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I got the pc port and was immediately struck by some things that even make the original on an emulator look better. The UI is way too big in battle, it looks really bad, when you approach NPCs icons appear above them to indicate you can talk to them, it's just an ugly distraction imo, how to disable it? The characters are way too sharp and don't look like they fit into the pixelated backgrounds and the cheat option in the config menu is just retarded.

Is there something akin to a patch for these things? I found some guy who had put a filter on all the FF9 backgrounds, I'm not sure how it looks ingame if it's an improvement or not so possible the character/background thing is fixed already. Is there some mod for the battle UI? and lastly is there some way to disable cheats. I have looked at both this forum and the steam forum and even on google and there are 30 pages long threads discussing how to mod it and somewhere in there you might find a link or two.

Anyone who got the links for the fixes? I would really appreciate it.

I found this:

Replace Font

Scaled UI

To install these two fixes do you have to just put them in the game folder and hit the patcher and the font and ui will be updated?

Is this part of the Memoria mod or something? Or standalone?

So someone managed to resize the UI then. That's great :D

I'm not sure if it's standalone or if you need to first install memoria, whatever memoria is because I have trouble installing it. Anyone know how to get these mods to work, I found that if you run the game in 800x600 resolution the character models blend quite well into the background, it's when you're at higher resolutions that the characters stand out.

However it would be really nice to have smaller menus in battle and a changed font, also is there some fix for the audio, it sounds slightly compressed. I think it's odd that a ff game that has been out for more than a year on pc and you'll find some obscure thread hidden away on the steam forum for how to fix the menus and font. I thought at this point someone would have turned this android port into a real ps1-PC port.

Disable cheats would also be nice, like I noticed you can just shut the game off and it saves automatically. It's like they tried to make a super friendly port for people who just want to rush through the game.


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