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Other news, Box FF7 has been updated to show old window positions - I'll release it with R06g.  I'm now positioning boxes and finalizing the localization.

Now you're finalising the localisation, are you ready for me to post the notes on ThorW's feedback?

Interesting DLPB. Would that be the ability just to skip the Kalm Flashback or to skip scenes with dialogue altogether?

@DLPB - You previously asked me to look-out for fluent speakers testing your mod and pass on any remarks they had about it. There's a playthrough by a streamer called 'ThorW', who has been using R05c. He's generally been highly-positive in his appraisal of your work but there have been moments where he disagreed with the retranslation.

I've gone through all nine videos that he has uploaded so far (the playthrough remains incomplete) and cross-referenced his interpretations with your spreadsheet. Charlie Beer has already corrected most of them but there are still several lines that ThorW has issues with. Most of them are contained within the first visit to Cosmo Canyon and the Temple of the Ancients.

If you are happy for me to do so, I can post his suggestions here with links and timestamps. Alternatively, as you're busy with updating R06 I could pass them on to Charlie Beer instead.

I have yet to contact ThorW. He is still actively uploading videos for his channel. I'll leave it up to you as to whether to contact him about your mod and his work.

EDIT - Grammar/Repetitious word usage.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] No Chibis in FMVs (1.16b)
« on: 2019-10-03 13:47:07 »
Shame Dr. Lilo doesn't seem to be around that often anymore. I had an idea for a mod that would remove the chibi models from several FMVs altogether. It would have been great to get some advice/help with the idea.

It seems like it just needs an additional noun to make it work. Something like 'one of their ... recruits/members/veterans/officers' but more vague. 'One of their/your number/ilk/kind'. Hmm...

No, because then you have

"You're from Soldier"
"I can't believe a Soldier"
 and then Jessie's "Soldier are the enemy"

Which also looks ridiculous.  Three Soldier uses in 3 successive dialogues.
If the issue is repetition (I agree), how about a stand-in phrase like:

#xy 8 8
  You’re from Soldier,all right.”{NEW}
“I still can’t believe that one
  of Shin-Ra's elite has joined
  a group like Avalanche!”

Best bet is to wait for R06. IIRC, the 60FPS mod has been reworked for the upcoming version. It should provide smoother menu use.

So looking forward to playing R06, possibly in conjunction with one of the upscale mods. Discounting any unforeseen bugs, it'll be the modern english version of Final Fantasy VII that Square should have released many years ago.

Also Tifa does say something after the flashback. Immediately after Barret storms off, she asks Cloud about her injury. This isn't meaningless dialogue - she's probing him: if he wasn't there, how does he know exactly what happened to her?

Many players tend to forget the situation the party is in during the first disc and unfairly blame Tifa for what happens. I mentioned this earlier in the thread:

... "[So] why didn't she just come out and tell everyone that Cloud is lying?" - the fact that she was in critical condition/close to comatose at such a key moment means she's not the most reliable witness and can't account for everything that happened. I wouldn't blame her for doubting what she knows. Even if she wanted to (she doesn't) she's not in the strongest position to call Cloud out. And if she did, all it would accomplish is dividing the party and pushing Cloud away. Her decision to keep what she remembers to herself and secretly seek out the truth actually makes sense.

Remember, Tifa doesn't know (until it's too late) that this will all lead to Sephiroth summoning Meteor. No one does, including us when we were first-time players. It's only with the hindsight of having played through the game that we know the consequences.

▝ After reading first page regarding Model Overhaul (which is already a good improvement staying loyal to FFVII) was wondering if is there anything planned in future for Reunion to give a graphic boost such as Remako HD backgrounds?

Interested to know if DLPB is planning a HD background module for The Reunion too.

Speaking of the retranslation, has there been any recent progress with Charlie Beer's readthrough?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] No Chibis in FMVs (1.16b)
« on: 2019-03-23 12:16:48 »
It doesn't look like DrLilo has visited the boards recently but you may try to contact him on his Youtube channel, where he's been more active.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ChaOS -Character Overhaul Seven
« on: 2018-11-29 21:30:49 »
More diversity is usually a plus. Looking forward to them.

EDIT: Watching a recent playthrough of the with your mod and I have a request - during the opening of the first flashback, both the Shinra MP on the left and Sephiroth seem oddly positioned in relation to the platforms they're sitting on. It looks more like they're floating beside/over them rather than sitting on them (example here). Would it be too much work to slightly reposition them?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ChaOS -Character Overhaul Seven
« on: 2018-11-28 11:05:55 »
Those finished models look sublime Kal. Aside from finishing Hojo, who's next up on your list?

Speaking with Charlie Beer/Shikun about the Gongaga dialogue that he flagged up, and we've finally come to a consensus on how the scene is meant to be played out.  It doesn't make much sense to have Leno talking about some person we never see.  It's far more likely that he means Zeng and Aerith.

They're just idly gossiping about their team's romantic interests, to pass the time. Perhaps the last line would be better written as:

Code: [Select]
Poor Yrena, I think Zeng is more interested in that Ancient girl."

Not that it's important in the context of the story and it may even confuse the more observant players. While Zeng has remained committed to watching over Aerith, he doesn't really seem to care for her outside of his duty. He has no hesitation in slapping her about and later offers Yrena a date when they're at the temple. Maybe Leno is just confusing Zeng's loyalty to the role of watching over Aerith for actual romantic feelings...

