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Completely Unrelated / Need help with colouring a drawing
« on: 2014-10-12 15:24:05 »
Hi everyone, don't know where to start with this one :/
So umm my brother died two months ago and he loved his tattoos especially the dragon shenlong
And thought I'd get a shenlong tattoo to honour him but since I love anime and Dragon Ball is one of my favourites.
 I thought I'd get the shenlong dragon from there
I found a drawing I like but dont have anyway to colour it or know some one to do it for me.
So if someone could help me out please I'd be grateful.
Here is the picture I like the looks of.

Completely Unrelated / Trees
« on: 2012-05-12 18:35:13 »
How does everyone feel about trees? I mean if all the trees were gone would you miss them


User name xul4up4d93

FF7 Mod
« Sent to: ice_cold513 on: Today at 07:00:30 » ReplyQuoteDelete

I'm trying to get the mod patched to the Ultima Edition, but your NPC RP v0.6 exe can't seem to find the files.

It gives me this error: This program cannot update the installed version of MyProduct because of the following reason:

The destination directory doesn't contain any files to update.

But I've checked and there are a lot of files stuck in the newly created "char" files. I did everything according...

I'm using XP, and I *didn't* use the XP Patch for the Ultima edition, because it was working pretty well without it in the first place

MY little rant here

WHY THE HELL WITH I HELP (no more caps) when i spent the time making the patch not to work with it.

If i was a mod i would so BAN people asking for help with Ultima edition.

Rant over

I don't post here much any more but i'm still here watching over forum. If i wasn't using a laptop now days as i don't live at home
then i would love to help TA as they are doing fantastic work and it what i dream to do with FF7 all them years ago.

GO Team Avalanche !!


Completely Unrelated / The end of File Front
« on: 2009-03-26 10:20:45 »

This is a sad sad day indeed, the forums are down already and they will be closing the FileFront network for the next few days

So if you need a file that hosted there get it well you can
as it's going down soon

Hi all
Some say it's the best mod for Final Fantasy VII

Some say that it's the best thing man has made since sliced bread

All we know it's called NPC-RP v0.7 ooo wait it called FF7-PRP v0.1

FF7-PRP is short Final Fantasy VII Phoenix Rejuvenation Project

But b4 i give the link out need to say some stuff

(1) This is a call to all on the forum that can make FF7 models. I ask you to join the team to make one or two models

(2) THANKS To Sword & Cazador  of the Qhimm forum for beta tester the patch

(3) I removed all safety check's for this patch, all them will be turned back on in the next patch

Sorry i was so late with this. Been having some pc probs

As all of us on the team are busy now days. The chance of us getting this patch done is slim. So we need some people that can make model's.

What we looking for ?

(1) Model's that are like the ones we have done

(2) some that can make a min of 3 new model's

There are no Pictures right now. I haven't had time to take any
Will take some soon or if you can take some i will put them on the 1st post so people can see them and put your name below the Picture

The patch has some Beta model's in there they won't crash the game tho
Please note that the patch is  HIGHLY Experimental

Ok i been keeping you from Downloading it here we are

1st your going to need a max install of FF7 and in its default location

:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII

Right here we are i got all the bugs i think

time for some Q/A

What mods will work with this one ???

None ( The SaiNt Higher Resolution FFVIIPC was going to work with it but i had to pull it )
As of right now but feel free to test what ones will

I get random files on my desktop after the crash lol files named TF2D and similar....i also get a balk text document called apps

that was a bug iin V0.1 now FIXED in V0.1.1

What patches do this have in it

V1.02 , chocobo patch and the battle crash
( Thank to the forums Wiki Page info and the forum that had so info )

could we get some screens please of the new models ofcourse

I was busy fix the bugs and over 100 people downloaded the patch and none posted one Picture
I guess that i have too

Can you host it some where besides filefront

Yeah no probs just give me a day or two
Want to see if any bugs in this one

Here is the update as i said;9917934;/fileinfo.html
A mirror

Troubleshooting / Need NPC-RP Testers
« on: 2007-10-22 13:03:06 »
Ok i need two testers, for the NPC RP

