Author Topic: FF7-Gain more FPS to use Cosmos Gaia (and maybe other mods)  (Read 233 times)


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I hope this method help you to increase the FPS and use mods like Cosmos Gaia and others, my PC is kind of old, so I have to make changes like this:

I usually use this configuration to play FF7:

Everthing was fine but with Cosmos Gaia this happen:



So, I made some changes on the monitor:

Go to your settings and apply this changes:

Choose the option that gives you more Hz, in my case 1024x678.

Then change the configuration in 7th heaven, in my case I made these changes:

I change the resolution and used OpenGL and this was the result:



Obviously there are some fps drops, but the difference between with the first configuration is notorious. I know that this could be annoying to make changes like this especially if you have only one monitor but at least there is a way to increase the FPS and use mods like Cosmos Gaia and others.

I hope this help you.

* Sorry for my poor english, I just studied basic long time ago.