I think another implication with Tifa is that she doubts her own memories a bit as well, since she went comatose after being slashed by Sephiroth.


Yeah, this gets to the point. Just to moan about a common criticism often made against Tifa: "why didn't she just come out and tell everyone that Cloud is lying?" - the fact that she was in critical condition/close to comatose at such a key moment means she's not the most reliable witness and can't account for everything that happened. I wouldn't blame her for doubting what she knows. Even if she wanted to (she doesn't) she's not in the strongest position to call Cloud out. And if she did, all it would accomplish is dividing the party and pushing Cloud away. Her decision to keep what she remembers to herself and secretly seek out the truth actually makes sense.

As for what she does know, I disagree with the notion that (as of getting on the boat at Junon) Tifa knows Cloud didn't make it into Soldier but agree that she believes he never returned to Niblheim with Sephiroth. Him not returning doesn't automatically dismiss his claims to also getting into Soldier. And considering he looks the part all the way down to the mako-glow eyes...

Anyway, thanks for clearing things up DLBP and shikun.

The sentiment is that Tifa is worried that he will go off his head.  She knows he was never a Soldier. ;)  It's also as she says at the same time - that she has a disdain for the army / Shin-Ra / war.  It can be interpreted a number of ways but the line as far as I have ever seen it translated is "Does it remind you of being in Soldier.  I hope not."

Does she know for sure? At that stage of the game, my impression was that she doesn't know what to believe and is privately trying to piece it together: She knows that something is off as she remembers Zack turning up four years ago. But she can't comprehend how Cloud knows specific details that noone else should know, such as Sephiroth cutting her down in the reactor and the injury it caused - hence her questions to Cloud at the end of the Kalm Flashback. I figured this line was another example of her probing him, under the guise of a joke while also stating where she stands on the idea.


I shall doublecheck all these when i have time!

1. I did wonder whether the line would be tweaked with something like "Do they make you want to reenlist with Soldier?" or "Do they make you dream of being back in Soldier?" But I'm not sure either gets the full sentiment across in in one short line.

2/3. Disappointing but not surprising news. Thanks for your explanations. It's a shame Kitase and Nojima didn't have more time to reassess lines like these.

4. If that's how it works then fair enough. It'll be kept in mind in future read-throughs. Thanks.

Hey, I've been looking over Charlie Beer's feedback spreadsheet. For the most part, I really like most of the changes. Having read most of it, there are some questions that it raises:
  • In CB7/ship_1 - Is Tifa meant to be asking Cloud if his disguise is making him consider rejoining Soldier, or is she poking fun out of him for taking the role a bit seriously? By the way it's been rewritten, it's hard to tell.
  • In CB9/crcin_2 - I've always wondered whether Dio's letter was a rush job in the original translation. It always seemed bizarre to me that the reawakened Sephiroth would take some time out to have a friendly chat with anyone. Could the original Japanese text possibly be interpreted as: "I've heard that Sephiroth passed through here the other day..." ... "apparently he was seen heading towards Gongaga, south of the river."
  • In CB10/cosis1_1 - Just want to clarify Barret's backstory: He's has never been to Cosmo Canyon before and wasn't involved in Avalanche's formation. It was started by someone else and Barret joined at a later date. For some reason I was always under the impression that Barret formed it at the Canyon a few years before the game started,  though that would conflict with the claim that he's never visited the place before.
  • In Rocket Town/rckt - Just want to check that the line "Have you seen a man in a black cloak" hasn't been split into two, seperated choices. Hopefully I've just misread/misunderstood the code tags.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ChaOS -Character Overhaul Seven
« on: 2017-12-06 13:39:34 »
As great as it would be to see those ideas rolled out with R06, it seems like the kind of intricate work that shouldn't be rushed. Looking forward to the changes whenever they are ready. Keep up the top work!


Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ChaOS -Character Overhaul Seven
« on: 2017-12-02 14:23:50 »
  • The Rifle Guy - Is there a currently a version of the upscaled model without the gun? Or is that the only version of the green coat guy that's going to be available?
  • Red - This is interesting to know. From those new images, it seems like you're making good progress. Not only do the front legs look much better but I also like the new spinal hair too.
  • Cid - I hadn't noticed the post at the top of the page, stating the progress with Cid's parachute. It may have just missed inclusion on 5.0c and is likely going to be introduced in the next version. Good to know it's already covered.
  • Proud Clad - It may require both. Looking at the scene again, Heidegger and Scarlet are positioned around the Clad's wrist and possibly need moving upscreen slightly. Hopefully it won't be too time consuming.

This clip shows Sephiroth disappearing later in the scene, while using the visual and sound effects.

Not sure if this issue is a bug or just an inconsistency. It occurs in all versions of the game.

When Sephiroth teleports around during the Reunion, it normally has a flash visual + sound effect attached to it: Youtube Video Example

But when Sephiroth disappears in the particular incident shown here, there is never any accompanying special effect/sound effect: Youtube Video Example

It just looks like he glitches out of the game. Do you think it's worth fixing, if it can be fixed?

I created a channel on discord. Might help to keep in contact.

I've just posted the questions in your Character Overhaul thread.

Thanks for the link. If I have any new questions, I'll try and to remember to check it out first.

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