What I'm looking for

Can Read & type English

Can do a speed run of FF7 (Start To End)

Can download a big file

Won't give out the patch

Fill out bug reports

Won't need them for about 4 weeks
Asking why don't we test it
well we all busy and don't have the time to do a full test

Troubleshooting / Requesting FF7.exe
« on: 2007-07-07 12:30:05 »
Hello people

The one's i need are

FF7 Ultima edition one too
And any no-cd FF7.exe

Just need them to lock them out of my patches.
I don't need the installer for the v1.4, just v1.4 it self.
If any-one will give me them, I'd be thankful

General Discussion / QhimmWiki Link's are down
« on: 2007-07-03 14:36:32 »
Well, i was digging around QhimmWiki page's. I seen that some link's to tool are down.

Here the page then the link

   Down * LGP Tools -  with an Advanced LGP Editor allowing edit archive thoughoutly
   Down * Emerald - has mass extracting/repacking function
   Down * Unmass  - general file extractor with LGP archives support

  Down  * Scene Explorer  - extracting/compressing tool
  Down  * Scene Tools  - Command line tools for extracting and compressing scene.bin
  Down  * Scene Edit  - enemy data editor

All files we're hosted by elentor who is gone, the server he hosted with gone too.

LGPTool, Emerald and Unmass can all be updated

As for Scene Explorer, Tool's and Edit are gone. I would go for Scene Reader and Scenester

Completely Unrelated / Final Fantasy Potion's are real
« on: 2007-03-08 13:54:56 »
Hayy guys well i started to redo the Potion for the NPC RP. So i looked up some pic of Potion's and this come up

want to know if anyone had tryed them and what you think

Releases / [FF7PC] ice_cold513 Sephiroth Patch (Beta)
« on: 2006-07-30 22:49:41 »
EDIT;5480751;;/    download here      EDIT

hay guys

some of you guys know that i been working on this for some time

the new patch i been working on well use the all the models that are in the NPC RP patch v0.6

and i got clouds limits to work and what to show you

as you can see there the model gets all messed up but that cant be helped the animation was not made for him

i was thinking about giving him Vincent limit working on that now sorry no download right now


well the 1st i was using The SaiNt Higher Resolution patched ff7.exe and i know that not all of you can use that and 2nd i messed around with the ff7.exe some limits got delete so I'm going back to a clean ff7.exe v1.02

all the models have been change around in the field and battle

now here where you guys come in do you want use clouds limits like they are now i got them to work or use Vincent beasts limit that wont look buggy

well post the new patch it a day or 2 i what some info on what you think about clouds or vincents limit

Mod Edit(SB): Title change.

Ok here we are the new NPC patch but 1st some pics

New pics

but it x mas got stuff too so here's the link  V0.6 thanks stormmedia for hostting thanks EmperorSteele for hostting too

have a look at his site you might find something you like

Mod Edit (SB): Added release tag.

General Discussion / Is it me or ????
« on: 2005-07-07 21:42:58 »
Well i just got this game for my ps2 named
Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam and there is a gundam that looks like diamond and Emerald weapon.
There is a pic of it

But want to ask what 1 do you think it looks like more if any.

EDIT I never mean to post it in here it just im sleepy sorry

General Discussion / just 2 Question about
« on: 2005-02-17 17:05:50 »
Question 1 what happened to the FFVIIPC Higher Resolution Patch some was making

Question 2 what happened to Neverwinter Nights mod it too ff7

If anyone can help. By the way i did read all the post on the FFVIIPC Higher Resolution Patch posts


General Discussion / ok i need help
« on: 2004-10-30 09:48:49 »
ok 1st hi to all ppl i been here for some time but if i need help some 1 has ask befor me and i dont chat much

ok 2nd i dont have much time right now too find my sys spcs it is a newer 1 but i set up v1.02 and on hardware mode and the texts/fonts look bad real bad i updated my Geforce FX 5700LE drivers and still bad fonts/texts

i willl been back later too give sys spcs if need

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