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[FF7 PC] Coates Mod (v1.02)
« on: 2023-05-02 18:07:33 »
Coates Mod (version 1.02, 10 February 2024)
Coates is currently only compatible with The Reunion

Coates began life as an informal and self-enforced job class challenge for The Reunion for FF7 PC.  Over time, scope creep saw it expand into a gameplay mod featuring:
  • Job Classes inspired by other FF games.
  • Adjusted character growth.
  • Adjusted and new weapons, armours, accessories, items, spells, materia, and Enemy Skills.
  • Adjusted field and enemy loot.
We have aimed to keep difficulty close to that of vanilla FF7 for most of the game, though certain party configurations may require more strategic play than others at certain times.

  • Coates is built on the framework of The Reunion, so you'll need to install that first.  Visit for more information.
  • Once Reunion is installed, visit the Coates Home Page to download the Coates Mod.
  • Features, spoilers, a few screenshots, a quick start guide, and a detailed guide are available at the Coates Home Page.
  • A full list of credits can be found in the Detailed Guide at the Coates Home Page, but see below as well.

If I've missed anyone, please let me know.
  • The Reunion
    • DLB, Aali, Luksy, Myst6re, NFITC1, Maki, TrueOdin, Julian Xhokaxhiu, Sithlord48, Charlie Beer, Michael Baskett, Defade, Herman, Ragnarok2040, Kalkano, GreenGoblin, JeffreyATW, WatashiWaZero, Caledor, Tim Rogers, Prince Lex, Covarr, Kranmer, IIDucci, sl1982, Team Avalanche, FeliX Leonhart, Un4seen, Obesebear, Dziugo, Sega Chief, Orichalcon, Skyhawk, Kaldarasha, Pitbrat, Terrence Fergusson, SquallFF8, Pitbrat, Phoenix Rejuvenation Project, Grimmy, CosmosXIII, Suzaku, Kule
  • Hext Code Detective Work & Bug Fixes for v1.01: Sega Chief, postscriptthree
  • Makou Reactor: Myst6re
  • Wall Market & Proud Clod: NFITC1
  • FF7.exe Editor & Hex Code for CS Initial Equip: petfriendamy
  • White Chocobo: titeguy3
  • Black Chocobo: sithlord48
  • Bug Detection in v1.00: Nikkolas

Changelog (v1.02)
Spoiler: show

  • Sorted Cait Sith's starting materia.  Special thanks to petfriendamy for the proper hex code!
  • Poison materia is now collected where you'd normally pick up Enemy Skill after the Specimen: Ho512 fight.
  • You now receive a Nail Bomb where you previous received the Poison materia.
  • Detailed guide updated and polished.

Changelog (v1.01)
Spoiler: show

  • Postscriptthree kindly fixed the behavior of Potion+, High Potion+, Mega Potion, Mega Potion+ in menu -- these items would revive dead allies in version 1.00 -- this was an unintended behavior.  Thank you PS3!  :)
  • Fixed a scripting error in Great Crater that could cause Omni All materia and a Vaccine to show as "collected" even when Vincent and Yuffie weren't recruited in the party.
  • Took a liberty with a dialogue of Nanaki/Red on Highwind bridge with regard to Huge materia -- in this mod, only Support Huge gives you Bahamut Zero; the others are just for show.  The dialogue change happens in Field 70, just after dropping Tifa off in Midhir, when the party decides to go Huge materia hunting.
  • You now collect a Red Dragon Fang, Antarctic Wind, and Earth Drum in field 350 (Mithril Mine) in addition to a Swift Bolt.
  • Fixed Seydlitz description (+10 bonuses to Mag and Int rather than Str and Mag)
  • Changed Aero animation to a leaf tornado (Wild Dance of the Leaves) instead of the previous puff of air.
  • Fixed game breaking bug in the chest encounter with Geminismy and two Poison Frogs in the Temple of Ancients (Geminismy would attempt to counter an attack by a Frogged character with the Frog spell, but that spell had somehow gotten removed from her animation list in scene.bin).  Good catch by Qhimm user Nikkolas!  Many thanks to Sega Chief for providing a solution!
  • Fixed incorrect attack calls and attack names (Basuna is now correctly used and displayed) by Geminismy and Poison Frogs in the Temple of Ancients.
  • Fixed incorrect attack call and attack name (Vis Draconis is now correctly used and displayed) by Blue Dragon in Gaia Cliff.
  • Yuffie may now equip only one Agility Plus materia.
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Re: [FF7 PC] Coates Mod (v1.00)
« Reply #1 on: 2023-08-16 23:45:40 »
So I encountered my first game breaking bug or whatever. Temple of the Ancients, the chest which forces you to fight the lady and two frogs. Cloud was Frog'ed, Aerith just killed the two Frogs with Fira-All and the lady monster went to do some move to Frog Cloud and now it's just stuck on him forever. She never did anything and I can't do anything either.


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Re: [FF7 PC] Coates Mod (v1.00)
« Reply #2 on: 2023-08-19 15:43:04 »
Howdy!  I've been on holiday but I'm back now, just saw this post.

I'll try to duplicate and check out Jemnezmy/Geminismy's AI. 

In the meantime -- are you on the Reunion or Qhimm Discord?  May make it easier to chat directly if you are. 

Thank you for giving this mod a go!  :)


EDIT:  The bug was tracked down and sorted (thank you Sega Chief!).  We were overdue to release a small update to the mod anyway, so the bug fix to your issue has been incorporated into version 1.01.  See the first post for more details, and thank you for finding this!
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Re: [FF7 PC] Coates Mod (v1.00)
« Reply #3 on: 2023-08-19 19:09:25 »
Version 1.01 released!  See first post for details!


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Re: [FF7 PC] Coates Mod (v1.02)
« Reply #4 on: 2024-02-10 22:22:17 »
Version 1.02 released!  See first post for details!