBAL\Direct\movies .

Manual ZIP:
For manual installation (back up your original files first!):
1. Place opening.avi and ending2.avi in data\movies.
2. Place all ogg files in music\vgmstream or data\music_ogg depending on your FF7 version.
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these are great

there are a few parts played by an certain instrument that i would like to have been played with a different instrument (ie cosmo canyon melody)
but i havent downloaded a FF7 soundtrack yet where i didn't disagree with a few things, its all preference

good stuff, many of these are definitely going into my FF7's soundtrack franken-mod

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Great job with the re-release 👍🏼 I'll put a link to this on my wordpress site. Thanks :)


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This looks good, thanks.