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ESRganResizer 1.1.5 (a simple GUI for ERSgan + prefilter) (11/09/2019)

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As this soft was designed to help to start with esrgan, a better one exists here (thanks SlaughterThemAllRichtofen for telling me about it) : https://github.com/n00mkrad/cupscale
For advanced use never my soft nor cupscale is realy usefull as any advanced esrgan user will do his own processing, but to test and simple use of esrgan cupscale is realy good.

Hello, as i have cleaned the tool i use for esrgan + waifu prefilter (to share it with someone who needed it), I share it here too... may be helpfull for some of you ^^

You need to extract the archive then follow the howto before using it (need to install cuda, python...)
You need a cuda9/10 capable gpu (nvidia gt9xx at least)
64bit windows.
The processing can take a lot of time (about 3/5s for a 640*480 picture on my gtx1060)
As ESRgan is realy gpu/ram dependant, you're going to be limited in source picture size (if too big the esrgan won't process depending en your gpu/ram)
I included a 'cpu' processing so you can use it without cuda but it will be realy slow (about 7min for a 640*480 on my core i7 8700k but on small picture it remain resonably fast)

download link : http://wowsatsuki.free.fr/ESRganResizer.

While I personally cant make much use of this; it is objectively speaking a great tool! Good work.

Just wanted to say thank you for the tool. It makes using ESRGAN more practical. I was hoping you implemented some kind of image splitting for when the picture doesn't fit into the available VRAM. Is that something you plan on implementing at some point ?

Hmm, looks like Mass Effect gets a new texture improvements.

Hello, I downloaded this tool, installed the pre-requisities, installed the python and processed all the scripts succesfully.
I have gtx970, windows 7 x64, 8gb ram

Yet, when I finally click on the ESRganResizer I get:

Unexpected error

Is there any way to find out what is going on? Some logs? Anything?

Thanks in advance!!


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