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Ideas and Wishes - FF8
« on: 2024-01-16 03:54:57 »

I would like to share some ideas that I have for those who knows how to make mods and changes. I´m new on this, but like I said i have some ideas, here you are:

Queen of Cards:
- After lose or win againts her could be a good option to add some dialogue, something like this:
"This region is getting boring, do you know a nice place to go? any suggestion?"

Before game:
- Choose rules and trades.

Cards game:
- At the finish of the game would be nice an option like this:
"Replay the game?"

Draw in battle and world map:
- x100

Visual changes:
- Would be nice to use the Seed outfit during the game:

Zell´s hits:
- He hit twice, right? You can see that in the animation even in the sound.

Why not apply 2xhit combo by default only for him? Something like Double cut of FF7.

New character available:
- What about Xu? apparently she use her hands to fight like Zell:

Maybe he could be a good base for make her playable.
And that´s it. I hope someone make possible some of these ideas.

* Sorry for my poor english, I just studied basic long time ago.