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Video Restoration with Enhanced Deformable Convolutional Networks

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well im gald it worked but that looks indeeed relatively botched although 2 things, one its kinda interesting it doesnt artefact all frames and 2 why it would cause such drastic and more importantly locallly specific distortions; either the model provided at base is VERY specifically tailored in terms of usage sccenarios or  something else went wrong but havent used it myself so cant really provide any further insight :P

How does it fare for pictures that don't get distortions?

not bad, the deblurcomp model cleans well the video compression artifact without bluring the picture
good for preprocessing

Hopefully you can resolve the issue.
It seams at least quite useful. :) and also maybe it fares better than the normal esrgan upscale picture by picture.

The squares oft logo with a lot of chocobos look horrible with esrgan. xD

I can't solve the issue, i have artifact here and there.
I may look at this once my (with the help of manakeiser filtered files) v4 esrgan field pack will be final


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